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ZAMBOANGA CITY – Davao City Mayor and presidential aspirant Rodrigo Duterte said the Joseph de Mesa, whom Senator Antonio Trillanes identified as the source of the “documents” on his bank account at the Julia Vargas branch of the Bank of the Philippine Islands (BPI), was a product of the fiction in the senator’s mind. He said he did not know anybody by the name of Joseph de Mesa, whom Trillanes had described to be a disgruntled Duterte supporter. Trillanes said De Mesa gave him the documents containing information that the BPI Julia Vargas account contained P211 million. Duterte denied the allegations and said his account only contained about P17,000 before April 28. He said he would no longer reply to any media questions relating to the accusations hurled by Trillanes, whom he labeled as a “paid askal” (street dog). Duterte called Trillanes a liar, and added that his claims should not be taken by the people and the media seriously.
During his invectives-riddled speech at his grand rally here on Monday evening, Duterte also described Trillanes as an ingrate for doing the Filipino people, who paid for his education at the Philippine Military Academy, a great disservice. Elmer Apolinario, the assistant city administrator, said the Zamboanga City coliseum could pack about 12,000 people but local concert organizer Cookie Catis said it would be more than that. Among those who attended Duterte’s rally was Abdurauf Pajiji, a working student from Bongao in Tawi-Tawi. Cayetano, running mate of the controversial Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte, generated a lot of interest during the debate when he hit fellow candidate Senator Bongbong Marcos for his family’s alleged ill-gotten wealth. The former congressman of Taguig has been trading barbs with the late dictator’s son, who is the current frontrunner in the vice presidential race.
Alan Cayetano: Good afternoon, Tine and John, sa lahat ng mga nandito and all over the world at a maayong udtu sa kanilang mga tanan sa mga taga Visayas at Mindanao. JN: And then at the end of that sir, we’d like to ask you to leave us with a closing statement and word to our audience. Mindanao is an example, Mindanao railways system 2010, 200 kilometers, P76 billion, was already on NEDA’s table.
In the country, that is why can we focus on say, political will because in the end I could have given the best performance of my life last night in terms of platforms because I, among the people on the stage ako ang pinakamatagal sa gobyerno from councilor to senator and have gone through those facts and figures. What I’ve realized in my 20 years in politics is that kung gusto mong gawin, at walang haharang sa’yo, magagawa mo.
JN: Senator, we will have time later to ask follow up questions about regulatory political will and the directions to Elements Mall. AC: First of all I am really happy that we people are asking how I’m excited, I mean the voters and I’m  really shocked why opponents are just saying it can’t be done and why our opponents not giving their own plan. To many Filipino families especially mga pamilya ng mga OFW, urgent concern ang peace and order. But of all the candidates — Poe, Escudero, Leni and Mar, of course, Binay and Honasan — wala silang anti-crime plan. And by the way, I don’t know, if that was the rule 30 years ago, but in Europe and the US now that is the rule. Remember a lot of products that are either brought in, smuggled, sometimes buong laboratoryo ay smuggled in, so there is a plan and in fact we’re putting up a deal as much as possible, kasi part of the plan ayaw mo namang malaman ng criminal. AC: Yes, feel safe to suppress crime that you can walk on the streets, because nga ang kriminal, nakatingin lang yan e.
I’ve worked on crime labs for the last ten years, some of the crime labs around the country is my quiet way of helping the PNP, putting up the pay of the police is crucial because if the police is corrupt and they’re part of the crime, I don’t know if you heard this, there is a convention daw all over the world and nagyayabang mga Amerikano because in the US, we have 911, in 10 minutes of any crime, the police is there.
In reality, in syndicated crimes, sa sindikato may isa o dalawang pulis na kasama  and 90, 95, 98 percent of the police force hates this but wala silang magawa e. JN: Senator, we will get back to that, I wanted to ask you about the UN special repertoire that had findings on the Davao death squad. SINGAPORE – In a span of 20 minutes, a 26-year-old man allegedly raped a 24-year-old woman three times at three different spots along Martin Road leading up to River Valley Close in the wee hours of the eve of Chinese New Year in 2013. The woman’s torn panties were later found strewn among vegetation at the first spot, while the zipper of her blood-stained dress was dislodged.
Lim pleaded not guilty and is contesting all seven charges in a trial scheduled for eight days in the High Court.
The first witness to take the stand is the alleged victim, a performing artiste from China, who testified behind closed doors. Deputy Public Prosecutor Lin Yinbing said in her opening statement that the victim, now 27, will give an account of how she was waylaid and sexually assaulted on the public street. Witnesses lined up to testify for the prosecution include an independent eyewitness who called the police after seeing Lim on top of the crying woman, a motorist who picked up the distressed woman and drove her in search of a police station, as well as a friend of the alleged victim who received a call from her while she was in the stranger’s car, telling him that she had been raped.
Thousands of yellow-wearing supporters of the Liberal Party and its standard-bearer Mar Roxas filled the streets of Iloilo City during the LP grand rally in the province. ILOILO CITY – As his numbers continue to rise in the surveys, Liberal Party standard-bearer Mar Roxas said the momentum is with him and believes he would continue to have it until Election Day. In the latest Pulse Asia survey, Roxas overtook Vice President Jejomar Binay and virtually tied with Senator Grace Poe at second place with 20 percent and 22 percent, respectively. On Tuesday, the candidates of the ruling LP brought their campaign to Iloilo City, considered the bailiwick of the party and Roxas, a native of Capiz.
President Benigno Aquino III joined the administration tandem and coalition candidates in the Iloilo sortie.
Deguito is facing a case for money laundering which was filed by the Anti-Money Laundering Council (AMLC).
Purisima said they have yet to submit their counter-affidavit because they sought a reconsideration on the decision of the Department of Justice’s (DOJ) investigating Prosecutor Gilmarie Pacamara. Meanwhile, Topacio questioned why the AMLC has not yet filed a case against RCBC officials.
