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After going two weeks without a new Lifetime movie, I had almost forgotten what it was like to watch one.
The movie wastes no time revealing the trauma that causes our villain to become a non-blinking psycho.
Cut to three years later, as we’re introduced to our requisite happy family, whose lives will soon be made a living hell. After a string of interviews with people whom Anne describes as “crazy” (oh, the irony), she finally meets with Amber, who’s very good at turning on the charm for a woman who’s just murdered someone and stolen their identity. Ben must conveniently work overnight on the same day Anne has to go on a business trip, so they leave Jenny alone with JulieAmber so she can take her on a creepy carousel ride and watch her while she sleeps. When the sister-in-law does go over to the house, she finds AmberJulie wearing Anne’s negligee accessorized with Anne’s very sentimental locket.
We soon learn that Jake the scruffy baby daddy was the mugger, and he arrives at the park just in time to abduct Jenny. After researching Amber’s history on Google Lookitup, Anne takes it upon herself to go to Amber’s old residence, even though the cops are like, hey, don’t do that.
A working mother obsesses via nanny cam as her new teenaged babysitter seduces her family and destroys her life.
Yes, "Based on a True Story" TV movies are the ideal vehicle for delivering into my brain the almost-true details of our nation's most heinous crimes, and since I wasn't paying attention when it actually happened, the twists and turns of these movies are as real to me as Lifetime's depiction of William and Kate's courtship.
So I was mesmerized when "Perfect Husband: The Laci Peterson Story" came on Pick-a-Flick last Friday. Believe or not, the best thing about this masterpiece of TV-movie cinema isn't that Dean Cain plays Scott Peterson, it's that Pam-from-The-Office's ex-fiance who used to work in the warehouse until he got fired when he punched Jim in the face plays Dean Cain's best friend Tommy. Clearly, a USA-funded team of the highest caliber had been assembled to make this "ripped from the headlines" small-screen tour de force.
The sad thing about this movie being from 2004, though, is that it ends with Dean Cain, goatee grown and hair recently dyed, soullessly staring out of some prison bars. Of course, I'll refrain from posting my Lifetime "True Movie" fantasy, where Hayden Panettiere Amanda Knox and Scott Peterson somehow end up on the same death row, and fall in love. Jennifer Boudinot is a freelance writer, editor, and social media marketer who lives in Brooklyn, NY.
It was a dark and stormy night in Washington, and Stephanie (Emmanuelle Vaugier) and her daughter Sage were wearing adorable raincoats and fleeing their home in a canoe.
Ten years later, Stephanie (who is now named Alexandra) is taking kick-boxing classes in Palm Springs and working as a realtor alongside Lynn, who is played by none other than Elisabeth Rohm, aka blind lady Alijandra in Lifetime movie In the Dark! Andrew meets with a private detective in a diner (how original), and soon he knows all about Stephanie’s new identity and also the fact that she stole his identity to cash in that life insurance policy.
Meanwhile, Alexandra (as she will be known from here on out to make things less confusing) is busy getting proposed to by her boyfriend Brett (Sean Patrick Flanery).
Andrew proceeds to break into Alexandra’s house in order to plant very obvious cameras and also to smell her bed pillow.
Andrew invites the girl from the front desk of his motel over for sexytimes, and the movie does this tricksy thing where you see the window of his room and hear sex moans, and you assume it’s Andrew and front desk girl having sex. Alexandra gets Brett to help her out with the money, and Andrew decides this is the perfect time to smack Brett in the face with his gun.
Six months later, Alexandra, Brett and Rachel are happy at the pool, and nobody mentions Lynn, who is still dead. One of Eman’s high profile rivals, Donna Simpson, of Akron, Ohio, holds the Guinness record for heaviest woman ever to bear children. Simpson said she suspects that Eman is in cahoots with her ex-manager and is trying to get publicity in order to compete for her fan base.
Eman is under an exclusive contract to Barcroft Media, a British-based news agency, and was unavailable to be interviewed.
The source added that while there is a push among the media to get the two into a cat fight, Eman prefers to stay focused on her own career, including a potential appearance on “Dr.
Simpson doesn’t deny having dreams of being on TV, but said she has other priorities first.
At her peak, she reportedly tipped the scales at 730 pounds (although she said that was exaggerated by 100 pounds), and had set a goal of reaching 1,000 pounds. The surveillance photos were taken from a motion-triggered security camera positioned at the front gate of the county-owned La Bajada Ranch south of Santa Fe.
Two photos showing a uniformed officer having sex on the hood were forwarded to Santa Fe Sheriff Robert Garcia, who identified the officer as being with New Mexico State Police. An internal investigation was immediately launched, and Officer Bert Lopez, an eight-year veteran, was put on paid administrative leave for about three weeks.
