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Face it, as a Life Coach, NLP Practitioner, Healer, Medium, Demartini Method Facilitator, or similar you’ve entered into a field with a lot of competition, and it can be hard for potential clients to know who to choose and why they should or shouldn’t choose you! Ideally they might meet you and get a feel for you and your work, however in our global fast-paced world this isn’t always possible and many will use the internet when looking for a coach, healer or consultant.
For those who have also struggled with WIN 8.1, Windows 10 is on the horizon and comes with a new personal assistant. I’m Michelle Perra and my passion is helping women find their inner AWESOMENESS and achieve their goals . I’ve created dynamic programs that specifically target the primary blocks often getting in the way of WOMEN’S success. When separating from my husband after being in a long term marriage, I decided to seek the knowledge of Michelle Perra.
I designed these programs to help you embrace your AMAZING Potential and create action happiness.
Thank you for being brave, it has made me feel like I am not defective, more importantly that I’m not alone.
I find your honesty, straightforwardness, and self-accountability for your emotions, as well as your tenderness and empathy for others (and me) to be so lovely… and you need to know that it is not a common combination my dear! CoachPro: A WordPress theme for life coaches, wellness coaches, and personal development professionals.
You can start adding pages and content right away: choose from the pre-made page templates and layouts, or create your own. Customize the options to give away a free download when a visitor opts-in, or just say thanks.
Create a paid member’s area, coach your clients online, or collect emails in exchange for access. Enter your testimonials, and display them anywhere on your site, even rotate the order they are displayed on each page!
CoachPro comes with SEO options built-in so that you can make sure you get the maximum amount of traffic. No need to mess with any code, just enter your page title, description, and keywords into the fields below each post or page. A robust theme options page plus easy shortcodes and page templates gives you customization freedom.
The standard version does not include the members area, content templates, or email opt-in widget.
After secure registration and checkout, you will get immediate access to download CoachPro. A portion of each theme purchase is donated to charity: water to provide safe, clean drinking water to people in need.
We would like to take the opportunity to thank you both for your outstanding help and patience and quick response time while we were setting up our site over the past months. Hi Scott, I want to thank you for your kindness, PATIENCE and amazing customer with your company. If you choose to do it yourself, we have detailed tutorials to help you, plus you can get fast answers in the support forum.

Yes, as long as your host supports WordPress, CoachPro would be a great way to redesign your current site.
Yes, CoachPro uses WordPress, which allows you to add any type of media you want to your site.
When I first became a life coach, I searched for a directory where I could list my services. Make sure your business card "works" for you and is not just a "pretty face".Here are 7 ways to make your business card an effective marketing tool.
Using Social Business Networking To Connect Life Coaching ProfessionalsSo how does social business networking work for professional life coaches.
This December installment of Good Book Club is our second annual party and family celebration around Polar Express, by Chris Van Allsburg.
With a good-looking, easy-to-find and informative website you are already making the first step in assisting them to find the right person for their needs. In fact, I thought I’d let Cortana, the world’s most personal digital assistant, share the news. This is a critical security release for all previous versions and we strongly encourage you to update your sites immediately.
I never dreamed I’d be coaching clients and inspiring women in 14 countries all over the world, that I’d be on Anderson Cooper with Love and Marriage Expert Simone Bien from Dr. But your blocks, fears, and insecurities are stopping you from grabbing hold of all the amazingness that life has to offer! We all have the POWER to create our own happiness and all it takes is a desire to change, learn, grow and succeed. Customize the colors, layout, fonts, and more in a few clicks using the CoachPro Options page. You can even add your own fonts easily from Google’s huge font library of well over 600 fonts.
Once a user registers on your CoachPro website, you can choose to show them content like videos, downloads, or anything at all.
Display proof with testimonials, show your recent tweets, display your phone number and social media links, or collect email opt-ins with a simple drag and drop! You can also use any HTML5 element, although some browsers *cough IE* don’t fully support HTML5 yet. To date we have donated over $5,000 USD to help provide people with clean drinking water through proceeds from Press Coders theme sales. We’re very pleased and feel we have been in the good hands of two very skilled people (and their team). I always get same day answers to my questions and the answers are prompt and easy to understand.
However, it will be like starting over, because WordPress works differently than most websites. The email opt-in widget included in the Platinum version also integrates with most leading email marketing services.
Your business card is probably the most basic yet most important tool in marketing your skills as a life or business coach.

We will meet in Wesley Hall to watch the movie, read some passages from the book, drink hot chocolate, and much more! This is a critical security release for all previous versions and we strongly encourage you to update your sites immediately.A few hours ago, the WordPress team was made aware of a cross-site scripting vulnerability, which could enable commenters to compromise a site.
Drew’s Lovelines or be featured in two other international publications for my struggles, how I saved my marriage and literally transformed my life.
Her knowledge, wisdom and insight [] has given me the understanding to be compassionate, kind and to realize it was not about me.
Put it this way: there is nothing I have wanted to do with my site that I have been unable to do. Note that we will start 30 minutes earlier (at 5:30) so we can finish up well before bedtime.
The opt-in widget also integrates with most leading email marketing services like iContact, MailChimp, Amember, and more. I spent over a thousand dollars last year on a website that sucked, and I never published it because it did. Many of the life coach organizations that had directories were limited to graduates of their specific coaches training programs. Her strength with helping women to feel empowered has helped me gain new insight and self awareness. I didn’t have the money to invest in what I truly was looking for out of a graphic designer. I had taken a comprehensive 9-month coaches training program to prepare me for a coaching career, but that organization stopped posting their directory.
She is guiding me to create a vision for myself to have that happy, desirable life to express, know and become the women I want to be. But, with Press Coders, I have the power to create my dream site at my finger tips, and I get to take true ownership of it…I LOVE THIS!!! When I realized that there were lots of other coaches who were in the same situation as me, I began to wondera€¦where can all the healers, intuitives, and coaches go that don't have a specific professional organization to join? Members listed in our online directory must meet certain criteria to be listed, including credentials, experience, and testimonials. While there are many organizations for specific coaching training and certifications, the IAPLC is for life coaches with various relevant certifications. We now offer bimonthly masterclasses that cover various business skills, techniques, and guidance taught by expert life coaches, which are available to the public in live-only format. While there are many organizations for specific coaching training and certifications, the IAPLC is for life coaches with various related certifications.********For a full list of Life Coaching Associations you can join.

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