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Whether it’s a Life Coach or a Business Coach, or any other type of coach (we have 14 types of coaches on our site), it’s important to find someone who you can connect with and who has the training and experience to meet your unique needs and goals. We match you with coaches based on 23 criteria found to be crucial in determining a positive experience.
Find a business coach to get the support and advice to drive your business to the next level.
Find an executive coach to help you refine your skills, build more effective teams and improve professional performance.
Find a relationship coach who can help you learn about long term fulfillment and happiness in your relationships.
Find a career coach to help create the ideal career for you, navigate your transition and nurture your career. Life coaching is a training or development process via which an individual is supported while achieving a specific personal or professional competence result or goal. A Life coach uses a training or development process via which an individual is supported while achieving a specific personal or professional competence result or goal. Life coaching is a synergistic relationship between an accredited life coach and a client designed to tap into your full potential. I take a fresh and practical approach and care deeply about seeing my clients succeed - your success is my success. I will support you throughout the first and most difficult part of setting up your business. If you are new to NLP I can train you as an NLP Practitioner enhancing the skills you already have with NLP techniques that I have found to be effective.
I work with parents, children and teens on issues such as low self-esteem, anger, behaviour issues and relationships.
As a personal trainer I'm passionate about making a difference to people's general fitness and wellbeing. Coach Qu is a well known fitness, health and nutrition coach, based in the Yorkshire area who can and will help you get the results you desire.
NLP World NLP Practitioner Certification training will enable you to use NLP techniques in business, coaching, therapy and in health to help create the results you want in life. There are times in our lives when we all feel a lack of self esteem and confidence, I specialise in working with women to improve their self worth and overcome any issues that are preventing them from getting the best out of life. Sally Foan is a qualified NLP Master Practitioner, a licenced practitioner for the Leading & Developing High Performance Programme created by chartered occupational psychologist Dr.
Rachel Anderson of Tea and Empathy NLP York is an inspirational executive and life coach, offering face to face coaching and flexible online coaching options.
Weight Loss & Wellness CoachingResults orientated NLP and coaching in weight loss, nutrition and wellness. Flourish Personal Development - NLP & Hypnotherapy in BirminghamFlourish Personal Development will assist you in making the changes to your life that you want using NLP, Time Line Therapy™ and Hypnotherapy. Judy Bartkowiak - NLP Kids Therapist, Slough BerkshireI work with parents, children and teens on issues such as low self-esteem, anger, behaviour issues and relationships. Conquer Personal Training Newcastle-under-Lyme & Stoke-on-TrentLooking to achieve: fat loss, build muscle, improve your fitness, improve your health? Master Practitioner NLP Coach and Master Practitioner of HypnosisIf you are looking for someone to provide you with dynamic support to achieving your outcomes then you should contact me. NLP Coach and NLP Practitioner Training Dundee ScotlandFully accredited ANLP courses in Dundee, Scotland monthly.
NLP World NLP Practitioner Training Brighton, SussexNLP World NLP Practitioner Certification training will enable you to use NLP techniques in business, coaching, therapy and in health to help create the results you want in life. Wellness CoachHolistic approach to discovering who you are and enabling you to step back up into that amazing woman you know yourself to be. Testimonials“A listing on The NLP Life Coach Directory will increase your web presence and help others make the important decision of choosing the right coach.
I’d recommend this nlp life coach directory because I know the owner (Harry James) and can vouch for his commitment to integrity. Friendly, helpful and personal service, clear and attractive layouts and a great level of leads. The layout and visuals are attractive and more importantly, I have had many client leads from the site. For many people who look further into career coaching, their current job isn’t fulfilling their professional needs. Career coaching can help you with your current job, establish your professional goals, and aid you in making a career change. You might feel like you want to leave your comfort zone, but for one reason or another it doesn’t happen.