SAN LUIS, Agusan del Sur — Communist rebels on Tuesday afternoon took a surprise move to free three Army soldiers and a militiaman in what was supposed to be an event in a remote village of Balit here where they were set to free two “prisoners of war” held captive for a month. The New People’s Army had already issued the release order of Private First Class Diven Tawide and Private First Class Glenn Austria of the 23rd Infantry Battalion when Ka Omar Ibarra, custodial officer of the captives, surprised the crowd to announce that another soldier and a paramilitary cadre were to be released at the same time. Corporal Jawad Awadi and militiaman Roy Perez, who were clad in civilian clothes, were roaming around the village when they were caught by the NPA rebels securing the vicinity of the venue. The release of the captives was worked out by third party facilitators led by church leaders from Philippine Ecumenical Peace Platform (PEPP) and local government officials, coordinated with the Philippine National Police, Armed Forces of the Philippines and the NPA. But Ibarra lambasted the Philippine Army for not presenting to the public NPA commander Ka Joker and seven other civilians who were seized at a military checkpoint in neighboring Esperanza town.
Ibarra said Ka Joker was supposed to lead the POW turnover rites when he was arrested in the area still covered by the agreement on Suspension of Military Operation to pave the way for the smooth release of the rebels captives.
Also present in the event were San Luis Mayor Ronaldo Corvera and Mayor Norberto Pagaspas of Buenavista, Agusan del Norte where the two Army POWs were captured in a surprise NPA checkpoint. Members of the Thai journalists Association visited Thailand Prime Minister Prayuth Chan-o-cha in Bangkok on Tuesday, wearing black shirts as an act of defiance against the military junta’s policies in hampering press freedom in the country. When the junta leader pivoted to walk away from the journalists,Yuwadee Thanyasiri, a senior reporter for more than 30 years, uttered a quote in Thai, “Freedom of the press is freedom of the people.” It struck Prayuth’s ears and he immediately asked who yelled the powerful sentence in a broadcast by local channel Matichon TV. The association attempted to submit a press statement to the Prime Minister regarding World Press Freedom Day but was blocked by his officials. Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte on Monday admitted his friend Pastor Apollo Quiboloy had given him gifts, including properties and cars. During Quiboloy’s late-night show, Duterte said he had three properties at Woodridge Park, Ma-a, in Davao City given to him by Quiboloy.
The tough-talking local executive said Quiboloy had also given him a Nissan Safari and Ford Expedition. With his 30 years of friendship with Quiboloy, Duterte said the pastor would always buy two so he could give one to him. The mayor also narrated an incident when he went to the United States to treat his “sweaty hands” and Quiboloy offered to pay for the mayor’s expenses for a neurosurgeon, whom he identified as Dr. Trillanes said Duterte did not declare this amount in his statement of assets, liabilities and net worth.
The senator also released a list of Duterte’s properties to belie the latter’s claim that he was poor.
During his interview with Quiboloy, Duterte said the pastor had been generous with him because of their friendship.
A CRIMINAL complaint has been filed before the Pasay Prosecutors Office against a wheelchair attendant and two members of the Office of the Transportation Security (OTS) at the Ninoy Aquino International Airport 1 for allegedly planting a bullet in the bag of 75-year-old Salvacion Cortabista, who was supposed to be on her way to the United States on April 19 to seek medical treatment along with her 78-year-old husband.
Facing a complaint for robbery with intimidation, unjust vexation and violation of Republic Act 10591 or the Comprehensive Firearms and Ammunition Regulation Act are wheelchair attendant Nino Namba, OTS personnel Ferdinand B. Cortabista said in her affidavit that because of her and her husband’s age, they were given an attendant (Mamba) to help them. At the final x-ray, she said she heard the airport personnel tell them that they had detected a prohibited item inside her bag.
Acosta said they have informed the Department of Justice (DOJ) about the complaint they filed against the wheelchair attendant and the OTS personnel.
SOME BASIC facts are known and incontestable at this point: Rodrigo Duterte, the presidential candidate who has surged to frontrunner status on a platform of eradicating crime and corruption by any means necessary—“It will be bloody,” he has said more than once—has an account with the Bank of the Philippine Islands branch on Julia Vargas Avenue that was heretofore unknown, until Sen. Duterte initially denied the charge, then flip-flopped a day later and confirmed that the account was his. Duterte’s supporters were quick to label the revelations black propaganda, even if the confirmation of the allegations came from their candidate himself.
Certainly, the simplest way to have resolved the issue was to open the account posthaste and show its transaction history.
Now it appears Duterte’s camp prefers that people forget about that dare of a “waiver.” In the wake of Trillanes’ explosive revelations, it has curiously employed the same pattern of hedging and legalism it had once denounced in, say, Vice President Jejomar Binay’s own handling of the plunder charges against him. On Monday, at the BPI branch where Trillanes squared off with Duterte’s lawyer Salvador Panelo, Trillanes did just that: He presented an affidavit on the provenance of the records.
ALLOW ME, for the third time in nine years of column-writing, to list my choices for national positions at stake in the coming election—not as an endorsement but as an attempt at transparency.
And then there is the mob behavior he provokes; the latest controversy, about a Duterte supporter wishing for the rape of a celebrity’s baby daughter, simply because the celebrity is campaigning for another candidate, is all too familiar. To help create a firewall against Duterte’s coming war on women, I am voting for as many women candidates for senator as I can. I am also voting for Senators Serge Osmena and Ralph Recto, for former senators Dick Gordon and Kiko Pangilinan, and for Representatives Roman Romulo and Neri Colmenares. I have written about Roxas’ supercilious attitude before, when I witnessed it during a high-profile Senate hearing. He is a truly intelligent man, and of the many controversies he has found himself in, I can credit only the failure to make the Department of Transportation and Communications the engine of change it could have been.
He also has a reputation for taking a long time to decide—something he would need to overhaul if he wants to make a decisive impact as president.
I believe that of the five candidates he is best qualified to represent the country abroad, and to bring the country to the next level. Of all five candidates, I actually think that Grace is the most natural of leaders, for our time; she is very consultative but at the same time also decisive.
