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Now that we are officially hitched and back from our honeymoon, I'm ready to begin the process of changing my last name! The good news is that the steps to changing your last name are the same whether you choose to change your last name entirely or hyphenate!
First, make sure that you write down the last name that you want correctly on the "New Names" portion of your marriage license; it makes things much more difficult if the name you now want doesn't match the one that you originally included on the certificate prior to the wedding.
You'll also want to keep in mind that you need an official copy of your marriage license to even begin the name change process. Once you have a obtained a copy of your marriage license, know that it is usually best to start with the most important items and work your way down to the less important documents. Along with the completed form, you are required to have a few other documents to certify that you are who you say you are. Once you've completed the form and have all of the necessary documents in order, you can choose to mail in your form and the supplemental documents, unless you live in any of the following areas: the New York City metro area, Las Vegas, Orlando, Phoenix, Sacramento or the Greater Twin Cities metro area. Your new social security card will have the same identifying number - the name will just be changed! In most states, the DMV will allow you to change the last name on your ID if you just have a copy of your marriage certificate, but some also require that you have an updated social security card. When you're ready to apply for a new ID, you'll want to make an appointment at your local DMV, where you'll complete the Driver License or Identification Card Application, give a thumb print, take a new picture and pay the application fee.
Keep in mind that you'll want to make sure your new name is updated on any cards and accounts, as well as assets like property titles, deeds, trusts, any loans you may have, and investment accounts that you have if not already through your employer. Make sure that your home or renter's insurance providers, landlord, home owners association and utility companies are all notified of your new last name. Notify all of your doctors, therapists and counselors, and make sure your new name is correct with your health proxy and on your will (if applicable).
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The best time to request extra duplicates for Hyphenating Last Name after Marriage is with the reappearance of the first marriage permit.
The attitudes displayed toward nontraditional men who choose to take the last name of their wives after marriage range from negative to positive ones.
When Michael Buday decided to marry Diana Bijon, he also chose to take her last name as a sign of respect for her family. Joining forces with the ACLU, Buday chose to go to court to change the law, suing the California Department of Health Services. Georgia, Hawaii, Iowa, Massachusetts, New York, North Dakota and California offer an easy process for a man to change his name after marriage. 6 Things Every Functioning Adult Should Know About Credit ScoresOnce you're out of school, it's pretty unusual to be asked about your SAT score.

It Makes No Sense That Married Women Still Change Their Last NamesExcuse me while I play the cranky feminist for a minute, but I'm disheartened every time I sign into Facebook and see a list of female names I don't recognize. How to make sense of your credit scoreBENGALURU: Credit services companies have made the perfect pitch by giving your credit score out for free. Using Credit Appropriately is Important for a Successful Financial LifeCredit is the ability to buy now and pay later. Here's How Your Credit Score Is GeneratedCredit Scores: Have you ever wondered how they come up with a three-digit number that can predict whether you're a good or bad credit risk?
Being Married Helps Professors Get Ahead, But Only If They're MaleWhen I was a graduate student in history, I loved to read the acknowledgements sections of books. DO keep in mind that you should wait until you're done traveling for the wedding or honeymoon, especially if you're planning to leave the country, before you actually complete and submit the paperwork. Bank of America customers, for instance, are required to bring a government-issued photo ID along with your marriage license to a local banking center. Asking for extra duplicates is astonishingly less over the top when sent in with the marriage permit.
Unfortunately, most states present unequal laws regarding name changes, requiring men to spend quite a bit more than women to do so.
Men who choose to change their names to that of their spouses are viewed as nurturing and committed (positive) or weak and dependent (negative).
In order to do so, he had to follow California state law, which dictated that he first go to court, file a petition, and publish his name change in a local newspaper for four weeks. The ACLU suggested that the name change process for men violates the equal protection clause as provided by the 14th Amendment of the Constitution.
Most states do not provide a space on the marriage license application form to include a name change for the groom, have unequal name change laws for people getting married, and require extensive paperwork, large fees, and public notification of the intended name change for men. Her issue: she had a credit file that was mixed with that of another woman, who happened to have poor credit. If you looked carefully, all the trade secrets kept within the small, competitive field were revealed, from who was the most helpful specialist in an archive to creative means of financing research.
Men who choose not to change their last names are seen as being traditional and independent (positive) or possessive and controlling (negative).
The process cost him more than $300, much more than a woman would have spent at approximately $80. After two years, this lawsuit alleging sex discrimination during the marriage licensing and name change process resulted in a new law, the Name Equality Act of 2007. No changes can be made once the marriage license has been issued unless clerical errors exist. Your credit score is a number that directly impacts major financial decisions, but for something so important, many of us don't really know much about it.

For snappiest reaction, find what sort of segment your County Clerk perceives and make a point to pay ONLY with that parcel sort.
This is a three-digit number ranging from 300 to 850, and it tells creditors how likely you are to pay your bills. The higher your credit score, the better your chances of getting approved for financing and the lower your interest rate will be.
About us Use of this site constitutes acceptance of the Terms of use, Cookie policy, and Privacy policy of eHow. If everything goes correctly, after informing the SSA, your new name will appear on your credit report with your previous name (or names) listed as an "alias," with all of your appropriate credit information. In rare cases, it doesn't work, and your credit information is split into two separate files, therefore robbing you of some of your hard-earned credit. The Social Security office will ask for a photo ID (with either your new or old name) and the marriage certificate. Plus, even if your aliases are assigned appropriately, that's only once source of a credit bureau's information about you.
The other is your creditors, which is why you'll want to reach out and make sure they also have the right name on file — and that it's spelled correctly.
It is important to change your name with Social Security right away because if you do not, processing of your tax return might be delayed and any benefits that you receive might be delayed or lost. Having multiples is only an issue if it causes problems, like when credit activities aren't associated with your aliases. If you've been diligently paying off your credit cards, maintaining your lines of credit, and doing an all-around great job, you'll want the credit history.
Usually the required documents include your changed Social Security card, your marriage certificate and your old driver's license.
In most cases, the license bureau will then take your old license and issue you a temporary license.
Some credit card companies will let you request a name change over the phone, but many will require that you write a brief letter detailing your request, and then mail or fax them a copy of the letter, along with a copy of your new license and your marriage certificate. Your gym membership, professional memberships, library card, e-mail accounts and insurance policies all need to to be changed as well. The process of changing your name with these accounts will vary by what kind of account it is.
E-mail is simple to change, but you may have to fax in documentation of your name change for your insurance companies.

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