Career coaches are experts in listening to and breaking down your current situation and feelings about your job. The career advice you receive from a career coaching session will depend on your situation, feelings, wants and needs. If you are unsure of what occupation would really excite you, it may be worth spending some time researching any potential avenues that suit your passions and strengths. When you discover a job that does encompass these, work will then become enjoyable rather than something you dread doing. Helping you to identify negative thought and behaviour patterns so that you can change them. Unfortunately, graduating with a degree does not always guarantee a job - it’s very difficult for universities to ensure every student leaves with a working position to move on to. Leaving university early or not achieving a degree that you are happy with can be very disheartening.
If you imagine you're old and are looking back on your life, what job would you like to see yourself doing? If you have mostly positive answers to the above questions, it may be that you don't need a career change, but perhaps a new job or change of company instead. If you answered negatively to the questions then some career change advice could be very helpful to you. Career coaching will allow you to explore who you are and what you really want from your work.
With the support of career coaching, you might be able to discover how to feel more fulfilled in your current job, get a new job or decide to change careers completely.
Depending on the coach, you may be able to have career coaching sessions over the phone, face-to-face or online. Of course, the content and direction of your sessions will greatly depend on your situation and what you hope to gain from the experience.
Often there are many skills or attributes you possess which you may not realise would be interesting to potential employers.
When we start to think about our 'ideal world' many of us come up with elaborate dreams where we don't have to work in order to pay the bills. This can be the norm for you as well if you start to think about what you really want to be doing. There can be lots of things that depress your mood and start you thinking about a career change.
Choosing to change your job is a massive decision to make, and when you have bills and family to take care of it makes it even harder. There are many excuses people have for staying in a job that makes them miserable, but ultimately you are in sole charge of your personal and work life, so only you can make the change.
Once you have made the decision to change career, you will need to take a serious look at your CV. You probably know how little time you have to make your first impression and how important that first impression is. These are just a few of the things you might cover in your session, but it might be that your career coach chooses completely different things to work on which are more tailored to your situation.
This page includes links to the websites of organisations we support as well as links to official government websites relevant to the care industry.
The ACA is the only UK multi-professional organisation for health and social care professionals working in the field of continence which sets out to improve patient care via its membership. ACEVO is the only professional organisation in the third sector that is dedicated to chief executives. The Age UK Group works to improve later life for everyone by providing life-enhancing services and vital support. Alzheimer's Society is a membership organisation, which works to improve the quality of life of people affected by dementia in England, Wales and Northern Ireland.
The Department for Business, Innovation & Skills (BIS) is the department for economic growth. CareAware is a non profit making, public information and advisory service specializing in issues relating to long term care for older people. Calibre Audio Library is a registered charity that brings the pleasure of reading to people with sight problems and other disabilities, through a free nationwide postal service of recorded books.
Carers Trust is a new charity which was formed by the merger of The Princess Royal Trust for Carers and Crossroads Care in April 2012.
Carers Trust works to improve support, services and recognition for anyone living with the challenges of caring, unpaid, for a family member or friend who is ill, frail, disabled or has mental health or addiction problems.
The Centre for Ageing and Mental Health at Staffordshire University has been established to provide research, consultancy and education and to promote innovation in health and social care services for the older person. The CfWI is a key contributor to the planning of future workforce requirements for health, public health and social care in England.
As the UK’s leading awarding body for food safety and health and safety qualifications, 6 million people have qualified with the Chartered Institute of Environmental Health (CIEH). The Institute of Management was granted Royal Charter in February 2002 and became the Chartered Management Institute (CMI).
The Commonwealth of Nations, normally referred to as the Commonwealth and formerly known as the British Commonwealth, is an intergovernmental organisation of 54 independent member states.
NCF’s Sharon Blackburn is also a director of CommonAge ensuring member representation internationally. The Centre for Policy on Ageing, established in 1947 by the Nuffield Foundation, has a long and distinguished record as an independent charity promoting the interests of older people through research, policy analysis and the dissemination of information.