In 1992, I voted for Jovito Salonga but did not mind that it was Fidel Ramos, a genuine Edsa hero, who claimed victory.
LABOR DAY having been observed last weekend, I thought I’d examine how the situation of the Filipino worker has changed—or has not—over the past decades. 63 are earning wages and salaries, 26 are self-employed, 3 are operating a business that employs others, and 8 are unpaid family workers. The primary challenge that hasn’t changed much over the years remains how to employ millions of undereducated youth who make up the bulk of the 2.5 million jobless Filipinos, and most of whom are in the countryside. The movie was released some years back, but I am surprised that the term “endo” has come back in fashion. How long does it take before a practice and a policy becomes so firmly entrenched in society that a term for it is invented? Well, labor unions and even officials of the Department of Labor and Employment have not truly “accepted” the practice. The reality is that the DOLE just doesn’t have enough personnel to fully monitor employers, while workers would settle for finding a job—any job that pays a wage even if only for a few months at a time—rather than risk continued joblessness. AT the final presidential debate, almost all the candidates promised to bring an end to the days of “endo,” even if some of them are government officials who could certainly have done something about it in all their years in public service. As expected, during the May 1 Labor Day rallies, workers’ groups echoed the calls for an end to “endo.” But it seems security of tenure takes a back seat to security of living, when workers are willing to put everything aside, even their rights and entitlements, in exchange for a steady wage that would assure them of a steady income, even if this comes only in five-month spurts.
Business people argue that in uncertain times, one of the factors that they seek to control is their labor costs, keeping wages down by limiting workers’ salaries and privileges and ensuring that most remain at entry level.
Which is how businesses have come up with creative means to keep workers and employees on a short lease without committing to any long-term career planning or development. But there IS a law against labor-only contracting, and the first step that should be taken is to simply enforce the law, which means committing the budget to hire more inspectors and beef up the necessary legal machinery to pursue offenders and fix the system.
Plus, of course, finding the proverbial “political will” to go after erring employers, who sap the young members of the work force of any hope for a brighter future with the steady, soul-draining cycle of finding-then-losing-employment, with hardly any training or human resource development undertaken. In the real-life “endo,” the commitment-phobe is not the worker but the employer, and, in a way, also the government. For one thing, a secure employee is a loyal employee, who ties his or her welfare and future to the welfare and future of the company where he or she works. IN A country marked by a Panem-esque political arena, will the odds be ever in the favor of the people? Filipinos are again on the verge of choosing those who will govern the country and lead it toward the progress it deserves, progress that has been elusive for decades now. What makes the May 9 elections special to me is that it will be my first time to vote, like some of you.
When I was in high school, I personally witnessed a vote-buying scheme of a certain politician. Scrutinizing the scheme itself, one will ponder on the idea that the money given came from government funds, from taxpayer money! But with every election that looms comes an opportunity and great chance to plant the seed of positive change for a stronger country, a stable government, and a soaring economy, by electing the right candidate as the head of our nation. A common problem in the political system, most especially in voting, is the tendency of the electorate to hop onto the bandwagon, or to swim with the wave of popularity. Every voter is entitled to his or her own preferences on who to elect; practicing this right responsibly is primordial. Governance platform, track record in public service, personality, and even red flags, are among the most important factors to consider before choosing your candidates. Of course, for presidential candidates the biggest issues and controversies are often laid bare at the peak of the election campaign. There’s still a big chance for the Filipino electorate to prove its intelligence and maturity. WHILE IT may not be readily apparent, what is at stake in this presidential election is either the ascendancy of leadership that will move us toward stable and modern governance or the return of traditional leadership that will throw us back to atavistic ways of ruling this country. By “modern” we mean the ability to muster public consensus, master and navigate through the forces at work in contentious issues, and effectively put in motion the apparatus of governance toward declared goals. This distinction is of course not as neat as it sounds, especially in a context like that of the Philippines. It is important to understand that while the global media have massively diffused influences that anthropologists call “surface structures”—the way we dress, use artifacts like cell phones and computers, or the shift in our dietary patterns from kakanin to fast food—the “deep structures,” or matters of consciousness, world view or values, do not readily yield to change or outside influence.
As the United States is learning in its “nation-building” project in Iraq, pouring billions of dollars in it will not yield the kind of institutions that will stand up to the pressures of tribalism and warlord conflicts on the ground. Part of the dysfunctions of this country, once billed as “America’s showcase of democracy in Asia,” is the lack of congruence between the electoral system and our political culture, which is a pastiche of premodern, modern and postmodern elements all thrown together and coexisting in a single time and space. The candidacy of Ferdinand Marcos Jr., with its rhetoric of “moving on,” has for its capital the old ties of loyalty built by his father’s patronage among local politicians. Our electoral practice mirrors a society where traditional values hold sway even as modern structures designed to insulate it from informal pressures have been installed. This election has once again surfaced the so-called “cultural divide” that separates those who have been schooled in modern systems, and those who remain immersed in the traditional culture. Roxas and Poe, both educated in the United States, display the telltale marks of their exposure to modern rationalities of doing things. Unfortunately, it is politicians of the traditional mold, like Jejomar Binay and Duterte, who are able to play to crowd expectations while sidestepping the call to grapple with issues. Clearly, we are faced with a choice between candidates who are children of modernity, wired into the complexities of a globalized world, and those more rooted in traditional culture and speaking to the yawning gap in our governance between promise and performance.

The traditional side has its ear to the ground, feels the pulse of the people, and knows how to make indigenous values work for them. We need leaders who know how to make the culture of technique work for our people—seeing to it that competence is always servant to compassion, and the power of personality subject to accountability. MAYOR Rodrigo Duterte was our guest at a recent meeting of the Management Association of the Philippines and the Makati Business Club. As we consider our final choices, my appeal is that we pause to fully appreciate the implications of our vote. The mayor said months ago that there would be a lot of fat fish in our waterways because he will dump there 100,000 suspected criminals whom he will order to be killed.
