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Description: Hello, You are viewing a newstand copy (no label) of Scientific American Magazine Special Issue: Secrets of The Universe! In one of the most famous World War II-era photos, a sailor holds a nurse, bends her over, and kisses her in Times Square. Glenn's legacy is once again grabbing headlines as the nation remembers the moment that defined an era. ShowMe™ and Country Life bring you some of this magazine’s top notch content right here on our site. The 14km Matumi Walking Trail begins at Sabie Valley Coffee Shop at the confluence of the Sabie, Mac Mac and Sabaan rivers. Sabie Valley Coffee (website, 013 737 8169) will show you where the walk starts or, for a guided walk, contact Induna Adventures (013 737 8308, website). The 18-hole Sabie River Bungalows Golf Course at the Sabi River Sun (pictured) a few kilometres from Hazyview is famous for its many water hazards as well as its hippo and croc spectators.  (013 737 4600, website). Lions Rock Golf Lodge is 7km along the R536 from Hazyview and has a fun 9-hole mashie course (083 273 4288, website).
Sabie Country Club has a picturesque, challenging 9-hole course set on the outskirts of Sabie town (013 764 2282). So why is there a LIFE Magazine from March 1954 on the coffee table in the Season 5 cast photo?
We know that SCDP is still intact (see it on the doors and on Joan's file in the other gallery photos), Bert Cooper is back and they're all still looking fabulously vintage -- and incredibly fresh-faced -- but beyond that, the details are pretty murky. We haven't seen a second of the new season, so these are just fun, eagle-eyed guesses, but what do you think?
The September 1952 issue of Pageant magazine gave details on Marilyn Monroe’s diet and exercise routines, written by Marilyn Monroe herself. The entries given in the magazine detail a morning exercise routine and a diet composed mostly of protein, milk and lots of carrots.
According to photography of Marilyn Monroe she also enjoyed light weightlifting, jogging, yoga and horseback riding. This historic look at how Marilyn Monroe kept in good shape, and she had a figure many women still aspire to, also makes for good inspiration because it makes you realize that if she could do it so can you.
Looking to sign up for archery lessons, boxing lessons, swimming lessons, ice skating lessons or personal training sessions?
Want to burn more calories and trick your body into burning more calories without thinking about it?
Cast your vote and direct our longevity quest in Okinawa, Japan, from October 31-November 11, 2005.
Residents of Okinawa, Sardinia, and Loma Linda, California, live longer, healthier lives than just about anyone else on Earth.

The image was featured in Life magazine in 1945 and soon earned a permanent spot in the nation's consciousness, having been re-created at Fleet Week in NYC for decades. Other men have claimed to be the guy in the photo, but speculation largely ended when a well-respected forensic artist studied the image and found evidence to prove Glenn was the man.
But in the Sabie River Valley there is space for bikers of all types, including quad bikers.
Mountain bikers who want a guide to show them the mountains and mud of this valley, Induna Adventures (013 737 8308, website) knows the valley inside out. The 66 bends in the first 22km from Sabie towards Hazyview make this a particularly special ride and the challenge is to try to not use your brakes.
In a helicopter with Seasons in Africa (013 750 2358, website) or Sunrise Aviation (013 744 9254, website) you can swoop over the waterfalls and gorges, skirt the edge of the escarpment, see God’s Window from a different angle and land on a cliff edge for a picnic.
The one thing that's for sure: The show's props and wardrobe departments are insanely vigilant about keeping everything true to the time period. I have never cared especially for outdoor sports, and have no desire to excel at tennis, swimming or golf. I hate to do things in a hurried, tense atmosphere, and it is virtually impossible for me to spring out of bed in the morning. Inspiration becomes a constant motivation that you can keep returning to, that reminds you of what your goals are and why you first started exercising. Glenn McDuffie, the man believed to be the sailor, died on March 9 in a nursing home in Dallas.
Whether you prefer a major hike or short stroll, the bird life is prolific and you might be lucky enough to spot red duiker.
Quad biking is a good halfway option for those who want to explore but aren’t fit enough to cycle the mountains. The Woodsman restaurant in Sabie (013 764 2015) welcomes all bikers and will give advice if needed. For a more intimate and close-up view take a flight with Wally van Welie (083 259 6469) in his microlight. EST on AMC) were released today, and we were immediately looking for any clues about what year the show would be set in this season. On Sunday, which is my one day of total leisure, I sometimes take two hours to wake up, luxuriating in every last moment of drowsiness. Before I take my morning shower, I start warming a cup of milk on the hot plate I keep in my hotel room.
Every night I stop at the market near my hotel and pick up a steak, lamb chops or some liver, which I broil in the electric oven in my room.
If you adopt the right lifestyle, experts say, chances are you may live up to a decade longer.

He even found a way to make money on his experience, kissing women on the cheek for $10 a pop. Again, Induna Adventures offers guided trails through indigenous forests and blue gum plantations, stopping at scenic spots and waterfall viewpoints. There is a small airstrip at Hazyview and you can choose how long you wish to fly for and where to go.
The show, as we've known it, kicked off around 1960 and took us on a journey with the Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce ad gurus through 1965, where the Season 4 finale left off. Despite its great vogue in California, I don’t think sun-tanned skin is any more attractive than white skin, or any healthier, for that matter. His daughter, Glenda Bell, recalled how much it meant to him to clear the air and receive credit for the kiss.
When you return to the coffee shop, tuck in to a great lunch, or coffee and chocolate cake under the trees. I sleep in an extra-wide single bed, and I use only one heavy down comforter over me, summer or winter. I supplement this with a multi-vitamin pill, and I doubt if any doctor could recommend a more nourishing breakfast for a working girl in a hurry. In recent years researchers have fanned out across the globe to find the secrets to long life. Although Glenn had plans to see his girlfriend in Brooklyn on that fateful August day, his enthusiasm took over when he locked eyes with the nurse. National Institute on Aging, scientists have focused on several regions where people live significantly longer. In Sardinia, Italy, one team of demographers found a hot spot of longevity in mountain villages where men reach age 100 at an amazing rate.
On the islands of Okinawa, Japan, another team examined a group that is among the longest lived on Earth. And in Loma Linda, California, researchers studied a group of Seventh-day Adventists who rank among America's longevity all-stars. Residents of these three places produce a high rate of centenarians, suffer a fraction of the diseases that commonly kill people in other parts of the developed world, and enjoy more healthy years of life.

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