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His name meant "the Lord is salvation"--and this was Isaiah's message for more than 40 years. Starting off with an overview chapter and then going into each specific chapter of Isaiah, this Lifechange Series study is worth your time. I have found the LifeChange study guides, in general, and Isaiah, in particular, are faithful helps in exploring the text of Scripture. After searching for a companion book for the Book of Isaiah I found there are not very many to choose from.
You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. Jeremiah and Lamentations tell the story of God’s judgment during a bleak period in Judah’s history. The final chapter examines Lamentations, its lyrical style, and the deep sorrow its life-changing lessons convey. We want our lives to have meaning, so we try to find significance through worldly pursuits. The book of Ecclesiastes will teach you how to live in an unjust world dedicated to the pursuit of wealth, pleasure, and power. For believers feeling pressured to renounce or water down their faith, God gave the apostle John a series of visions as a call to stand firm.
It took us nearly 6 months to read this study book, but our group of 9 women was taking it slow, the questions were excellent, but required a lot of other reading and Bible verses.
Through the prophet Isaiah, the Lord pronounced judgment on the proud who sought to save themselves.
I'm using it in a small group Sunday School setting and it really works well in that environment where each individual can daily study on their own and then come in on Sunday for the group time and discussion. While painting a vivid picture of human loneliness and suffering, these Old Testament books also reveal the beautiful hope found only in God.

By studying the “weeping prophet” and his faithfulness to his calling, who or what you obey will become clearer. And with every purchase you make, you’re making an amazing difference in their lives. To a young church needing a fuller knowledge of Christ, the Apostle Paul sent a call to Christian maturity.
You'll see that trying to find satisfaction through pleasure, work, or intellect is fruitless but that life with God at the center is fulfilling. The book of Revelation unveils what will happen in the end and tells of the glory that awaits those who remain faithful.
There are some thought provoking questions offered in each section and it does a good job of showing the relevance of Isaiah's message and times to today's world.
On one hand, this book avoids the pitfall of an individualistic, moralistic approach to studying the Bible. I was looking for more of a history of the time period from Isaiah than this but this book isn't bad.
His letter carries priceless truths about your own new identity in Christ, and your special calling in His body. That’s why it’s easy to relate to the author of Ecclesiastes when he declares everything to be meaningless. By examining the text’s meanings and interpretations, you will discover that Ecclesiastes points us toward Jesus, the ultimate answer to the emptiness we all experience. This Bible study gives us a glimpse of God's majesty in the end times and the defeat of evil. I can recommend this study for an even handed approach causing you to think things through yourself rather than buy some one theory.. It's meant to be a group based textbook but I'm learning a lot from it going through it myself.

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Learn more about heaven, hell, angels, spiritual warfare, and everything that is included in Revelation.
After exploring the structure of the book as a whole, it approaches large sections of the book of Isaiah in bite-sized pieces (approximately two chapters of Isaiah for each chapter of the study). A major feature that I found to quite successful was how well the editor tied Isaiah to Deuteronomy as well as the New Testament. Along with seeing Isaiah in the context of the whole Bible, the study also examines Israel and Judah's relationships to the surrounding kingdoms and cultures. The best way it could be improved is to set much more of an historical background of what was going on politically in Isaiah's time. But the more you know of God's purposes for you, the more you can experience His joy and participate in His plan.
On the other hand, this book avoids the source-critical school's approach to the Old Testament. Instead of compartmentalizing and dissecting who wrote what when and their motivations for doing so, the authors emphasize the unity of the book and its prophetic nature. A sad commentary on many so-called evangelical scholars is that they, too, have bought into a naturalistic and evolutionary approach to the development of Israel's religion. If you desire to know your Bible well, from Genesis through Revelation, this book would be quite helpful in filling out the reasons why Israel and Judah went into Exile.

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