The Care Quality Commission is the independent regulator of health and social care in England. CST is the judicial body which, amongst other jurisdictions, considers appeals from social service providers and managers brought against decisions made by the CSCI and Healthcare Commission. The UK volunteering and learning charity: our mission is to enable people to take an active role in their communities. Volunteering with CSV enables people of all ages and backgrounds to reap the benefits of putting something back.
We help young people find their direction in life and enable older people to share knowledge and experience across generations. And through our learning and training facilities, thousands of young people and adults develop new skills, build their confidence and improve their job prospects. The primary role of the Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) is to help employers make safer recruitment decisions and prevent unsuitable people from working with vulnerable groups including children. DfES is the government department responsible for increasing access to education and ensuring people are able to develop and equip themselves with the skills, knowledge and personal qualities needed for life and work. DH is the government department responsible for driving forward change and modernisation in the NHS and social care, as well as improving standards of public health.
The Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) is responsible for welfare and pension policy and is a key player in tackling child poverty.

The Dying Matters Coalition aims to raise awareness about the importance of talking more openly about dying, death and bereavement and of making your wishes known in England and Wales.
EAC's national Advice Line (020 7820 1343) is a free and independent service to help older people decide how best to meet their housing, support and care needs. The National Gold Standards Framework (GSF) Centre in End of Life Care is the national training and coordinating centre for all GSF programmes, enabling generalist frontline staff to provide a gold standard of care for people nearing the end of life. HSE are responsible for the regulation of almost all the risks to health and safety arising from work activity in Britain.
ISI operates on behalf of Ofsted and is responsible for improving the quality and standards of education and childcare in independent educational establishments. The Joseph Rowntree Foundation is an endowed charity that funds a large, UK-wide research and development programme. In 2007 several organisations came together to form the Learning Disability Coalition to campaign against cuts and for better funding for social care for people with learning disabilities. Life Coach Directory provides a huge support network, enabling visitors to find a Life Coach close to them and appropriate for their needs. Story telling is one of the most powerful means of communication that has existed for centuries. LSC is responsible for funding and planning education and training for over 16-year-olds in England. MHF is a charity that provides an independent and authoritative voice for male health in England and Wales and tackles the issues and inequalities affecting the health and well-being of men and boys. MHF’s vision is a future in which all boys and men in England and Wales have an equal opportunity to attain the highest possible level of health and well-being. The Mental Health Providers Forum has met informally for three years and is now a not-for-profit company led by an initial board made up of its founder members. MHRA is the Executive Agency of the Department of Health protecting and promoting public health and patient safety by ensuring that medicines, healthcare products and medical equipment meet appropriate standards of safety, quality, performance and effectiveness, and are used safely. My Home Life aims to celebrate existing best practice in care homes and promote care homes as a positive option for older people.
The National Association of Care Caterers is a member organisation which promotes the standard of catering within the care sector. NAPA is dedicated to increasing the profile and understanding of the activity needs for older people, and equipping staff with the skills to enable older people to enjoy a range of activity whilst living in care settings. The National Association for Safety and Health in Care Services (NASHiCS) is a member organisation which strives to promote and improve health and safety within care services and to provide a forum for those individuals and organisations involved in any aspect of health and safety to exchange and share information, experience and expertise.
Formerly known as The Dignity Partnership Board, the National Dignity Council meets every two months to exists to shape and influence the work of the Dignity in Care network, and also campaigns for, and supports Dignity Champions. At the National Council for Palliative Care our vision is that everyone who has palliative care needs or is approaching the end of life, dying or bereaved should receive the high quality care and support that they need and in the place they need it.
By subscribing to NCPC you will support and help to develop our work to campaign and influence, so that everybody has the highest quality care and support in dying, death and bereavement. The National Council for Palliative Care, leads the Dying Matters Coalition, which aims to help people talk more openly about dying, death and bereavement, and to make plans for the end of life. Dying Matters is a coalition of 30,000 members across England and Wales and our membership includes hospices, care homes, NHS organisations and staff, GPs, funeral directors, the legal sector, charities, faith groups and many more.
