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Life may seem successful on the outside but inside we can’t shake that frazzled feeling that nothing we do is quite enough. So let’s be clear – the first thing to know (and this is good news) is that nothing is wrong with you!
The second thing to know (and this is even better news) is that real and lasting change is possible. In fact, not only is real change possible, but it can be made with optimism, confidence and calmness – once you gain the right support and skills.
You see, the truth is that you’re far more resilient, more powerful and way more awesome than you probably give yourself credit for.
It’s just that most of us aren’t born with the skills to deal effectively with the trickier sides of life, so it’s no wonder we flounder at times! Quite simply because they know that having a good coach is the key to helping them grow, develop, overcome obstacles and being at their best. This is because a good coach and counsellor will help you change how you think, how you feel and how you fundamentally respond to the challenges you face in life. The simple truth is that in order to make changes in your life, you have to change your mind first.
Coaching encourages you to think highly and deeply as you gain some much needed head-space (and heart-space). You’ll quiet your inner critic, harness your inner expert and reconnect with the best parts of yourself. You’ll develop a personal road map for building stronger relationships and a more deeply satisfying life. Our introductory transformational coaching offer is a great way to get started with some individualised support. For a limited time only, receive a free 50% off your first session – which means you pay just $50, instead of the usual $100 fee. Contact me today, I’d love to talk with you, answer any questions you have about the process, and book you in for your first session. Guaranteed you’ll walk away from that very first appointment feeling more calm, clear, connected and confident about your ability to create what you want.
So here’s to overcoming any adversity you face and creating your authentically awesome life! Subscribe here to keep in touch via our newsletter to let you know when we have upcoming events or interesting news to share. We are so excited to be working with BasilHealth, a new consumer digital health technology company. I worked with an app developer, but I designed and filmed all the workouts, did all the editing, voiceover, everything except coding the app! What inspired you to create this app?Being a new mom can be so hectic, and between nursing and diaper changing we often don't even have time to take a shower, let alone find an hour to work out! I think we are all our own best teachers, so I would say ME :) Yoga has been a big part of my life for a long time, and I couldn't say that any one teacher I've had is a favorite. Martial arts are very challenging for me mentally because I deal with a lot of fear and anxiety just getting to class. And we second that last answer!  Although we would invite Biggie and Tupac if we could too. We're so so grateful to our wonderful Buddhi Yoga family for voting for us in this year's readers poll in the La Jolla Light. Beginner Flow is just the thing for brand new yogis or those who want to get back into the groove with the basics.
Ashtanga Improv Practice the Ashtanga series but leave some wiggle room for variations on the practice. Intro to Ashtanga Practice the first series of the Ashtanga series while learning the more subtle aspects of yoga.
Align & Flow is a Vinyasa style class integrating mindful movement, steady attention to the breath, and a deep exploration of alignment.
Place the crown of the head on the earth up against the hands (keeping the imaginary egg between the palms).
Straighten your legs and walk as close as you can toward the elbows without losing the lift in the shoulders and the space in the neck. Take 5-10 deep breaths and come down with one or both legs slowly, gently placing the feet on the earth. It's easier to pop a pill, smoke a joint or enjoy a few drinks with friends when the going gets tough.
If we all knew how soothing the direct experience of meditation was, we would never turn to anything else. Next time you’re feeling the tension of your grievance, carve out at least twenty minutes for a quick meditation or yoga session.
We want to take time each month to feature one of our wonderful teachers from the studio, and this month it's all about this lady: Nina Petruzzo! Favorite Food: Avocados, since moving to California I don't think I've gone a day without eating an avocado whole or sliced over something. When was the last time you laughed at yourself: You would think I would be graceful with years of dance training under my belt and from doing yoga, but I am totally clumsy typically tripping over something at least once a day.
Favorite Yoga Pose: Savasana, the sweet simplicity of this pose is the greatest act of self-care. Least favorite: Inversions, at the moment creating balance, stability, integration, and trust in these postures has been challenging, but continue to bring me to my mat everyday to do the work and ultimately detach from the result.
Last Fall we opened our yoga studio in La Jolla, California and ever since then our classes have been overflowing into the boutique! Prepare:To make the dressing, toast the cumin seeds in a dry skillet until fragrant and lightly browned, a minute or two. In a bowl or jar, whisk together the olive oil, lemon juice, honey, ground cumin, salt, and cayenne pepper. She works with clients to improve their health through scientific-based nutrition and health coaching. Thanks to our friend Tahirih Linz from Salmonberry Consulting we are bringing you another delicious salad. This last pose called Hummigbird pose requires a lot of hip and ribcage flexibility because it requires that you twist enough to get the foot to "step on" the tricep. Try a few sun salutes first thing in the morning, during your work break or right before bed for an amazing, full-body realignment. I practiced on and off for a couple of years in college and felt like I needed it whenever I was slacking. We're always looking for fresh ways to make our salads and when we got this recipe from our friend Tahirih Linz we knew we found a winner. Cook quinoa in 2 cups of water in a rice cooker or on the stove-top until all water is absorbed.