The mayor has threatened on more than one occasion to abolish Congress if it does not cooperate with him, or threatens to impeach him. The mayor has also expressed strong admiration for Ferdinand Marcos, whom he believes to be the best president our country has had, a hero who deserves to be buried at the Libingan ng mga Bayani. Of course, there was his famous remark expressing disappointment that he did not have first crack at the rape of an Australian missionary. There are probably many more statements that would give us a clearer idea of what kind of person the mayor really is. But surely the mayor and his supporters cannot take offense if we take his statements seriously, for these are certainly no laughing matter. It is in this context that I fervently appeal that we all review our choices one last time before we vote.  Let us not vote out of despair or sheer disgust at an indecisive, slow-responding administration, or the infuriating traffic, or rampant crimes.
Focus finally on the leaders we need to build on our gains, and to address the indecisiveness and ineptitude that have deterred our progress. All media outfits involved in the three-segment 2016 PiliPinas debates prepared and followed different formats for the debates, thus raising progressively the “level of discourse.” We have come of age!
In the Dagupan City debate, three features were notable: the “Town Hall” and “Fast Talk” segments, and the roving TV cameras! ABS-CBN occasionally panned the cameras to give TV viewers a close-enough look at the crowd.
IN THE next five weeks, the United Nations’ arbitral tribunal will release its decision which is highly expected to favor the Philippines’ cause against China over the maritime dispute in the West Philippine Sea (WPS).
But what good would it serve us if not one body has the police power to enforce the ruling, not even a temporary restraining order to stop the massive reclamation work in its early stage, unlike what a conventional court of justice has?
My mother used to ask me: "What is the most important part of the body?"Through the years I would take a guess at what I thought was the correct answer.
Why would I ask ask for your help (in financing campaign)?” Duterte asked the crowd, whose number depended on who was giving the estimate. I can see now that so many people here in Zamboanga share the same desire, the desire for real change, genuine reform,” Amin, a Tausug physician whose family has been running a string of hotels here, said. No candidate has ever spoken to his supporters like an ordinary toughie neighbor,” he said. Duterte earlier said he would turn over the presidency to Marcos if he is not able to resolve rampant criminality in the country. I’ve talked to people abroad, I had the privilege to go to Israel a couple of years ago and they’re way up there. Nandito sa gitna yung terminal and yung may-ari ng Mall, yung MTR, ‘di ko binalikad a , MTR talaga sa HongKong, MRT dito. But even if you know everything in your head and when I’m about to do it…this is the infrastructure need for faster internet, then kelangan sa bandwidth, hanggang ganito lang karaming users, ‘di ‘yon pwedeng i-over…And then suddeny, may tatapik sa likod ko, “Op Alan, ako pumondo ng kampanya mo.” O tapos e tinigilan ko siya, “Op.
Actually, after a very exciting debate last night…so I have a question here from Roni Bongocan, from Facebook.
Got the policemen and…guys they won’t believe we’re serious unless you catch them and if they fight back and they get away they won’t believe we can do it. But if the NBI, the local terrorists group, tell a police, a suspected criminal because you don’t know di ba sa nangyari sa Abu Sayyaff, di mo alam kung MILF, MNLF group or is it a terrorist group or a kidnap or ransom group, and see one guy in the street you might even be an innocent guy, when you see the guy on the street you might say, “Put your hands up or fold to the ground.
But I’ll give you an example, the proper use of intelligence funds, there are billions of intelligence funds but everyone is quiet about it. And everyone understands whether it’s a criminal o hindi, that when Mayor Duterte says shoot to kill, mangyayri. John and ano, Tine, if we have all 12 children, it’s a full house, but let me take my family as an example.
You have to distinguish between rallies talking and saying patay yan, with the actual instructions and in the sober discussions, so Mayor Duterte has made very clear instructions, one, always in the bounds of the constitution, never extra judicial killing.
Why did you come up with posters and tarps weeks before Mayor Digong announced his presidential bid? You know, there were several groups asking me to be their vice president, then later on they shifted to asking me to be their senate president or be in the senate and then be their speaker kung anong offer, ‘no, cabinet. But he didn’t file and it was really a walk of fate, why did we put up the posters, why did the supporters? Tuesday to submit their counter-affidavits instead of the one-week extension that they are seeking.
Ibarra said they decided to free Awadi and Perez in the last minute just as the signing of document for the release of the two POWs. He said ‘I will buy properties for your children because if anything happens to you because of your work, if you die …’ because I really go after the criminals here.
Antonio Trillanes IV accused him of having at least P211 million at the Bank of the Philippine Islands (BPI) branch in Julia Vargas Avenue, Pasig City. Later he said, on record, that the amount at one time was “a little less” than P211 million, gifted to him by rich friends. In subsequent appearances, Duterte would try to fudge the issue by flashing before the throng a supposed statement from BPI certifying that the account’s current balance is only P17,000 or thereabouts. Duterte has characterized himself in the campaign as the simple, incorruptible mayor who brooks no niceties, or even the law when it poses obstacles to what he thinks is the larger good.
On top of his constantly changing statements on the issue, Duterte imposed the legal bottleneck that he would open the account only if Trillanes executed an affidavit stating how he got the bank records, which are protected by the bank secrecy law.
But his human rights record (the evidence for the Davao Death Squad is chilling), his personalistic approach to policy (that jet ski fantasy of his will put the commander in chief’s life at great risk without doing a thing to protect our rights to the West Philippine Sea), and his patronizing, utilitarian attitude toward women (symbolized by his crass comment about wanting to have sex with the dead victim of a truly brutal gang rape) do not recommend him for the role of head of state. That is our misfortune; the survey frontrunner has—against my own hopes—turned out to be Lincoln’s opposite, inspiring not the better angels of our much-harassed nature but instead calling forth from some of his supporters our baser, commonest instincts. About some of these candidates I have some residual doubts, and in another election cycle I would perhaps not vote for all of them. He risked his own life during “Yolanda”—a fact that I think is partially reflected in his continuing high ratings in the Visayas; he is seen not only as from there, but as truly one of the region’s own.
