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Hi, My name is Phee-Lip.I am on a mission to equip young people with the skills most necessary to thrive and meet future challenges. Whatever that's stopping you from being great, someone out there have already found the solutions. Newsletters, notifying you of blog updates, workshops, website additions and other interesting news.
Year 11 OR 12 And You Want To Give Them The ‘Elite Edge’ To Ensure They Realise Their FULL POTENTIAL?
Coaching is a conversation like no other! When your teen works with Nathan, he partners with them in a soul searching and thought-provoking process of self discovery.
Nathan Hulls is a Motivational Speaker, Credentialed Master Practitioner of Life Coaching, Certified Social + Emotional Intelligence Coach and Practitioner of Neuro Linguistic Programming.
He has spoken to, coached and mentored thousands of teenagers over the last 12 years with outstanding results.
If your teenager is starting their final years of high school they are facing some big decisions like subject choices and career pathway decisions, while at the same time they’re going through a journey of self discovery, discovering who they are, where they fit and how to interact with the world around them. If your teen wants to accelerate in their journey of getting from where they are to where they want to be, success coaching is the answer. With a focus on genuine results and long term sustainability, Nathan is dedicated to supporting you and your teen  to create the life of their dreams.
Fresh Perspective – As a coach Nathan can look at situations from an objective point of view, without opinions, judgement or pre conceived ideas. Accountability – Have fortnightly coaching sessions and a monthly accountability call provides a structure to give the young person the best chance for successfully achieving their desired goals and outcomes. Success Strategies – In life ALL results come from the strategies we used to achieve them, good and bad. Mentoring – Having mentored teens for over 12 years Nathan has walked through the good, the bad and the ugly with thousands of teenagers and as a trusted mentor can come along side them to provide them with support and encouragement when they need it most. Nathan uses a variety of psychometric profiling tools and assessments which are great for giving teenagers something tangible to look at in the coaching process – helping them to get a clear picture of where they are at right now, their strengths, areas they need to develop, their dominant personality and behaviour type as well as career options and potential pathways based on their skills, interests and strengths.
Before engaging a teen coaching and mentoring client, Nathan conducts a 15 minute Alignment Session with the teen to make sure that the teen is comfortable, want to engage in the program and Nathan is confident that he is able to facilitate positive transformation.
Career & Life Planning is a licensed facilitator of the acclaimed 7 Habits of Highly Effective Teenagers program. The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Teenagers workshop aims to help teenagers develop their full potential in all aspects of their life from school, family, sport, hobbies and relationships amongst others. Career & Life Planning has individual programmes and group sessions available for teenagers. OTTAWA a€” On behalf of Her Excellency the Right Honourable MichaA«lle Jean, Governor General of Canada, Her Honour the Honourable Mayann E.
Joyce Barkhouse has created a strong and vivid picture of Maritime life and history for children across Canada.
Groups such a CEPC, FACT, F4J, lawyers and individuals are welcome to make supporting submissions on gender discrimination, parental alienation, parental abduction and domestic violence. When I last told you about being on the Masters of Awakening series, it was going to cost wisdomFlash members a dollar ($1) to sign up to listen.

