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5 reasons why over 1,000 discerning professionals chose Coach For Life as their coach training provider. Reason #1 to choose Coach For Life - You will earn ICF credit hours and other requirements needed for your ACC, and PCC and MCC certification application!
Reason #2 to choose Coach For Life - You will learn who you are and be able to do the same with your clients!
You learn and experience the skill-set, mind-set, and practice building to be a masterful coach.
The Fulfillment Coaching Model™ - You will be able to coach anyone with this Model of coaching!
This Model has been successfully used by our graduate coaches in: corporate, executive, personal, career, educational, governmental and non-profit coaching practices – around the world. Coach For Life brings you accelerated learning in an empowering and positive learning environment.
Reason #5 to choose Coach For Life - You can be assured that you are getting the most up-to-date coach training that is consistent with global standards for High Quality Coach Training!
Coach For Life was a co-founder of this non-profit in 2000 with the other 7 major coach training schools in the United States.

Merriam-Webster Dictionary added Life Coach this year, their definition is right on the mark; an advisor who helps people make decisions, set and reach goals, or deal with problems. The Life Coach profession came about 20 years ago, when Thomas Leonard, a Certified Financial Planner started offering his life planning services for issues and problems, other than money.
In 2003, with the Life Coach profession in need of a direction, Jeff Wasserman started Life Coach Marketing Inc.
In 2012, Jeff will be traveling from Los Angeles to Orlando Florida and up the east coast to New York.
If you are interested in becoming a Life Coach, Life Coach College is offering a new program starting January 1st, 2013. Life Coach Marketing is currently promoting the 2012 Life Coach Road Trip with Jeff Wasserman. Join us for a unique opportunity to meet with the graduates and instructors as well as "experience" the LifeWorks approach to the fast-rising field of life coaching.
You can be assured that you are getting the most up-to-date coach training that is consistent with ICF Requirements.
Used in public and private grade schools, universities, corporate training, adult literacy, and internationally.

All the intellectual property has been donated to the Foundation for Inspired Learning – a 501c3 nonprofit in Jan 2003.
His newly created service, often referred to as a Personal Coach, produced tremendous tangible benefits for his clients. If you own or manage a restaurant or business that would benefit from hosting Jeff and the Life Coach Bus, please call 1-800-841-8776 to discuss this unique opportunity with Jeff and his staff. Life Coaches share ideas and methods to help individuals solve problems and challenges in their life. The cost is $895 and includes all the material and training to become a professional Life Coach. The focus of the US Life Coach Association is marketing, bringing coaches and clients together. The USLCA does not lobby government entities or promote certification requirements for the coaching profession.

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