We are actively enlisting those that are committed to supporting changing knowledge, attitudes and behaviours around death and dying.
NCVO, the largest umbrella body for the voluntary and community sector in England, supports voluntary organisations (as well as social enterprises and CICs), whether you're a large national body or a community group working at a local level. The Social Services Inspectorate work with others to ensure that social work and social care services are responsive to the needs of the population in Northern Ireland and are of the highest standards in keeping with the resources available. Ofsted is a non-ministerial government department whose main aim is to help improve the quality and standards of education and childcare through independent inspection and regulation, and advice to the Secretary of State. OPAAL(UK) was formed in 1999 as a registered charity which provides a strategic lead in the development of independent advocacy for older people.
We are here to support and inform residents, families and friends to find out all they need to know about residential care and to help them if things go wrong.
Get a global perspective on seniors living.SAGE offers innovative study tours to the aged care and retirement living industries. The Scottish Commission for the Regulation of Care (The Care Commission) is a new national organisation set up under the Regulation of Care (Scotland) Act 2001 to regulate and inspect Scottish care services. Skills for Care is the employer-led workforce development body for adult social care in England.
By working with employers and sharing best practice, we help raise quality and standards across the whole sector and ensure dignity and respect are at the heart of service delivery.
The Social Care Institute for Excellence improves the lives of people who use care services by sharing knowledge about what works. SCIE can provide you with expert support to become a better-led, effective, safer and more responsive caring organisation. SCIE offers tailored in-house training on improvement support, Care Act implementation, safeguarding, the Mental Capacity Act and DoLS, dementia awareness and co-production training. The Audit Commission is an independent body responsible for ensuring that the public money is used economically, efficiently and effectively. The Foundation awards grants, either after invitation or through an open programme, including the Arts and Older People programme. The Centre for Ageing Better is an independent charitable foundation working to help everybody enjoy a good later life. Our approach is based on evidence – we develop, share and apply evidence to help people age better.
This website is a support network of UK counsellors and psychotherapists, with information on their training and experience, areas of counselling, fees and contact details. The Think Local, Act Personal Partnership is comprised of over 30 national and umbrella organisations representing the broad interest in personalisation and community-based support. The UK Health Forum (UKHF), a registered charity, is both a UK Forum and an international centre for the prevention of non-communicable diseases (NCDs) including coronary heart disease, stroke, cancer and diabetes. The VODG is the leading umbrella group of voluntary sector providers of social care services for adults. Our role is to combine and harness the separate skills, experiences and knowledge of individual member organisations, in order to challenge barriers, facilitate best practice and assist an exchange of learning.
Counselling Directory provides a huge support network of counsellors, psychotherapists and support organisations across the UK. Hypnotherapy Directory lists full profiles of hypnotherapists, detailing the different types of hypnotherapy offered, the fees they charge and their background information. Life Coach Directory aims to make life coaching much more accessible so many more people have the chance to experience how good it can feel.
There is so much conflicting advice about nutrition and most people don’t know what to believe, or how to change their habits to benefit them personally. Beauty Resource aims to be the leading website for beauty, connecting those searching for information or advice with the largest support network of beauty professionals in the UK.
Therapy Directory brings together complementary therapies and allows visitors to search for the complementary therapist most appropriate to their needs.
Accountant Directory lists professional accountants and bookkeepers alongside a wealth of information on all things financial. Customer retention is one of the most important factors in building and sustaining a successful business. This facilitates the learner to discover answers and new ways of being based on their values, preferences and unique perspectives. Just as Olympic athletes wouldn’t think of training without the added insight, objective perspective and enthusiastic support of an athletic coach, many of today’s most successful business leaders, professionals, executives, entrepreneurs and CEOs use the services of a life coach to take their lives, careers, or businesses to the next level. I have the skills, knowledge and, most importantly, the personality to drive and motivate you to achieve your aims in a fun way which you will enjoy. I will help you overcome your fears and worries in order to take your first steps towards success. Discover and take control of the one vital element which most diets, weight loss books and so called ‘experts’ fail to mention – the role of the mind.