As I have written before, he should have run for the Senate again in 2013—to recreate the winner’s aura he wore when he topped the Senate race in 2004, and to create some distance between him and his good friend, President Aquino.
I was highly impressed with her Senate campaign in 2013, which was a model of courtesy and competence. Three decades ago, we could still be accurately described as an agricultural economy, with almost half our workers in the farming sector then. Two, much more workers are now in jobs requiring little education and skills, which may be a sad reflection of an overall decline in the state of education in the country.
It is also the title of an indie movie about the love affair of a saleslady and a temporary worker who, like his employment status, is unsure and uncommitted, unwilling to submit to a long-term relationship and breaking the heart of the woman he loves. That “endo” has emerged and become so popular that when presidential candidates mouthed the term at the last televised debate, almost all viewers knew what they were talking about, seems to me an indication of how common and, well, accepted the practice of contractualization has become. Complaints have been aired periodically, and the DOLE has not been remiss in reminding employers that the practice is illegal. Many resort to hiring on a “per project” basis, even if it’s pretty obvious that most of the projects come to an end in five months’ time. Whoever emerges the winner in the presidential race may have to take the issue seriously, even if putting an end to contractualization—or its worst manifestations—may tarnish rosy employment statistics or court the ire of big businesses and even lead to the closure of smaller enterprises. I have argued in this corner many times that the gains to be made from ensuring security of tenure for workers far outweigh any short-term advantages from the revolving-door employment policy. Of course, there will always be the few who take advantage and begin slacking off the minute they make “permanent” status. The voters’ choices will determine the interest and welfare of the Philippines for the next six years, as well as the years succeeding that period.
After patiently waiting for years, the time has come for me to exercise my power and right to choose the leaders I want. A month before the elections, amounts in the hundreds of pesos were given to each household in our barangay. With that said, evaluating and assessing the candidates (local and national) are highly significant steps. Filipino voters tend to choose candidates on the assumption and premise of “winnability,” or who they think has the best shot at winning. With your own research into the accomplishments and issues of each candidate, along with your own assessment and beliefs, the power to decide is yours to make. Thus, the conscientious voter has the responsibility of examining and assessing specific claims and allegations against these candidates before making the choice. Villanueva, 19, is a mass communication student at San Pablo Colleges, where he is chief editor of Pages.
By “traditional” we mean the appeal to mass emotion, the preference for personality rather than platform, and reliance on a strong leader who gets things done, mostly by overriding bureaucracy—parlaying his personal persuasiveness, alliances and networks, and command of state resources to whip everyone into line. Like many other decolonizing countries in the past half-century, we all have difficulty just dealing with the abstract and impersonal mechanisms of a modern democracy, for the simple reason that these were transplants inherited from colonizing powers.
Rodrigo Duterte, an unorthodox politician of rock-star popularity, has at the base of his appeal the culture’s personalism and its preference for an icon that stands for strong-fisted governance.
This explains why Mar Roxas, perhaps the most equipped in the use of modern tools for governance, has little traction on the ground. The last presidential debate showed the depth of their preparation as would-be executives of the country, marshalling data and framing their answers to questions posed to them within the larger social context, giving us a glimpse of their grasp of its breadth and complexities. Binay played his empathetic self to the hilt, but as usual obfuscated when confronted with having to explain his overpriced building projects. The modern side assures us of technical expertise and the stability of an institutionalized and systemic approach to social problems.
But culture can be put to bad uses: Pakikisama soon degenerates into complicity with thievery, and barkadahan into cronyism. Melba Padilla Maggay is a social anthropologist and president of the Institute for Studies in Asian Church and Culture. He is now the frontrunner in the presidential race, and Election Day is only a few days away.
He repeated before the business groups that his standing order to his law enforcers when suspected criminals resist arrest is to kill them—and he will arm the enforcers with presigned pardons so that human rights do-gooders cannot get in their way.
To my knowledge, he has made no statements about the world-class plunder of the Marcoses, the massive human rights abuses, and how Marcos brought our once thriving economy to bankruptcy. And lately, he declared some bank accounts with significant deposits to be nonexistent, only to later admit that they do exist after all.
Many who support him clearly believe that statements like these simply demonstrate the strong, decisive leadership that they find lacking in the current administration.
For the sense that his statements convey  a distinct lack of respect for the rule of law.  And the rule of law is the foundation upon which confidence is built.
Let us select no less than leaders who embody the decency, honesty, competence, toughness and patriotism that we want, and who have the capacity to bring us all together after the elections, so that we can be one united nation in pursuit of a better life for all Filipinos. The third and final segment of the 2016 presidentiables’ “square-off” ended without the nastiness expected to color it. Yes or no?” Binay replied: “No, kasi gusto kong makilala akong a healing and unifying president” (No, because I want to be known as a healing and unifying President). But in July 2015, the Binays filed a P200-million damage suit against certain personalities that included the Ombudsman. Which gave us the opportunity to catch former Makati mayor Junjun Binay in a pensive mood and Paolo Roxas with misty eyes, perhaps aware of the travails of his father Mar Roxas. And this time the Commission on Elections takes center stage to guarantee clean, honest and free elections. Hence, even if the decision would be advantageous to us, we would be left alone to enforce it against China.
When I was younger, I thought sound was very important to us as humans, so I said, "My ears, Mommy."Mother said, "No Many people are deaf.
The first half of each round will consist of 5, 6, 7, 8 questions from our various audiences.
We are in fact listening very intently to our guest of honor but this is the way, we receive, we read and raise the questions and comments you are sending online, on Facebook, so please bear with us. I went to Silicon Valley, in my first term as congressman because we thought we’re gonna put up one in Taguig, I mean an IT zone and long story short, political will, the telcos like the other big business man in regular country nag-aaalaga ng politician yan.