Draw the navel strongly to the spine with every exhale and keep your abdominal muscles engaged to lighten up on the upper body. When transitioning to the one-legged variation, shifting your weight into one arm as you float the opposite knee to the center.
Doing yoga is a perfect complement to any runner's training regime; it balances out strength and flexibility, creates greater muscular balance and endurance, increases mind-body awareness, and releases stress.
Benefits: All the low lunge benefits plus benefits from twists which include stretching out the ribs and spine, and giving your internal organs a gentle massage.
From a seated position bring the soles of your feet together and open your knees to the sides. To avoid the ignorance trap, and to be able to confidently stand anywhere in the world talking about coaching accurately, then we recommend our free ON-RAMP as an excellent place to learn about coaching in general and ILS Coaching (our style and methodology).
There is great life coach training, poor life coach training and highly theoretical academic coach training. CLICK HERE FOR PDF DOWNLOAD of 10 point checklist to help choose a life coach course wisely. The ICF have worked for decades to establish sound measures for determining the competency of coaches.

To be able to confidently coach anywhere in the world and to possibly become credentialed by the ICF, we recommend ensuring that the training helps you to master the core competencies. When we built the InnerLifeSkills (ILS) Coach courses, we intentionally focused on equipping our coaches with the ability to coach inner obstacles.
To avoid the cost of this trap, and to be able to earn good income, see STEP 8 and give serious thought to this step.
ACC Level is an ICF title for a coach that can basically only coach goals, action plans and do very surface coaching. To avoid this trap, and to be able to build a lucrative successful life coaching business, we recommend learning to market and sell in an ethical, comfortable, natural and authentic way. TRAP #10: "Calling yourself a Life Coach and hoping they will come" ~ Many folks don't know what a life coach is! We recommend that you build a brand around your area of expertise OR around the specific niche market you choose to serve. Life skills are fundamental skills that are needed to lead a happy, productive life in society.
October 10, 2011 by Dana Bosley 3 Comments Are you thinking you would like to become a life skills coach?
They help people learn not only essential and practical things on how to live a productive life, but they also help to create a sense of balance and stability in their client’s life.
Georgie has a knack for getting to the heart of what’s been holding you back so you can step forward with a new sense of clarity.
Good coaching equips you with the support you need to skillfully navigate the bumps and turns of life (rather than let those tricky times hold you back), so you can grow into a more balanced and stronger YOU.
As a transformational coach, counsellor, psychotherapist and naturopath I’m passionate about empowering you for positive change so you can build resilience and thrive. If you'd like more information about how Georgie Cooke and Quantum Lifeskills can help you overcome life's hurdles, grow through adversity and feel empowered to thrive - then call, email or fill in the contact form below. They've been imagining and developing the next generation of consumer health and personalized medicine since 2011. Facilitates a deep kinesthetic awareness through longer hold times, gentle movement, and a more passive approach to maintaining the state of each position.
Kids learn poses, breathing and relaxation techniques while using their imagination in a fun and non-competitive environment.
Just get on the mat and do your thing, even if it’s just five minutes here and there throughout the day. Workout anywhere, anytime, with or without baby, All you need is five minutes and your own body. In this La Jolla Yoga Mini Flow we focused on flowing back and forth between Bound Half Moon to Bird of Paradise pose and back.
For this drill specifically, make sure your shoulders, hips, and hamstrings are all warmed up and ready to go.
I love them all like family and am truly grateful for the patience they have shown me as I work through my life.
Investing is another passion of mine that I have put a significant amount of energy into over the course of my life. One is called "Your Owner's Manual" and is a really simple summary book of "A Course in Miracles" that Carolina turned me on to.
Every year the La Jolla Light gathers votes from its readers to find who the best of the best are in the area.
Thank you again for voting us best La Jolla yoga studio for 2015, this has been one of the most rewarding things we've ever done and support like this really keeps us going.