4 + 5 day courses, 1:1 courses, train to be a professional and accredited NLP practitioner. Right from the start, there was personal contact to ensure that my entry was as I wanted it to be. They may feel bored, unmotivated and unfulfilled and might not know what new career path would satisfy them. A career coach will never tell you what to do, but they can give you advice to make that all-important career transition, or can give the extra help you need to work towards a new skill that will help you advance in your current role. There could be concern that a career change might prove to be a wrong decision - or that you might not fit your next role.
Your coach will help you breakdown your feelings about not just your work, but your life as well, as this may well be influencing your current mood without you realising it. Everyone has the opportunity to choose their occupation and to change it if their current one is not fulfilling them. They may have chosen subjects for their GCSEs or A levels, only to find out that they don’t enjoy them - so where do they go next? So if you are about to leave university, or have already left, and are struggling to find a job, a career coach could be a worthwhile investment. It will focus on finding out what potential employers are looking for and learning how to present yourself throughout each stage of the process (through telephone interviews, assessment centres and face-to-face interviews).
With career coaching, a coach can discuss your goals and aspirations with you and assist you in finding an occupation that fits with your values and beliefs. Whether you're in the first phase of your working life or experiencing the height of success, consulting a career coach may be useful if you are unhappy or unsure where to go next. Exploring your values and beliefs and what makes you happy in your work will often lead to the right decision for you.
Whichever format you choose, in your first session your career coach will discuss the various topics you may want to cover in your upcoming sessions. Career coaches have an ability to pick up on these skills and attributes, even if you are unaware of having them. Being stuck in a rut at work can make it extremely difficult to think about what you would love to do and explore new possibilities. Before taking the plunge it’s sensible to look at all your options and make some more subtle changes to your lifestyle. Career coaching sessions can help you identify the issues that might be stopping you from pushing yourself to achieve your goals.
Many people won’t have done this for a very long time - your information might well be out of date. This is especially true in an interview situation where you don't have much time to change the interviewer's mind about you.
Whatever you work on, make sure you tell your life coach about what you expect to gain from your sessions and be open about your current situation to get the most from your time together. If you do require further information or advice, please visit the homepage & use the search function to contact a professional directly.Why did you visit us? The department invests in skills and education to promote trade, boost innovation and help people to start and grow a business. It has an Advocacy Service ensuring residents, families and professionals have access to independent advice and information.
It is a consortium of over 75 organisations, including the National Care Forum, that represent and support older and disabled people, including disabled children, those with long-term conditions and their families, and campaigns to keep adult care funding and reform on the political agenda. The library has over 19,300 members and sends out more than 2,000 books every day - one every 14 seconds.

With our Network Partners, we aim to ensure that information, advice and practical support are available to all carers across the UK. The Centre intends to bring together researchers, clinicians and other health and social care professionals from a variety of fields to facilitate research both nationally and internationally. We are commissioned by the Department of Health, as well as Health Education England and Public Health England, to look at specific workforce groups and pathways, and to provide materials, tools and resources to inform workforce planning policy decisions at a national and local level.
Our training division supplies tailored qualifications to the Care Sector including Nutrition, Health and Safety in Health and Social Care and Conflict Resolution.
The main purpose of CMI is to encourage and support lifelong development of managers and to raise the level of competence and qualifications in management. CommonAge promotes and disseminates learning, experience and best practice in aged care service design, development, provision and assurance throughout the Commonwealth with the purpose of improving the quality of life for older citizens in Commonwealth countries. Our aim is to make sure better care is provided for everyone, whether that's in hospital, in care homes, in people's own homes, or elsewhere.