If you look at the, say, Elements Mall, Elements talaga, at tignan mo dyan at ano ang may ari ng real estate kasama ng rail way. One of the most prominent platform or campaign promises you have with Mayor Duterte is that you will solve criminality within six months upon being elected.
Second he built up their 911 because it’s not only a matter of catching the criminal, it’s about the police being visible, being there and it’s a matter also if you have emergencies, you feeling safe, is not only feeling safe away from crime e, pwede ring maaksidente ka, may mangyari, di ba may well-equipped rescue ka dyan. Let me see your hands.” You don’t shoot them right away but if they reach for their pockets and attempt to do something else, like a bomb or a knife, you are allowed to use force already. We’re all guilty about it in the national government but are put into pockets or sa kung anu-anong gastos.
Kaya dalawang grupo sa Pilipinas e, one group who firmly believes na magagawa mo pero ang tanong, “Mayor will you do it under the bounds of the law?” and the other group, “Mayor magagawa mo ba? It’s a comment actually, I’d like you to react to this, “A three-six months guarantee, is not a plan or a program”.
My mom just love us to death, but she spoiled us, I mean in the sense that if she says don’t fight we wouldn’t listen to her, hindi naman niya kami papagalitan. It will be in jail that you will suffer or you will have a rehab program but you’re gonna be in jail.
It’s easy to communicate and internet is fast and everything so within three minutes we’re there. He was always saying where can I be most effective, and when I decided I will run for vice president and really try to redefine the role of vice president, you know, I went to Davao and declared that I am running and that evening I talked to Mayor Duterte he told me he’s not running. I have a hundred and eighty groups all over the country that we have a project together ‘yung anti-5-6, microfinance; palengke, vendors, tricycle driver, jeepney drivers. Trillanes’ expose came complete with a breakdown of alleged deposits made on the mayor’s birthday in 2014 that totaled P211 million. But he did not declare it in his statement of assets, liabilities and net worth, as required of every government official, because the money was gone by the time of the SALN filing; he had frittered it all away—“Nag-happy happy ako” was how he put it. Which, of course, does not answer the original charge: Were there millions at one point in 2014, specifically around the time that he himself said unidentified rich friends of his gifted him with the money, deposited straight into the account?
Per his professed creed, legalism is the refuge of scoundrels—hence the summary execution of petty criminals and drug dependents in Davao without any semblance of due process, something the mayor proudly admits to and is planning to replicate nationwide once he is in Malacanang to restore what he says is a calamitous peace and order situation. The waiver that Duterte’s lawyer had executed was worded such that the bank said it needed at least seven days to study how to respond to the specific thrust of the request. He bought time to keep the information to himself while the country votes on May 9, exactly seven days away. Alan Peter Cayetano, who forcefully reminded the public in the April 10 vice presidential debate of the true Marcos legacy, will somehow give way to her. I worry that she is too close to Chiz Escudero, and that she made the wrong decision and issued the exactly wrong statement at the height of the potentially destabilizing Iglesia ni Cristo rally last year. Meanwhile, our population grew 78 percent over that period (from 57 million to 102 million), implying that jobs growth well outstripped labor force growth, which is good. There is good news in how the share of wage and salaried jobs, reflecting formal employment, has significantly risen, while that of unpaid family workers has dropped. Three, the rising share of managers could either mean there are now more enterprises to manage, or that enterprises are now much bigger requiring more extensive management structures. The data tell us that for every 100 Filipino workers who are jobless, 48 are 15-24 years old, 31 are 25-34 years old, and 21 are 35 or older.
We need much greater entrepreneurship, and more job-creating investments, large or small, and we need to make overseas employment only a choice, rather than a necessity.

But employers go on their merry way, and young workers seeking jobs in an uncertain (even if improving) economy and job market have little choice but to accede to the onerous conditions. Others argue that those hired on a contractual basis do work that is not essential to the business, which is why they are hired through an outside agency. But far more will realize that their long-term advantage rests on investing their time, talent and loyalty to a single employer for whom the workers’ good redounds to the good of the enterprise as well. It makes sense: Selling your vote equates to the assurance of your grave situation for years, trapped in poverty under a corrupt government. The most important position, of course, is the presidency, and electing the most qualified candidate is fundamental in the crusade for a progressive Philippines. This phenomenon thus ignores the most important factors in choosing the right candidate: his or her credentials, qualifications and concrete platform. Grace Poe, however fresh-faced, intentionally taps into a generation’s memory of FPJ as a champion of the poor on- and off-screen. Duterte’s reply to the complex question of protecting our fishermen in our territorial waters was to cast himself as a messianic hero, dramatically planting our flag on the farthest atoll of the disputed waters and daring the Chinese to do what they please with him. Experience shows, however, that technocracy, because largely borrowed from outside, tends to get rarefied and disconnected from the realities on the ground. When personality overpowers the rule of law, it is but one step toward authoritarianism, as we have seen in the dark days of the Marcos regime. The reason our economy has done well these past six years, and many more jobs have been created compared to the previous 12, is mainly the improvement in governance provided by President Aquino and his Cabinet, which brought about the confidence investors needed to bring in their investments and create many more jobs. He also repeated that if a son of his is found to be a drug offender, he will have him killed. He also said on one occasion that he may not be healthy enough to last six years as president, but he looks forward to a state funeral, and would turn over the presidency to Bongbong Marcos. Of course, peace and order are important, but these must be attained within the confines of the law.
Think instead of what your vote will mean for your future and the future of millions of younger Filipinos, including your children or your younger siblings and coworkers.
In the first and second debates (held in Cagayan de Oro and Cebu City, respectively), fiery accusations flew wild. A motion to dismiss could be the first opportunity for a “reconciliation.” But will the Ombudsman conform to it? Rude it was for Rodrigo “Du30” to ridicule Roxas for his “lackluster,” fourth-place ranking, unaware it seemed that Roxas was in third place. Will the voter turnout in the 2016 elections reach the level or top that of 2013’s when 74.99 percent of 50.9 million registered voters cast their ballots?
