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Sogoyou Guy says: “TM has benefitted me a lot in my studies, in my family life and my professional life. Nelly says, “I love to practice this technique; it is a part of my life and allows me to be in perfect harmony with myself and others. Transcendental Meditation is a meditation technique that helps practitioners learn how to avoid any distracting thoughts, as it is known to promote a state of relaxation as well as hyper-awareness. When the correct transcended meditation state has been reached, the practitioner reaches a state of pure consciousness.
It is important to note that transcendental meditation is neither a religion or a philosophy, nor does it require you to make any major lifestyle changes. The beginning steps of instruction are lectures, one introductory in nature that generally lasts about an hour, and one a little more specific that lasts 45 minutes. The next steps of the program include a three day period where the instructor checks each practitioner for correctness of form, with between 1 to 2 hours of additional instruction. At home, practitioners of transcendental meditation are expected to practice twice a day for a total of 20 minutes. The American Heart Association also considers transcendental meditation a valid treatment for hypertension. Christine Winters is a writer and a long time believer in meditation as it allows her to focus on whatever it is that she is writing. THE SILENT MIND WIlliam Ayling and his wife Deboragh Varnel will discuss their combined 70 years of experience with transcendental meditation at a talk on Thursday, Nov. They've all recognized the many physical, mental and emotional benefits that can come from regular practice of transcendental meditation (TM), a technique used to quiet the mind and achieve greater inner peace. Founded in India in the 1950s, TM is a technique for detaching from anxiety and stress that promotes self-actualization through meditation, mantra repetition and other yogic practices.
TM has been recognized by researchers for its physical and psychological benefits, endorsed by the American Heart Association as a way to lower blood pressure, and is even used by the U.S. Unlike some other forms of meditation, TM requires one-on-one learning with a certified instructor to truly lean the technique. Ayling discovered TM in 1970 and went on to practice under its founder, Maharishi Mahesh Yogi. In today's modern world, it's rare for people to enjoy true inner silence on a regular basis, which is why Ayling thinks TM has become so popular, with over six million practitioners worldwide.

Ayling and Varnel will share 70 years of combined experience in TM, and introduce the mechanics of the technique along with some fun videos at Myrtle Philip on Thursday, Nov. TM is a technique that takes you beyond the mind into the depths of our being where we can experience the silence, the deep peace and fullness. She has practiced the Transcendental Meditation (TM) for 26 years and has been teaching this meditation technique for 6 years.
It was designed by the yogi Maharishi Mahesh during the middle of the 1950’s after the Vedic tradition. When you are meditating in the transcendental meditation style, you should be sitting in a comfortable position with your eyes closed, silently repeating a mantra.
This is often described as a state of perfect stillness, with the body completely at rest and stable.
However, unlike traditional meditation forms, it does require an instructor, who will guide you through a seven step course of instruction. After these two sessions, people who have decided that they are interested in learning the transcendental meditation technique are interviewed in a 10 to 15 minutes session, followed by 1 to 2 hours of personalized instruction time. During this additional instruction time, the teacher may elect to further explain the practice, make any adjustments or corrections as they are needed, or extoll upon the benefits of regular practice.
This is broken down into two very easy sessions – one time in the morning prior to breakfast to start the day off in a calm, restful state and then again once in the evening before dinner to release the stress built up during the day. However, current studies suggest that a regular meditation practice can aid in the reduction of chronic pain, reduce anxiety, help lower high blood pressure and cholesterol, and overall decrease the need to use health care services. Ongoing research is in process, however, and we may find additional health benefits in the coming years that speak to the effectiveness of transcendental meditation as a simple, easy addition to your daily healthcare routine. The community is one where all students are respected and accepted, and medical studies show that a reduction in stress can lead to a longer, healthier, happier life. She has used music and light therapy for purposes of focusing energy and has done a significant amount of research on the topic. Unlike some other forms of meditation, TM does not involve "concentration or controlling the mind," Ayling said, but instead allows your brain to revert to its naturally relaxed state. Along with his wife, Ayling has taught TM to thousands of people in a wide variety of fields, be they business, health care, government and the armed forces.
This is a technique that by stimulating our vitality, cleanses our nervous system gradually from stress and restores harmony between our body and mind which are interrelated.

I have initiated women in Meditation centers in Lome (CIMTT), northern Kara, Burkina Faso and also the Queens of Benin. While this practice was founded in India, by 1958 Yogi Maharishi was touring the world, teaching this style of meditation to thousands of people, sharing his spiritual and religious beliefs. A mantra is a Vedic hymn, which can be any meaningless word or sound that helps you maintain concentration throughout your meditation practice.
Theoretically, when in this state your mind is in complete order, with a total lack of mental boundaries. However, once you have completed this course, you are able to practice at your own convenience, for the most part. After a brief ceremony, each individual is given a specific mantra, which should be kept confidential.
It is expected that over the next several months, practitioners and teachers will meet regularly to continue to ensure the correct techniques are used.
Because transcendental meditation does not require any strenuous effort, many people find that it is extremely easy to fit into their daily routine.
Researchers feel confident that transcendental meditation helps practitioners reach a state of relaxation. In addition to the benefits already discussed, many practitioners also find that after regularly practicing transcendental meditation, they are able to apply what they have learned about themselves in the process to other areas of their lives, leading to a more fulfilling existence. It's safe to say he's run into his fair share of doubters, although Ayling said they often come away with a fresh perspective on TM after only a few minutes of meditation. When Maharishi adapted his teaching style to a more technical presentation in the 1960’s and the 1970’s, unhealthy many celebrities picked up his practice, leading to a boom in practitioners around the globe. In fact, students do not even have to focus or concentrate; they are instructed instead to breathe normally and simply focus on the personalized mantra they were given. If you are currently struggling with stress or health issues, or you just want to explore a different meditation style, you should strongly consider incorporating transcendental meditation as a part of your daily routine. Today, the transcendental meditation organization includes several educational programs, a variety of health products, and provides a wide range of related services.

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