Using the bolster for passive variations of backbends and spinal twists to relax the body and quiet the mind. It's much more difficult to sit with our feelings of discomfort, let alone take the initiative to explore some new options to create a healthier response pattern. Every time I'm with her she continues to spark my curiosity, interest, and passion for yoga time and time again. Mostly because I think it would be hilarious and fun and because they live on the east coast and I miss them! If you manage to lift the legs and hips straight up, play with bending your knees and bringing your toes towards your head. This simple act of slowing down will help you chew your food more effectively and you might even notice that you enjoy your meal more because you can actually taste it! Amy currently works with women to improve all aspects of their health, including: thyroid imbalances, high cholesterol, weight loss, impaired digestion, low immune system, anti-aging.
Set aside and marinate for 20 minutes, or up to an hour.When you are ready to serve the salad, put the quinoa in a large bowl. For the first pose, start out in an upright Pigeon position so you can find a good angle for the shin. But still, life (and my lack of ability to prioritize) kept getting in my way of a consistent practice. But everything I’ve struggled with in the past has somehow worked out in the end (so far so good, knock on wood). We learned about anatomy, philosophy, and more, and I kept being reminded that the physical aspect isn't the important part of yoga.
They're delicious and a great way to get your veggies in, but there are only so many times you can have the same salad before you're sick of it and want to trade it for a plate of french fries, you know?
Make sure you don't waste time and money on a course that doesn't really help you to become a life coach. Here are the 2 videos of the checklist and a link to download a handy PDF of the checklist. They have core competencies, that they hold as the critical skill sets that a professional life coach should be able to demonstrate in order to call themselves a coach. Any ICF accredited programme, like our own Level I ILS Coach 101, Level II ILS Coach and Level III ILS Master Coach have ICF ACTP (the highest accreditation). Many well trained coaches cannot confidently and skilfully coach a client's inner obstacles!
This keeps coaching interesting for you, you will be able to coach your clients again and again without becoming boring, and you will be able to coach a wide range of topics.
There are several strategies that we recommend to break the trap of being limited by selling time. This is still valuable but we recommend that you don't get caught in this trap, and be limited to only ACC coaching. To start with ACC Levels and then get to PCC (Professional) and then MCC (Master) Levels of skill and knowledge. Many talented, highly skilled coaches fail simply because they let their resistance and ignorance of how to market and sell block their progress. They wrongly believe that having a business card and a basic website is enough, and that clients will find them.
For those of us who have succeeded, it has been worth the time and money, because now we get to do what we love, make our own rules, be independent and free. BUT, it's also true that many people have no idea what a life coach does and therefore they are not seeking them out, ready and happy to pay. Learn how to overcome any obstacle you face and grow stronger, calmer and more resilient – even through challenging times. Yet sometimes we can feel so overwhelmed with stress that a genuine sense of contentment and wellbeing feels way beyond our reach.
Georgie will get back to you to answer any questions you have and help you take the next steps. Taking time to settle deeper into postures helps develop a solid foundation regardless of how long you’ve been practicing. I would love to see her on the yoga mat, outside of her "beast mode"What is the best piece of advice that you could share with new moms who are struggling to find time to workout or do yoga?
The app is easy to use and the workouts are a perfect blend of yoga and calistenics that focus on rebuilding core strength, burning fat and toning up after baby.

Name a pose that was really difficult for you that you were finally able to master after time and dedication. On the flip side, all of my flexibility is primarily from practicing Tae Kwon Do when I was a kid.
When we choose the quick-fix, we are digging ourselves into a hole and investing in faulty patchwork that will inevitably unravel and leave us feeling worse than we felt before.
After about six months of a consistent meditation practice, people report experiencing spontaneous happiness unassociated to any other person, place or thing. Start arching back more and more by lifting your chest forward and sinking into your hips (bellow, right).
Construction is now complete and we got to have our first big class in the new space this week.
Regardless of whether you choose a plant-based diet or not, there are several yoga philosophies that can guide you to healthier food choices. Slowing down will also help to avoid over-eating and to identify any possible food sensitivities.
One of the most amazing things about yoga is that if you are dedicated enough you will be able to do things you never thought you could do and that starts to translate to other areas of our lives. But life coaching is a profession, with benchmarked measured competencies and international standards.
What we mean by inner obstacles includes fear, procrastination, not knowing what to do, lack of confidence, etc.
Whatever you do, make sure that your path to becoming a coach includes knowing how to coach people to overcome their inner obstacles - to transform fear, lack of confidence, self doubt, procrastination, anger and their "I don't know what to do!" mind. Our ON-RAMP free email course will help you to start putting coaching processes in your coaching toolbox immediately.. 1) Offer group coaching (this is an instant hour income multiplier) 2) Coach for more than 1 market and make sure that at least 1 market can afford to pay a higher hourly rate 3) Plan to grow passive income streams linked to your coaching business e.g. It's also true that there are fake and poor life coaches out there ruining the name of coaching, so that by the time you announce "I'm a Life Coach", they think "I'm not interested in that".