Note that the G-7 (a group of industrialized nations) is apparently more interested in the freedom of navigation, by which more than $5 trillion in global trade passes every year. What I meant during the campaign and what we’ve been all saying all throughout the country is that all politicians have a plan.
2012 Phase 1, was ready for implementation until now hindi bini-bid that’s why Mayor Duterte and I are emphasizing all the plans are there but who will have the political will to implement the plan.
Okay, in terms of gross revenues, a couple hundred billion pesos in terms of profit just between the two big Telco, P50 billion how come you cannot even make a call? We are a racket society di ba na we are hypocritical about being paid well but ginagawan mo ng paraan.
Pastor, pari, kagalit mo, sabihin mo may droga yan habang nagpi-preach pero pag punta sa kwarto niya babarilin mo. Pagdating ng Lunes muli, panalo si Mar Roxas,” he said in a previous interview at the LP headquarters on Monday.
Both camps said they need an extension of time to respond to the case following the filing of another complaint against remittance firm Philrem Service Corporation (Philrem). Hence his oft-told tale of meeting telecoms officials to complain about slow internet service and, when they hemmed and hawed, threatening to bomb their towers. This man who only had contempt for legal stonewalling now seeks refuge in it, while the public to which he has vowed transparency at all times is effectively kept in the dark about a momentous question they suddenly have to grapple with before they cast their vote: Is the mayor as clean as he claims to be?
The unemployment rate has correspondingly gone down over the years, from more than 9 percent in 1987 to just 5.8 percent now. However, entrepreneurship appears to have declined, as seen in the falling share of those operating a business that employs others.
While industrial employment had improved somewhat, from 15 to 17 percent, the increase happened only within the last 10 years (it was still 15 percent in 2006, just as it was in 1987). But as noted earlier, entrepreneurship appears to have declined, so it’s more likely the latter. But, to take one example, how can, say, camera operators of a TV network be considered “nonessential” when without them no material can be aired? I had always thought that lucky were those who had the power to vote, for they had a great say in the election of our leaders and in the direction to which the country should head. This probably happens everywhere in our country, and it has become a common occurrence every election period. The electorate should take these factors into consideration before choosing their candidates; their choice should be supported with the candidates’ stand on important issues concerning Philippine society. For good measure, the mayor also warned the Office of the Ombudsman, the Commission on Human Rights, and Congress not to block him or interfere with his work.
Without the rule of law, there will be chaos and anarchy, and no confidence in our country.
The underdog status of Roxas could fuel his resolve and prompt him to dig into his inner strength deep enough for him to win the presidency! But with today’s weather, will the majority of those aged 40 to 85 and over (which constitute 45 percent of the voting population) endure the scorching heat or elect to return home? Over the years, Mother asked me a couple more times and always her answer was, "No, but you are getting smarter every year, my child."Then last year, my grandpa died. Senator Alan Peter Caetano is the running mate of Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte, for VP of the Philippines. Non-politicians because of the internet, information revolution, you can get your phone now, I-Google niyo, “how to fix traffic in Metro Manila.
Many people in their house, the place of work, pag nagco-commute, a lot of times hindi mo pwedeng ilabas sa jeep, sa bus baka manakaw.
If you look at what the World Bank representative to the country said a couple of years ago, 40 families run 75 percent of the gross domestic product.
Para hindi yung interest mo sa mall mo o dyan, o sa cubao mapunta yan, o sa whatever, o sa Novaliches o whatever na. So first thing is the political will, second thing is that the experience on how to do it because different e. Let’s go to Taguig quickly, in the last 9 months, we’ve caught the local police and God bless them, has caught the top 10, last 9 to 15 months in the top 10 in the list of drugs.
I believe in the constitution, I believe in the human rights, and I believe there’s a way to do it that will satisfy the constitution but again let me end where I started. She’s a teacher so she loves children, and my dad on the other hand, pag sinabi niyang “asan si Alan?” nanginginig na ako e, so I was asking if he’s gonna do anything bad. So what we’re saying is that the Duterte-Caetano team has the political will to tell criminals, “In the Philippines crime does not pay.” Right now crime does pay, corruption does pay, smuggling, we have all the equipment there. That’s why soldiers when they are fighting and they see someone in combat, it’s not murder.
If you run with a different running mate, I’ll support you quietly, you don’t have to support me back.
More than 15,000 houses had burned down in Metro Manila from January 1 to today alone, and usually, it’s only the local government that helps them. Another notable change is the increased share of unskilled laborers from less than 20 percent in 1987 to the current 32 percent. If this reflects a more skewed economy with greater dominance of big business, then the trend is not as positive as it looks at first blush. For every 100 workers who are underemployed—that is, have jobs but feel the need to work more—52 are working part time, and 48 are working full time. But then I have watched in horror as election after election, that power is blatantly misused by most Filipinos. And he added that at the end of his term, he would issue himself a pardon for the crime of multiple murder. Without confidence, there will be no investments, and without investments, there will be no jobs. For the times na ilalabas mo wala kang signal and even may signal ka, bakit mahal at mabagal ang internet. 50 percent of Metro Manila fear that, papasukin sila ng drug related, alak, adik, or magnanakaw, or nang mang re-rape sa bahay nila. So ang daling sabihing wag kang corrupt ka, pero gutom ang pamilya mo hindi makapag-aral anak mo. And all sciences of criminology will be there: spending time with you on CCTVs, spending on crime labs.
You don’t need a plan, you just have to tell the guy in the Customs, “Every single one of you that does not stop, alis kayo, di kayo aalis, we’ll put you in jail.” So you go to any barangay captain, we went to Pasay they know who the drug pushers are, so why do you need a plan to get the drug pushers, kilala naman e, there’s no political will. Dun nagkakahulihan except for kidnapping where sinusundan either yung pera o kung pinapunta ka na nung kidnapper.
That’s why the police pag sila binabaril they shoot back, that’s not murder, that’s self-defense, or that’s law enforcement. Davao is 3 times bigger than the whole Metro Manila ganun kalaki and in those yung nasa FB, that’s 5 years of crime and then number 3, hindi pinapakita dun kung yung mga patay ay patay dahil sila ang mga criminal.