Police officials would not comment on whether the dismissal was an indication whether the officer was on duty at the time of the incident. The department refused to release the identity of the woman or details about her relationship with the officer.
If Lopez contests his firing, the appeal goes to a special commission within the New Mexico state police department and then state District Court, according to the New Mexican. It has also proved a literary phenomenon, selling five million copies worldwide, 500,000 of them in Britain. Intriguingly, these include the household of Kathryn Stockett’s brother and sister-in-law, where she has been a maid and nanny for 12 years. In the book, Aibileen is a deeply religious woman who sports a gold tooth and a gold cross, as does the real-life Abilene. Both women cope with the stifling heat of the Mississippi summer by wearing wigs when their own hair goes limp in the humid air. The novel is set in the early Sixties and Aibileen hears that black civil rights leader Medgar Evers has been assassinated by the Ku Klux Klan in her home town, Jackson. The killing was one of the most significant moments in the long, hard battle for civil rights in the Deep South. The deputy eventually confronted 18-year-old Daniel Moore and informed him that he had been on the phone with 911 operators for several minutes and that officials had recorded his conversation about a drug deal involving prescription medication.
Witnesses said the shark - believed to be a feared great white - came up beneath him, grabbed the man, aged in his early 20s, and pulled him below the surface. The victim, who has yet to be named, was riding on a bodyboard - a cut-down version of a surfboard - when the attack occurred near Cape Naturaliste in the south west of Western Australia.
The man was frolicking with a group of five friends off popular Bunkers Beach when the shark struck.
Mr Kurt Morris, who was having lunch at the Bunker Bay Cafe with his family when chaos erupted on the beach, said he had been told by the man’s friends that he had been torn apart.
Mr Hamish McLeay, who manages the Bunkers Beach Cafe, said the water was full of people when the attack happened.
Police spokesman Graham Clifford said officers believed they knew who the dead man was, but it has not been revealed whether his body has been found. The Great White shark, also known as the white pointer, great pointer or white shark is commonly found near colonies of seal, some of its favourite prey, although it also takes dolphins and large fish. Because of its size and large jaws, attacks on humans are often fatal, some victims being completely eaten. The shark attacks without warning, has been known to ram boats and will even leap from the water in pursuit of seal.

Friends have told police that the man had been staying in the popular wine-growing area of Margaret River. Police said the victim had been positively identified but his name would not be released until his family had been informed. He agreed with local people that the shark had probably been attracted to the area by seals that were known to inhabit the area. He believed it was strange that the shark had attacked in the middle of the day, pointing out that they usually occurred early in the morning or at dusk. Local people said it was the first major shark attack they could recall in the area, which is a popular surfing and fishing spot.
But locals said it was known that sharks prowled the waters and there was also the added danger of powerful undersea currents.
According to the Australian Shark Attack File, there have been 13 other fatal shark attacks around the continent since 2002.
Today’s tragedy was the second this year - in February an abalone diver was killed when he was attacked by two sharks, believed to be great whites, in Coffin Bay, South Australia. In July 2004 a bronze whaler is believed to have been involved in an attack that killed 29-year-old Brad Smith in the south west of Western Australia. If by this point you’ve really had enough of Thanksgiving and want to cozy up with a wonderfully cheesy movie,  sneak away to another room and watch Lifetime all day.
By this point let’s hope your crazy family left and you’re well into your tryptophan induced coma.
Last night I was reminded what a joyous experience it is when the network aired The Nightmare Nanny, not to be confused with A Nanny’s Revenge or A Mother’s Nightmare.
That’s right, Amber kills poor innocent nanny candidate Julie and uses her resume to get the job. And like any good Lifetime nanny or step-mom or surrogate, she makes Anne paranoid that her daughter doesn’t like her anymore. But the most important moment of this whole scenario is when Anne calls her sister-in-law to say that she can’t get through to Amber and would she please go over and check things out? After she forces her way into the house and stares at Jenny while she sleeps, I started to suspect the big twist would be that Auntie Elyse is the crazy one, but alas that’s not the case. For the second time in the movie, Anne answers a phone call and chooses to turn completely around for the duration of the conversation. The house belongs to Amber’s parents, who just last night welcomed Amber and Jake and Jenny into their home, believing Jenny to be Amber’s real daughter, named Gabby, the same name as her dead baby. One of the scenes is a woman taking a shower and is then strangled to death in the shower, then her body is wrapped up in the shower curtain and placed in some type of refridgerator, while, the other peole in the home don’t realize that there is a body in there, until later. I had to rewind to make sure that no one else name was Amber because she wasn’t supposed to know her real name yet.
