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In today’s busy and modern world, life coaching has become a huge phenomenon, and it’s not hard to see why. Unlike other similar professions, life coaches adjust to your personal vision of the business you have dreamed of building. By now, you’ve probably done a lot of research about life coaching and decided that you want to become certified. Location is important, although do remember that life coaches can be accessed by their students almost anywhere via distance learning options. Ensure that your program is flexible enough to suit your lifestyle – take into account whether you also work, in or out of the home.
Have you researched the school you have decided to go with and checked their reputation, as well as their representation in the wide world of life coaching?
This Institute has arguably one of the best known training programs in the coaching industry, largely because they’ve been running these programs for more than twenty years. The CTI program teaches the proprietary Co-Active Model, knowing that students possess the knowledge of what is best for them. The course at CTI consists of five in-person courses, with a certification program to follow. Have a look at their website, or give them a call for further information and for specific pricing structures.
At iPEC most of the training is completed by phone and online, with three modules of three days duration each completed face-to-face on-site at the training locations. There are three face-to-face modules, including a number of virtual education modules, making up a total of more than 350 hours. While in this niche-based training program, there are nine options to choose from while in training.
The iPEC training program has been fully accredited since the year 2002, so it’s not new to the ICF. This is a virtual training program, meaning that students complete 100% of their training via distance learning. Students must complete 175 training hours in order to graduate and receive their coaching certification.
There are many more really good coaching programs out there: the three mentioned above have wonderful reputations, however, there are a lot more coach training schools that also deserve recognition. Ensure that you do your research thoroughly, ask your questions and make sure you get the answers that you need for your own training.
If you are considering becoming a life coach, you are probably on the hunt for the best life coaching books to help you learn about the profession and get you motivated. Co-Active Coaching was first published in 1998, but is in its third edition due to popular demand.
Co-Active Coaching provides you with coaching tools, skillsets and specific strategies to help you succeed as a coach. One thing that is unique about this book is that the coaching experience is discussed from the perspective of both the coach and the coachee.
While the first two books focus on providing you with tools and skills covering the full spectrum of coaching, Coaching Questions focuses specifically on one of the most important skills coaches use- asking powerful questions.
If you’ve never heard of a life coach, you might be surprised to learn it is a popular and growing profession.
If you are researching life coach training programs, the Institute for Life Coach Training (ILCT) may be on your list of schools to review. If you are considering career coaching as a niche for your coaching business, there are many viable options for you as career coaches are sought after more now than ever.

Executive coaching has been used in organizations for decades, but it continues to grow as coaching becomes an increasingly recognized field used by more than just top executives. BIGGEST STRENGTH: This has a dramatic storyline filled with eeriness and the video presentation is extremely effective. BIGGEST STRENGTH: This piece is filled with difficult vocal phrases requiring variation of vocal depth and volume.
With all the challenges presented by modern technology and increased demands on the workforce, life coaches serve to help us navigate a chaotic world. Best of all, coaching services can be remote; you can meet and work with your clients via phone and the internet, right in the comfort of your own home. In your research you will have learned that it’s very important for your business success and your reputation that you become a certified coach.
In addition you will need a lot of support, both during and after your course is completed, so ensure that the program you decide to go with has a strong focus on support.
Keep in mind that there are many more that are well-worth mentioning, however these three schools will give you a good start in your research. The role of the coach is to be authentic, encouraging, to listen intently, and to help their students rise to their highest natural state. This provides greater flexibility and ease for students, as well as facilitating personal contact with coaches and peers. The proprietary methods used at iPEC include the Core Energy Dynamics TM and the Core Energy Coaching TM process, both of which were created by Schneider. Once the program is completed, successful participants become Certified Professional Coaches, fully accredited and recognized by the ICF. This is very important, because it caters to many differing schedules and lifestyles, and provides ultimate flexibility for students. There are two main components to this program – CEP (Core Essentials Program) and ACP (Advanced Coaching Program). You can also choose the higher-priced option, also accredited by the International Coach Federation, and this caters to coaches desiring a corporate or executive coaching practice. Perhaps this short review will give you motivation to do your own research and find the training program that ultimately suits your needs best. The program you choose must reflect your own personal philosophy and style, because each student has different needs. Cherie Carter-Scott has been coaching since 1974, long before many current coach training programs were even in existence. In this book, Author and Master Coach Tony Stoltzfus collaborated with 12 additional coaches to present tools and exercises for asking powerful questions.
Life coaches work with people one on one or in groups to help them make successful change in their lives. History and Methodology The ILCT coaching model employs a wholistic approach, empowering the client through powerful questions, purposeful inquiry, cutting edge tools and proven psychological principles focused on getting results.
Companies hire executive coaches to work with all ranks of employees from top executives to front line employees. We all have our favorites, so when it comes time to tell you why you should vote for someone, there’s no way we could possibly give you an uncensored opinion.
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So, with that in mind, let’s discuss the best life coach certification programs out there.
The ICF was created largely by the founders of CTI, and these same people contributed to the ICF competencies and ethics.
The trainers at CTI are well-respected and leading coaches in their field, ensuring a high standard in the coaching profession. Once these courses are completed and the student has attracted five paying customers, they are then eligible to enroll in the certification program. Located in New Jersey, with training locations in the United States, the United Kingdom, and Canada, fourteen of these locations are in metro areas in the United States.
Coach trainees at iPEC can specialize in business, life, executive, and career coaching, plus a range of sub-specialties within each category. They have Advanced Coaching Programs which can qualify a student to become an Associate Certified Coach, a Professional Certified Coach, or a Master Certified Coach, all through the ICF. Coach U training is for those people who desire to seek a career in corporate or life coaching. The ACP format includes internet-based study and tele-classes, plus weekly conference walls – these are once a week for a period of one hour, lasting for four to eight weeks – fieldwork, reading between weekly phone-calls, email and internet collaboration with trainers, and mentoring by phone.
If you’re looking for total flexibility in training, combined with the knowledge that your school has an impeccable reputation in the industry, then Coach U is a great option. You can do a search for accredited programs on the International Coach Federation’s website. Coaching is a wonderful investment both professionally and personally, so you must be very confident that you have chosen the right program to suit your budget and your time. Their training approach includes extensive in-person coaching, marketing and business support, professional practicum for certification, followed by ongoing support for students after graduation.
This includes one-on-one supervision with a dedicated coach in order to refine and deepen their coaching skills. A student at Coach U focuses on learning specific skills, creating their coaching practice, and combing it all to fit into their personal life or an existing business. Others want to find solutions for problems such as chronic pain, endless fatigue or mental exhaustion among the many, many others.
Co-Active Coaching was also written by the founders of the CTI program, and this is widely used by other training programs and coaches.
When doing research on training schools, keep an eye open for any specials being offered, because sometimes tuition specials can be found. Regardless of the specific coaching path you plan to take, Co-Active Coaching is the most comprehensive approach you can get without an actual training program. Locations include Singapore, Canada, and thirteen United States locations in major metro areas. Once both these components have been completed, the student must take both an oral exam and a written exam in order to receive their certification. The complete process will take roughly twelve months and the cost of same is in the vicinity of $10,000 – $12,000, dependent upon, of course, on how the program is undertaken.

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