The DBS was established under the Protection of Freedoms Act 2012 and merges the functions previously carried out by the Criminal Records Bureau (CRB) and Independent Safeguarding Authority (ISA). It is the biggest public service delivery department in the UK and serves over 20 million customers. It is led by the National Council for Palliative Care, and has over 30,000 members including charities, care homes, hospices, GPs, funeral directors and legal and financial organisations. The charity's website offers a similiar online service and includes access to EAC's unique national databases of both care homes and retirement housing. To do this, we keep a Register of health and care professionals who meet our standards for their training, professional skills, behaviour and health. We seek to understand the root causes of social problems, to identify ways of overcoming them, and to show how social needs can be met in practice. MHPF is a platform for collaborative and co-operative partnerships to form across the voluntary and community mental health care sector to promote innovation within this sector. Membership is available to voluntary sector organisations and charities providing mental health services.
NACC provides a forum for debate and the exchange of information, sets benchmarking standards and commissions research.
The Council is made up of an enthusiastic group of representatives from various bodies include health and social care organisations. We work with government, health and social care staff and people with personal experience to improve end of life care for all. Together, we provide a strong voice on behalf of people providing and benefiting from end of life care services everywhere. Its role is to provide patients, health professionals and members of the public with authoritative, robust and reliable guidance on current NHS best practice. Additionally, we speak out on behalf of a sector who cannot always speak out for themselves.
Its purpose is to promote the achievement of high standards of care for children and adults in nursing homes, residential homes ands schools and contribute to improving the quality of service to the public.
SAGE delegates have the opportunity to evaluate the advancement of Eldercare from a global perspective and receive insights from some of the world's most highly respected industry professionals. Home of the National Skills Academy for Social Care, we offer workforce learning and development support and practical resources from entry level right through to those in leadership and management roles. Commission SCIE to help you plan, commission, evaluate and deliver better care and support to people who use services. We bring fresh thinking to the challenges and opportunities that everyone faces as more people live longer. Using that insight, we work with individuals and organisations to shape policy, transform services and bring about behaviour change. These organisations, through joining this Partnership, have committed to supporting a small central team in working to improve practice in six priority areas; as well as advising and influencing government and other bodies. The UKHF undertakes policy research and advocacy to support action by government, the public sector and commercial operators. Our members’ shared aim is to ensure that people with disabilities are supported in ways that they themselves define. Not only can visitors find a counsellor, they can learn about different types of distress, read about the varying approaches to counselling and find articles written by the counsellors themselves offering valuable information and advice.Visitors can also read personal experiences written by individuals who have had counselling, search for members who provide online, email and telephone counselling and find details of upcoming events, the latest news and related statistics. Misconceptions about hypnotherapy can prevent individuals benefiting from the positive changes it can have. Life coaching statistics reveal that two-thirds of people who see a life coach find they are more self aware after having done so. Each therapist has sent in proof of qualifications and insurance, or proof of membership with a professional body, for each complementary therapy they appear for in the search results. With the aim of making money matters less complicated, we provide everything you need to know about hiring an accountant or bookkeeper – from informative fact-sheets and FAQs, to articles written by accountants themselves. Occasionally, the term life coaching may be applied to an informal relationship between two individuals where one has greater experience and expertise than the other and offers advice and guidance as the other goes through a learning process, but coaching differs from mentoring by focusing upon competence specifics, as opposed to general overall development. They might also feel they’re unable to risk leaving their current role due to the unstable market. Even with advice from friends and family, you may struggle to identify the right choices without some professional help. These feelings typically occur when you cease to receive the ongoing support from your university that you have become accustomed to.
When you are at the centre of a situation it can sometimes be difficult to take a step back, remove yourself, and understand what's really going on. You will then have the opportunity to investigate possible employment options and formulate an action plan of how to get you from where you are now to where you want to be. In a career coaching session, with the help of a coach, you can establish what else might be affecting your current mood. This can put you in a better frame of mind and give you the energy boost you need to make bigger career decisions. 1800 full members are responsible for heading organisations that collectively employ 200,000 staff members.