Of course, it should have been called "Perfect Husband: The Scott Peterson Story," because Laci is not the husband (perfect or otherwise), nor was she in the movie.
Executive producer Diane Sokolow is the woman behind such greats as "Long-Island Lolita: The Amy Fisher Story" and "Mother, May I Sleep with Danger?", and the screenwriter is respected enough that she (or he) took herself off the movie's imdb page. The least you'd suspect is a black screen stating that Scott got convicted of the murders, but I really wish that LMN would spend the money to update this classic (just make one less rip-off of a popular chiller movie next year!).
Because I can already tell you're judging me for the fact that when the movie started, I couldn't remember the difference between Scott Peterson and Drew Peterson (ooh, can't wait for that movie!). From a woman and her daughter taking on new identities to escape an abusive husband to that same abusive husband using a fake name to get revenge on that woman and her daughter, everyone’s pretending to be someone they’re not. I know their names are Stephanie and Sage because Stephanie’s husband – and Sage’s stepdad – Andrew (Ivan Sergei) is currently screaming that over and over again from the dock as he looks for them. But it turns out they already had sex, and he’s busy sitting in the corner watching Alexandra have sex with Brett on the hidden camera. They bond, and he tells her his name is Jake Dawson, probably because teenage girls love Titanic and it’s close enough to Jack Dawson that she’ll trust him. Even though Alexandra says Andrew beat her and would probably beat Rachel too, Rachel is all huffy and goes to stay with her friend. She won the title by weighing a whopping 532 pounds when she gave birth to her daughter, Jacqueline, in February 2007 – an event that required 30 doctors.
Patrick Flyte, has repeatedly told her she is playing Russian roulette with her life, and doesn’t recommend anyone follow in her footsteps.
Flyte also admitted that her medical checks show no current problems and that she’s of sound mind. However, she is now trying to get down to 370 pounds – a weight she said will allow her to remain as fat as she wants to be, but will still allow her to do things herself.
Officials were assured the sexual encounter was not in exchange for anything related to his position as a law enforcement officer. It was unclear when the photos were taken, but Garcia said he believed it was either late July or early August. Based on the lives of black servants in America’s Southern states of the Sixties, it is a sharply observed portrait of a racially charged, segregationist world that some might say has barely passed. The city, Jackson, Mississippi, is correct, and like the characters in The Help, she has spent much of her life working in white households. In the book, Aibileen has taken her job five months after her son is killed in an accident. In January 2006 21-year-old Sarah Whiley was mauled by three bull sharks while swimming in waist-deep water at Amity Point off Queensland’s North Stradbroke Island. Even if you don’t necessarily want to watch there’s a decent chance you’ll be forced into it.
My house was filled with relatives, friends and DISH coworkers this weekend for our Thanksgiving feast, so it was nice to get a break and just watch some TV afterwards.
We’re introduced to pregnant Amber (Mekenna Melvin) and her baby daddy Jake (Bunheads hottie Nathan Parsons!).
Anne (Ashley Scott) and Ben (Kip Purdue) have matching pixie cuts and an adorable daughter named Jenny. Anne tries to fix this by taking Jenny to the park, where we discover that AmberJulie is stalking them to make sure Jenny is safe.
Suspicious Elyse does, however, warn JulieAmber that she’ll be back in the morning to check in.
I’m not saying Anne deserved to have her daughter kidnapped, but is it really that hard to look at her while you talk on the phone?
It turns out that they were only in the movie to represent America's everyman and everypregnantwoman who might discover that their best bud is a two-faced scumbag of the highest order. My heartstrings were pulled as Laci's friends hope for her survival and her brother Dennis angrily confronts Dean Cain about his affair. But I'll still make the case that TV movies are a great news source when dealing with controversial murders. Sage (Allie Gonino) is now named Rachel and is working at the Palm Springs Aerial Tramway and flirting with the guy who works at the snack bar.
The detective plans to take this information to the police, but that plan kind of goes out the window when Andrew poisons him and takes the case file to conduct his own creepy investigation. She somehow refrains from stuffing her face with the cupcake long enough to read the words.

I was half expecting some sort of subplot where she can’t get the ring off and her quirky best friend puts butter on it. It makes him so angry he throws his glass across the room, because I guess there’s no paper around to crumple. Before scrounging up the money, Alexandra gives BFF Lynn an envelope containing proof of Andrew’s abuse. I think there should be a special In Memoriam segment at the Emmys for all the Lifetime characters whose deaths go unmourned because their friends would rather go on vacation.
My son, Willie, had leukaemia and died when he was 18, in July 1998, three months before I went to work for the Stocketts.
