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Thank you to our sponsor, the Academy for Coaching Excellence, for providing a professional meeting site for our general meetings and supporting the Sacramento Coaches Association.
UC Davis Extension’s Professional Coaching for Life and Work Certificate Program provides the knowledge and practical skills needed to effectively coach others and apply for certification as an Associate Certified Coach (ACC) by the ICF. Meet requirements for ICF Credential in just 3 weeks with 2016 International Summer Intensive NLP Coach Certification Program. Coaches are there to help you break free from that thick, sticky substance and move forward. You may have been thrown into a leadership position for which you do not feel fully prepared. Because I have been an ordained Presbyterian minister for 30 years, I am especially qualified to work with leadership in religious institutions as well as non-profit executives and boards. If money was no object and failure was not possible, what would my professional aspiration be? If you are not clear about your organization’s values, ask your supervisor, your co-workers.
Take responsibility for your actions and then celebrate your successes and the successes of others.
Janice Knight, a certified coach (PCC), certified senior human resources professional (SPHR), and hypnotherapist (CHt) offers coaching for managers, professionals and individuals who want to reclaim their peace and ignite their passion. A voluntary 30-minute facilitated group discussion focused on commitment to action and accountability.
As a group, we promote one another’s progress and forward movement towards personal and business development goals, and commitment to action and accountability. We strive for a motivating, encouraging, fun, confidential and safe and environment where we each can freely explore opportunities and support one another.
Sacramentoa€™s Andy Johas started his career as an ag educator, then went into farm banking and farmland management. Native Sacramentan Andy Johas has taught welding, animal science, construction and business finance, but he also could teach plenty of life lessons about making your own opportunities and delivering what people want.These days, Johas grows wine grapes in Walnut Grove, Lodi and Clarksburg, plus an orchard of bing and Rainier cherries.
Kings Assistant Coach Nancy Lieberman made a special appearance at Wednesday’s She Shares event in downtown Sacramento to discuss career, leadership and more. She Shares is a conversation series featuring women who have made an impact on their community via their leadership efforts. Throughout the conversation the former WNBA player shared her experience working in the sports industry as an athlete and coach, balancing a demanding career with her family and more. RECEIVE OUR NEWSLETTERSign up to receive all of the latest news and updates directly from the NBA Coaches Association. The NBA Coaches Association (NBCA) is the union that represents basketball coaches in the National Basketball Association. Check out resources published by the NBA Coaches Association, designed to help take your coaching game to the next level. For the past 18 years, Barrett McBride PhD, MCC, has led her own international coaching and consulting firm, using the diversity of her experience and advanced training to partner with clients who are ready to take the next steps in expanding their professional horizons.

As a master certified coach (MCC) with the International Coach Federation (ICF), she provides individual and group coaching, individual and group coaching supervision and mentor coaching (registered with ICF). Barrett has successfully partnered with a wide variety of businesses and executives to achieve their professional and business development goals. Barrett has worked with Fortune 500 companies as well as sole proprietors, private as well as public sector clients. In addition to her coaching and consulting practice, Barrett is an Adjunct Professor of Organizational Behavior at the University of San Francisco, She is also a faculty member at Wellcoaches, Inc., School of Coach Training, where she teaches in both the Core Coach Training Program and the Professional Coach Training Programs.
Barrett holds a PhD in Human and Organizational Systems, and Masters degrees in both Human Development and Organization Development.
You may get stuck when facing a transition – a change in your career path, retirement or a new role. I understand the complexities inherent in relationships and decision-making in those institutions and how they are very different from profit-making enterprises. A participant in a workshop I recently led wrote, “I would go listen to Mary Lynn talk about cement drying. Come up with a short phrase or a few adjectives that answer the question, “Who am I passionate about being?” Make sure your life’s purpose is the starting point for your dreams, projects and calendaring. We have fun, get to know each other, build bonds of friendship and supportive networks within and beyond our Chapter membership.
As the second female coach in NBA history, a Basketball Hall of Famer and two-time Olympian, Nancy Lieberman is a perfect fit for this stage. Founded in 1976, the NBCA consists of all NBA Head Coaches, Assistant Coaches and alumni, and works closely with the NBA on all matters that pertain to the coaching profession. She has a unique ability help clients transform a sometimes nebulous, partially formed vision into a concrete, executable plan for success. Prior to launching her own coaching and consulting firm, she held such diverse positions as general manager of a publishing company, director of business development for a corporate law firm, magazine and newsletter editor and lobbyist. She is a Board Certified Coach through the Center for Credentialing and Education, she has a Master Certification in Evidence-Based Coaching and she is a Founding Member of the Institute of Coaching. Coaches walk with you until you realize that you are standing on steps that will lead you out of the pit. Or, worse yet, actions in the company are inconsistent with stated vision, mission and values.
Don’t let your “to do list” rule you life- use your passion and purpose as a foundation for taking action. Now he primarily focuses on growing his own cherries and wine grapes in the Central Valley. She is a master of synthesis and her clients often comment on her ability to successfully take an idea to places they had not previously considered, whether it be a new market niche, or an organizational restructuring.
Her wide-ranging experience also includes several years as a business analyst, corporate executive, journalist and marketing executive. You begin to breathe again as you recognize you already possess what is required to move forward naturally.

Do you remember a time when you were doing something you loved and you lost all sense of time?
You don’t feel safe showing up as the Real You because you are not sure your inner world (values, beliefs, etc.) are in alignment with the company’s values, beliefs, etc. If your purpose (aka passion) is beauty, make sure you allow beauty to show up in all areas of your life. If coaching is wanted or offered, participants can arrange an off-line peer coaching engagement.
Now he primarily focuses on growing his own cherries and wine grapes on land in the Central Valley and the Bay Area.
Initially, he went to college to become a pharmacist, but after taking a couple of classes, he said, he knew his heart wasna€™t there.
The Real You is better able to adapt to and embrace change and to tap into your creative energy. Then he reels off the names and occupations of a dozen or so students, who include school administrators, retailers, truck drivers and, yes, even farmers.While at Delta High, Johas created an advisory board of farmers, people who could tell him how to better prepare his students and who could advise them on classroom projects. But he was also careful to ask those advisers how he could help them.a€?They would tell me that they had farmworkers who didna€™t know how to weld or do other things that I was teaching,a€? Johas said. He started with a basic welding class but soon added an advanced one at the request of farmers. From there, college administrators asked him to teach animal science and construction courses.
He asked: a€?Do you know how to manage farmland?a€?Johasa€™ father, Jim Johas, had invested with Tsakopoulos and knew the developer was looking for someone trustworthy to manage farmland he was acquiring until ready to develop it. This was 1974, Johas said, when large swaths of Sacramentoa€™s Pocket and Elk Grovea€™s Laguna neighborhoods were still being farmed. Tsakopoulos contracted with Johas to manage the land, and as he proved himself to be a trusted, knowledgeable agricultural manager who always collected the rent, other developers and investors began knocking on his door.
The contracts were becoming a nice side business, Johas said, but he wanted to further improve upon his teaching salary. His territory was the Delta region, where he found ready customers among the farmers who had asked him to train their workers.Johas said he expanded his employera€™s Delta portfolio to $14 million from $9 million in just one year. His success also earned him a gig teaching business and consumer finance at UC Davis, his alma mater. Fortunately, Johas said, he had continued to cultivate his farm-management business and also worked for farmers as a financial consultant.
It was the biggest vineyard in Sacramento County at the time a€¦ We made it extremely successful.a€?Johas continued to expand his company to include a labor division, a land-management division, a grape harvesting business, an appraisal unit, a vineyard supply unit and more.

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