This service meets the advocacy requirement of National Minimum Standard ‘Autonomy and Choice’. We regulate health and adult social care services, whether provided by the NHS, local authorities, private companies or voluntary organisations. MHPF aims to improve quality and mental health care by helping to shape the market, influence policy and evidencing best practice. Members of the Forum are people of standing and experience drawn from the public, private and voluntary sectors, as well as some who can speak for services users and carers.NCF is a member of the Residential Forum. As an alliance, the UKHF is uniquely placed to develop and promote consensus-based healthy public policy and to coordinate public health advocacy.
Hypnotherapy Directory seeks to challenge all misconceptions, ensure the public is aware of the positive changes it can bring, and provide information, advice and support.
Visitors to Life Coach Directory are able to find a life coach, read about the different areas that life coaching is available for, find articles written by our members and see any upcoming events they may wish to attend. Visitors to Nutritionist Resource are able to find a nutritionist, read about what nutrition is, find articles written by our members and see any upcoming events they may wish to attend. Visitors are also able to read the latest news, find upcoming events and read articles by beauty therapists on our site. There is a vast amount of information on each therapy and how it can help with different areas, along with information on all the professional bodies in each industry. I am an author, international public speaker, NLP coach, business advisor and entrepreneur. December 1, 2013 3:19 pmUnderstanding your personal values December 11, 2013 10:57 amWhat is NLP Really? However, if your occupation is making you miserable, it’s probably best to take a positive step forward for your own health and happiness. Instead, changing your living arrangements, location, position or any number of other things could get your happiness back on track. Only you have the power to seek out one that will make your days far more meaningful and pleasurable. Whether it’s to continue education or go straight into work, a career coach will support them every step of the way. A career coach, however, can step in and offer you the advice and guidance to help you get back on your feet and move forward. Career coaching sessions however, can help you to do this from an unbiased and neutral perspective. They find themselves more enthusiastic about life because they are truly happy in their profession. With the support of career coaching, you may gain the direction needed in order to explore your perfect career path. If you can make a more simple change such as moving to a new job within the same company that increases your job satisfaction, it might be the better step to take. While you may not consider the things you can do with your hands tied behind your back as skills, an employer will often take a very different view, especially if you think about how your skill relates to their business. Working in partnership with people and collaborating with a diverse range of organisations, we create measurable change for the long-term. Upcoming events, the latest news and articles written by hypnotherapists can all be found on Hypnotherapy, along with the answers to a number of frequently asked questions. Our Life Coach Directory Policy ensures we only list professional life coaches so visitors can feel safe using our service. Our Nutritionist Resource Policy ensures we only list professional nutritionists so visitors can feel safe using our service. If you are not quite ready for coaching, feel free to browse our blog, coach interviews and other great articles such as how to find a Life Coach. However if the small change still doesn’t leave you feeling great then it could be the right time to start thinking more seriously about changing your career path. Even seemingly unrelated skills can sometimes prove your abilities in areas that your employer is looking for.
Time is of the essence in an interview situation and so is making sure that you stand out among the crowd, this is where career coaching comes in and can be a really big advantage even for seasoned interviewees. This independent online national network has been developed by people with a passion for life story work to create further discussion and sharing of positive practice in the use of life stories, locally, nationally and internationally. Each hypnotherapist must adhere to our Hypnotherapy Directory Policy to ensure only professional hypnotherapists are included on the website.
The Life Coach Directory team is passionate about increasing awareness of the positive benefits life coaching can achieve.
The Nutritionist Resource team is passionate about increasing awareness of the positive benefits nutrition can have on all aspects of an individuals life. Try to see your life experiences and attributes from an employer's point of view and pick something positive from each one that puts you in a good light. Your coach can use different interview coaching techniques with you and discuss ways in which you can improve your interview skills to help you make the best impression on your future employer. A career coaching session will help guide you through ways of accentuating your skills and expertise to suit the type of jobs you are applying for.

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