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Life changers is a local based registered charity, who's projects are geared towards helping the most vulnerable groups of our community and working externally in the poorest parts of the third world.
The most cost effective way of doing this is using representatives from our charity to speak to members of the public, hence why we have been in contact with the local councils and constabularies to be licensed and also inform them of our whereabouts to avoid illegal activities and confusion. All representatives from our charity will be vetted and fully trained before being permitted to speak to members of the general public and will be contracted to a professional fundraising organisation.
Well, in order for you to join in on our Summer Mission Projects you will need to register.

We will be helping out families at TCC that need some extra love and support, and also engage with other ministries around our community. As a small charity its imperative that we find cost effective methods in publicising our projects and gaining vital long term support. All personal information taken from a person wishing to pledge their support, will be handled securely under the data protection act and all supporters of our campaign have to be over 18 years of age and under the age of 65.We are vehemently against any use of pressure or what can be deemed as aggressive tactics in our pursuit of supporters, and we aim to make the experience between representative and the public to be as positive and harmonious as possible. It is well established initiative used by a plethora of charities to communicate and recruit new supporters hence our aim in utilising this method of fundraising.

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