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The sermon messages are usually organized along a topical theme that spans a number of weeks. No single event in human history has received more attention than the crucifixion of Jesus. Christian or simply curious about the story of Christ’s crucifixion, you are invited to join us for this powerful series as we retrace – 24 Hours That Changed the World.
What does it look like to be what Jesus termed - the ‘salt of the earth’ & the ‘light of the world?’ During this 2-week series we will explore how we live this out in our everyday lives.
Accessing the sweet benefits of Jesus' power and presence that's available IN us as we follow Him.
What if the essence of the story of God can be understood, applied, and shared in just four small words?. There are 9 flavorful qualities of life that God’s Spirit produces in us as we’re connected with Him. Jesus said some difficult things … like plucking out your eye, drinking blood, being perfect and so on.

As followers of Christ, our homes should be places where the Lord Himself lives and His glory shines. Let's take a look at how we can live a life that glorifies God as we do relationships in ways that honor Him. During these 4 weeks leading up to Christmas 2014, prepare your heart for the real story of Christmas that is more wonderful, fantastic, and life-changing than we ever imagined. He's an average Joe who faces many of the same hardships which you and I deal with in our own lives. A new outfit, with friends, good hair day, down the shore, with my kids, at a concert, just having a good time … we're all taking selfies these days. Like the board games we played as children, life is filled with twists and turns, setbacks and surprises. The Gospel costs nothing--it is merely God’s free gift of grace to us--but it demands everything from us! Social Science Part II (Geography and Economics) is made in accordance with the new curriculum as framed by Government of Maharashtra. In this small obscure book of the Bible, we read about how God used a prophet, Haggai to lead Israel in rebuilding God's temple.
This August, discover how an ancient Bible prophet can inspire a modern day faith in God’s promises.

As we kick off the New Year, let’s revisit the basic principles of prayer and activate our prayer life in 2015.
If you or someone you love has been touched by a disease like cancer or experienced the pain of rejection, God has a word of hope for you! Joseph's story is one packed with lessons but also points to Jesus as God provides for the family that would bring forth the Messiah. His teaching, His style, His miracles, His humility, His compassion, & His resurrection. Over these next few weeks we’ll be inspired from the lives of many Bible heroes and challenged by Jesus’ words. In this sermon series we will explore the day-to-day challenges of life and learn how to live according to God’s plan.

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