I wouldn’t have known that a ton of these shows were on this weekend if it wasn’t for this list! They’re madly in love and on their way to Los Angeles, where Amber declares everything will be okay, just so we’re clear that it so obviously won’t be. Things aren’t going well for Ben at work, and the family’s going to have to start cutting back on more than just the hair on the sides of their heads.
I automatically assumed this would lead her to return the next morning to an empty house, because all signs pointed to it, but that doesn’t happen either. When Anne arrives, the faux-family isn’t there, but Jenny’s bear is, and Anne naturally assumes they have Jenny.
It also turns out that this movie was made in 2004, back when the USA network funded "Movies of the Week" rather than just playing SVU marathons until I start thinking every adorable blonde lady on TV is Casy Novak. OK, so in real life the guy's name isn't Dennis, it's Brent, but these are all just details, right? Why not end the movie with him telling one of his fanciful stories about the time he took in some fireworks at the Eiffel Tower with his friend Francois? Because I don't trust a word of them, I'm immediately compelled to go read a million different articles about what really happened. Unfortunately, unlike in The Nightmare Nanny, none of the characters slipped up and called each other by names they shouldn’t know. I know his name is Carl because Andrew is currently saying it creepily every other sentence. That would be fun, but unfortunately Lifetime movies generally don’t turn into ‘90s sitcoms at the drop of a hat. So of course Andrew attacks Lynn and takes the envelope, which Lynn irresponsibly left out in the open on her dashboard. In one of the most poetic moments in Lifetime history, Jake is so distracted with staring at his sleeping girlfriend and lovingly touching her pregnant belly that he drives straight into an oncoming car.
Anne decides she should go to work for Ben’s sister Elyse (Stacy Haiduk) and hire a nanny to look after Jenny. No one, from the screenwriter to the actress to the editor, noticed this mistake, but it’s a moment I will treasure for the rest of my life.
What does happen is that Elyse ends up in the hospital after getting beaten up by a mugger who didn’t steal anything.
This is better fact-checking than Ernie Anastos would ever do, so I hope no one minds that Scott Peterson will always look like Dean Cain in my mind.
This is good news for the filmmakers, since they managed to maintain continuity, but it’s bad news for me because I didn’t get to laugh at it.
Andrew says he and Stephanie weren’t having any problems, but based on the vivid flashbacks to him beating her, I’d say that’s not the case. Andrew’s back in Washington working as a firefighter… Oh, wait, never mind, he’s been fired. Rachel gives her blessing, and everything’s great, until we see Andrew staring at them from across the street and realize it’s not great at all.
It might be a little early to request this, but please do another list like this for Christmas!
Needless to say, they lose the baby, and after a lot of screaming, they toss her ashes over the side of a bridge.
Needless to say, Jake carries Jenny away with him and Anne begins the search for her missing child. After Jake expresses regret over the fact that they, you know, stole somebody’s kid, Amber kicks him out at knifepoint, just in time for him to run into Anne and Ben and lead them to the house.
Stephanie and Sage are considered dead, and after wallowing with alcohol and home videos, Andrew crumples up the life insurance policy. Instead of warning Anne that her nanny was wearing her jewelry, Elyse is just like, “You should see the other guy. After discovering that neither Jenny’s meds nor her favorite teddy bear are in the house, Anne becomes suspicious and goes to the address on AmberJulie’s resume. But oops, Amber’s left with Jenny and is currently preparing to jump off the bridge where her dead baby’s ashes were strewn. Andrew is lounging on his motel bed looking at Rachel’s printed-out selfies, complete with duck face and peace sign.
He also follows Brett and Alexandra to dinner, and when Brett takes a phone call he sits with Alexandra and eats Brett’s lettuce. Of course that’s dead Julie’s address, and we learn that her landlady hasn’t seen her in two weeks.
Anne tries to talk her down with meaningful comments about being a mom and how they understand each other and … what’s that? While dealing with a possum problem in the attic, Andrew comes across a box filled with family photos and a book titled Creating a New Identity, along with a list of names and social security numbers, which Stephanie-Alexandra just happened to leave behind. Gee, I wonder if she’ll end up hiring Amber, who’s currently staring at them from across the park? This timeframe is then reiterated by the cops, who say they’ve found Julie’s two-week-old corpse. I swear, Lifetime movies would be five minutes long if the people in them possessed even an iota of common sense.
Mom and daughter make it onto the tram, but Andrew squeezes through the door just as it closes. I should also mention that little Jenny has a heart arrhythmia and must take medicine every day. Cue climactic tram struggle involving lots of kicks, some fire hydrant action, and Alexandra hanging out of the open tram before pulling herself back up.
Anne and Ben return to their huge house and become a happy family again, and scruffy Jake weeps.
Alexandra offers her hand to help him up, but he suddenly has a change of heart and says, I kid you not, “I don’t deserve you.

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