I have to say, it was one of the best training courses I've taken and that was in no small part down to your coaching. They named the company after the Basil leaf; one of the most powerful and globally recognized plants for its medicinal properties and natural healing benefits. I was fortunate to have been taking private lessons with Carolina through my recovery, and she really helped me to improve my strength a great deal.How does yoga compliment your martial arts and vice versa? Tae Kwon Do makes use of lots of kicks, so flexibility training was a big part of the practice. Krystle has a very interesting life story and is now making some really cool art work as well. It has been so wonderful to be a part of the amazing community of people that we have all built.
With over thirty students present we still had plenty of room to stretch out and practice all of our favorite poses. You can stir this paste into almost anything - greek yogurt or hummus - to add tons of flavor. It's not a regulated industry, and coaching makes lots of room for your creativity and uniqueness, but there is a structure to rest on. Because coaching is a skill, and so the best way to study coaching is to be given enough theory to "understand" what you are doing, but the emphasis must be on DOING. A traditional coach only knows how to ask the coachee to solve their own inner obstacles, and often they fail to create the space and help the client to do this. Make sure that you break the idea that it only takes a business card and site, learn what it really takes. So I know this sounds crazy, but give serious thought to NOT calling yourself a Life Coach. Here are 2 out of many examples: Phil Keye who created a brand called "Keye Coaching" specialising in coaching children and teens, and Khanya Matlala who built her "Coach K" brand for 2 markets, young adults preparing for employment and corporate talent development teams in internship programs.
As a trainer, I get to set goals for my clients and assess them on regular basis, and that’s what makes it so exciting - seeing people improve, feel better physically and mentally and being there with them every step of the way. On top of that there's Bird of Paradise, Svarga Dvijasana, also strengthening your quads and hips. Pause for a few moments, resting on your belly with your head to one side before moving on to the next pose. You can also straighten your arms back alongside the torso with your palms down as in the bottom left pic. See how close your can get your head towards your toes but don't worry about whether it actually happens. When you're ready, fold forward as is show in the second picture and take at least eight breaths there.
Once your palms are firmly rooted, stack your knee just above one elbow and wrap the foot around the oppositve tricep.
Squat down again and try to plant your palms down on the side that you're twisting towards (you can use blocks here again). If you are not 100% clear on the differences between coaching, mentoring, training, counselling, and just "helping" then this can be a real trap.
Also it severely limits your income earning potential, because you can only coach 1 way and likely a limited amount of topics, for example only being able to coach action plans.
They created a brand using our 7 Step Dream Builder methods (included in the ILS Master Coach course) and they didn't call themselves life coaches.
If I only could do one, I would probably pick teaching prenatal yoga - I love seeing the bellies grow over 9 months, witnessing new friendships being made in class, getting to know my students and their pregnancy joys, aches and pains. And that’s why I created Mommy Workouts, a collection of five minute workout videos that mom can do when baby naps. It's really important to lock the foot in place by flexing the foot especially at the pinky toe side.
If your foot can stay on the tricep without slipping off, begin lifting the bottom foot off the floor as you lean into your hands and bend your elbows like a Chaturanga. So put on some music, get really zen, and hyper-focus on separating tiny leaves from their stems. Check out the STEP to avoid this TRAP.STEP #1: "Understand what life coaching really is" ~ Knowledge is power!
Saying that we have also had some success stories of "Life Coaches." Melanie Raizon is one, she reached out to her community, to her hair stylist and the people she knew, and communicated her passion for helping people to overcome their inner obstacles so clearly, that in her case, calling herself a Life Coach worked.
I have used other workout apps, but they mostly required an hour and were too complicated to use. Bend your elbows like you're doing a Chaturanga (low pushup), send your chest foward as far as you can, engage your core by drawing your belly in towards the spine and shift the weight into your fingertips. Shoot your chest foward and extend the bottom leg to the side by engaging the quadricep and either flexing the foot or pointing the foot and spreading the toes open.
If you find stability, very slowly begin to straighten the back leg by engaging the quadricep and flexing the foot strongly.
We have successful graduates who establish 2 - 3 different markets and so they have different titles for each e.g. Having grown up in Prague in the Czech Republic, what do you think is the strangest thing about American culture. This is a tough pose and you have to keep praciting over and over until one day it just happens!

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