Based on these figures, Filipino workers had been leaving to work abroad about 4.5 times faster than domestic employment had been growing. Of these, 37 are farm workers, 45 are service sector workers, and 18 are industrial workers. If we switch to, or have fast internet, you don’t have to make calls and you don’t have to pay per minute or get the unli promos anymore because you use Viber or WhatsApp or whatever application over the internet so all the plans are there. Sabihin nung isang real estate giant, dito niyo ilagay yung terminal, sabi nung isa dito, nadedelay nang husto. 52 percent of that is that their daughter or wife is not yet at home at night na baka maging biktima sila ng crime. It’s not like building a train, or building a road that you need a year, 2 years, 3 years because it starts with political will.
But for example, if you talk to someone, like an architect like Palafox, one of our leading urban planners and extraordinary in the country, he’ll give you statistics for exactly now but it’s quite a big percent of crime goes away just by lighting a street, just by having lighted areas. So question, yung iba ang platform nila “no increase.” We will not get rid of corruption unless we increase the pay and make enough to feed their family. In the house, no one drinks, no one smokes, we don’t drink we don’t smoke kasi we know that of we’re gonna get it if he does it. That’s why they’re saying, one of the comments is bakit yung retail ang nahuhuli niyo at hindi yung wholesale. So what the Mayor’s saying is that they don’t have any gun, so why shoot them, ba’t hulihin mo?
No rehab program, no livelihood program, the CCT doesn’t- the 4Ps doesn’t even kick in automatically then if lose they everything, and to all the areas I’ve been with, I have support eh. This tells us that the domestic employment situation would have been far worse if not for the much faster pace at which our workers had found jobs elsewhere. And it will not be just the business owners and bosses who will suffer, but also thousands of workers and their families who will be deprived of jobs. So even if walang mangyari, just living in crime, that chaos na may mentality na may gulo shouldn’t that all show us that this is an urgent matter and that all of us should have a plan? I tried once and I got smacked around when he saw me having Andy Player in my car and I didn’t even drink it yet. But many of those in drugs, dalawa ang problema e, ang gaganda ng mga baril nila, number two, user din sila e. The reality is while Mayor Duterte is only the one who uses bloody, patay, some of the other people, conservative groups, conservative provinces, parang ganyan, the reality is anyone you elect maraming patay. And… you know, I have, of course, I have some business community and everything, they are the one who push, they said, “Alan, you make good match. Remember that peace and order ultimately do not come from the end of the barrel of a gun but from food on the table, access to good education, housing and health.
When he becomes president, if he becomes president, the Lord gives him that and the people support him, he will be both in wholesale with the drug lords, and the how do I put it, drug bishops and drug couriers, etc. When you’re a user especially pag medyo adik na, and you’re into drugs, feeling mo invincible ka e, kaya kaya yung iba, tamaan na once, sumusugod pa rin sila. Ang question lang, whether yung inosente na pinatay, yung kapitbahay mo na ni-rape, yung pulis ang patay o yung criminal ang patay.
Alan, one way to encourage him but also get your numbers up is to get that.” That was the story there. My Mom looked at me when it was our turn to say our final good-bye to Grandpa.Mother asked me, "Do you know the most important body part yet, my dear?"I was shocked when she asked me this now. Four, pagdating sa fiscals office, now it’s much better, but in the past ang bilis maka-bail so there had to be an alliance between the judges, the city hall the fiscals na there had to be some kind of usapang lalake, usapang babae na dapat everyone pledge na walang ayusan ‘to and these are the problems everyone’s been dealing with. That’s why kami, law enforcers muna ang uunahin namin, NBI, law, police, physical, maybe later the judges, the military because part of the military, their intelligence will be used against drugs which President Arroyo declared as a national security threat. So there has to be a way the president can meet that to meet the highly urbanized mayor kasi most of the drugs are also in the highly urbanized area, nandun ang pera.
We have our public record and we are physically explaining and saying in words, 6 months and this is what we will do. Ganun sa crime e, and all the science will point to that so is there a plan, yes, but this is not like an infrastructure master plan. But it’s easier from his point of view and from a Mayor’s point of view to just go after each and every one selling it. Sobrang ano yung adrenaline nila tsaka nung drugs in your system and remember, 30 years or 20 years na as Mayor or just two terms in different capacity, how many groups have investigated you? That’s why… in fact, when he did announced that he was going to run, many of us were on the same party of Atty. And there’s the problem with leadership meaning pag sinabi nung Mayor tinawag lahat ng heneral alam ko kung sino ang marumi sa inyo, mag-resign na kayo and there are systematic changes, that’s why we are promising double in pay of the police. Yung peace and order not only includes na walang kriminal, it’s also that there is a sense of law.
Fred Lim, and we couldn’t even believe that he already did it, because he had two interviews the same night.
They’ve investigated, how many investigations, kakampi man yan o kalaban, even Sec, Leila de Lima has been on its trail. Kahit na patay lahat ng mga criminal pero feeling mo wala kang rights e di balik tayo sa martial law and our constitution doesn’t allow that. The second interview, we were already eating and tired from of flight from Iloilo to Cavite but you know it’s there. For every body part you gave me in the past, I have told you was wrong and I have given you an example why.
Not even solid evidence so it’s really… and you go to Davao, you ask the people of Davao they’re happy.
But today is the day you need to learn this important lesson."Mother looked down at me as only a mother can.
It’s not about the climate of fear, it’s the climate of respect and the climate of being safe. Mother said, "My dear, the most important body part is your shoulder."I asked, "Is it because it holds up my head?"Mother replied, "No, it is because it can hold the head of a friend or a loved one when they cry. I only hope that you have enough love and friends that you will always have a shoulder to cry on when you need it."Then and there I knew the most important body part is not a selfish one. But people will NEVER forget how you made them feel.True or not, the story makes you stop and think.

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