For every 10th person, they will receive their very own FREE autographed ROCK BOTTOM T-Shirt! This event will start at 5pm at the Draught House on Bath Rd (above the Subway) Draught House has Great food, Great drinks for the ages 19+, and not to mention , you can show off your pool skills! Keeling Candace is looking for volunteers to hand out these cards I made for the election!!! A OTTAWA a€” On the occasion of visits to the Republic of Haiti and the Dominican Republic, Their Excellencies MichaA«lle Jean, Governor General of Canada, and Mr.
Debbie is an experienced Spiritual Medium, she works very closely with her Guide White Eagle, and her teaching Guide Great Bear.
She is part of the Psychic Detectives {website below.} She also runs development groups and wanted to start this group so she could reach as many people as possible on their spiritual journey. She is willing to help anyone who has a question about the Paranormal and will always answer her messages, although it may take her a couple of days to reply because she is very busy so please be patient you will hear from her. The outcome of such a supported circle can be less unemployment, less homelessness, less IN-humanity, less poverty with more education,A  more faith, more generosity, more humanity, more peace, more respectA and more Love! LOBAYE, Central African Republic, 29 January 2008 a€“ One-month-old Kpa has been suffering from a high fever, severe muscle seizures and an inability to eat since birth a€“ all classic symptoms of neonatal tetanus.
Kpa was lucky, however, as other members of the communityA put together what little money they had to fund the babya€™s medical costs. In response, the Aka Pygmies were recently among the more thanA 1.5 million women and children who took part in a week-long 'Maternal and Neonatal Tetanus Elimination Campaign' across CAR.
Women and children wait to receive vaccinations and medical supplements as part of the 'Maternal and Neonatal Tetanus Elimination Campaign' aimed at boosting child survival in CAR.
Supported by UNICEF, in collaboration with the CAR Ministry of Health and the United Nations Population Fund, campaign organizers immunized women of child-bearing age against tetanus and provided children with vitamin A supplements, basic immunizations and de-worming treatment. UNICEF is also supporting the Italian non-governmental organization, Cooperazione Internazionale, in a project that is promoting the rights of Pygmies in the Lobaye area. Fruits, vegetables and meat are widely available to the Aka Pygmies who reside in the forest.
In the case of the Aka Pygmies, help is urgently required as they slowly begin to succumb to disease, chronic poverty and marginalization by the larger society. A Celebration of Women is pleased to make available to all Our Women the BEST PRESENTATION online that our research has found. The Civil Rights Party of Canada has invited you to the event 'Weekly Leadera€™s Message - Message Hebdomadaire du Chef' on Raphael Louis: Prime Minister of Canada for 2020! Your participation remains of paramount importance to our event, as we look forward to your questions at the end of the message. AMANDA GOLDSTON says: "I want to tell you about my friend, Pat Hicks has an amazing business turning something that was old, unwanted and destined for the scrap heap into something that is stunningly beautiful to look at and exquisite to touch. What better way to do what you absolutely love to do - make a difference to our world at the same time.
This is an excerpt from a rather long group session.A  It was intentionally recorded and is used with permission. This is actually the first part of an in-person group session.A  A later segment of that session was sent out as an "Inner Whispers" special edition a few weeks earlier.

It sometimes seems, that women in groups in general tend to be more open than men in groups, and this group of women soon relaxed and began to freely talk about what they wanted to with VERONICA.
Female Questioner:A  VERONICA, why do you choose to communicate through a human channel?A  What do you get out of it? Female Questioner: A You said one hundred and thirty two marriages.A  Was that in like, "past lives"?
Reprimanded by someone for a bad job delivered although it was not entirely your fault, failed an examination, break-up with your girl or boyfriend, etc. For a young person to succeed in life it doesn’t happen by accident and whether your teenager has dreams of world domination or is simply wants to get the best possible ATAR score in their final years of high school, as a life coach and mentor Nathan can come along side, ask the tough questions, equip with tools and strategies and bring accountability to see results. Nathan helps your child find inspiration and maximise their personal and academic potential.
It is based on Stephen Covey’s acclaimed book The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People which has sold over 15 million copies worldwide and is still one of the bestselling books 15 years after publishing.
Working with teenagers, Career and Life Planning helps to provide them with the necessary skills they require now and later in life to cope with the many challenges they will face.
Francis, Lieutenant Governor of Nova Scotia, presented the insignia of Member of the Order of Canada to Ms. An author of fiction and non-fiction, she is best known for Pit Pony, a story about horses used in Cape Breton mines. Jean-Daniel Lafond will be accompanied by Canadian delegates who will play an active role in meetings with Haitian and Dominican authorities, as well as with members of the civil society.Engaged in the fields of status of women, education and municipal politics, the delegates will share their experiences and knowledge with their Haitian and Dominican counterparts.
To save her baby, Tatyana left her Aka Pygmy community deep in the forest and walked more thanA 15 kmA to find a hospital.
You know what Hindu's believe?A  They believe that you keep evolving until you work out your Karma? I came from a cultural background that believes in Chinese zodiac but I would like share with you here my favorite poem of all time which will give fate an entire “If” twist! Nathan can help ask the right questions so your child can be the master of their own destiny andfind their own solutions to the challenges they face. The workshop itself fits in perfectly with the core objective of the Transition Year programme, as envisaged by the Department of Education, and encourages the development of the whole person beyond merely academic pursuits. Through her biographies of famous Nova Scotians, she brings her provincea€™s history to life for children and adults alike. However, without access to health and sanitation facilities, children here are also more likely to suffer from common parasites such as worms a€“ a condition which can be life-threatening if untreated. Nathan helps take teenagers from where they are right now, to where they want to be (and helping them identify where they want to be if they dont quite know). An ardent promoter of literacy, she is a founding member of the Writers in the Schools program. She has given tirelessly of her time to young people, visiting schools all over the nation and sharing her love of reading and writing with others.

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