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Kenya is a country where life is a romantic tale; a place to relax, discover and let love soar with a wide variety of exciting activities and places to visit. Love will be in the air at Mambo Italia, as lovers will be treated to special Valentine gourmet menu.
Take a break from the city grind by taking a stroll at the Langata Botanical Gardens on Valentine’s Day. The mere sight of the beach and the magic of Manda Island may be enough to evoke your romantic feeling. AfroChic is regarded to as the “Jewel of Diani”, the boutique hotel has a romantic vibe and it is a perfect place for lovers on Valentine’s Day.
If you think about it, you will discover that there are fewer places as utterly romantic as Thai Chi Restaurant. If you want to make your Valentine’s Day memorable by going away to some place romantic, Kinondo Kwetu is a unique getaway spot for Valentine celebration, a place to spend beautiful moments with that special someone.
If you love adventure, an amazing way to celebrate Valentine’s Day is to take a luxury weekend safari in Masai Mara. There area wide variety of luxury tented camps in Mara, where you can enjoy a romantic safari experience with stunning views and beautiful wildlife.
Take your beloved to Mambo Italia and enjoy a gourmet meal, either lunch or dinner in a relaxing environment. The vision of sitting in the midst of the oldest and largest gardens in Kenya screams romance.
The dining venue is a floating restaurant and it is considered a stealthy haven for romantic couples to celebrate Valentine’s Day. Stylish elegance is the hallmark of Caramel Restaurant, not to think of the menu and wine list that puts several restaurants to shame. Enjoy a classic retreat with special offers on accommodation and intimate dining options at the resort.
Located at the Hemingways Nairobi, The Brasserie is a blend of romance and sophistication.With its gently twinkling lights, generously-spaced tables and air of seclusion, it’s easy to feel like you, your love and the velvety French country pate sitting between you are the only things that exist in the whole world.

Imagine spending your day with your loved one at the beach, with warm atmosphere and turquoise water – a perfect recipe for a Valentine romance. For a touch of luxury, a blend of adventure and romance, this hotel might just be the perfect getaway for you and your sweetheart. If you are looking for a quick fix of sun and sea for Valentine Celebration, you should head to AfroChic Diani. However, you can surprise your sweetheart this Valentine’s Day by taking her to the Heron Portico Hotel where Sirocco Aqua Bar is located. Set on Galu Beach of the Indian Ocean in Diani, the all-inclusive resort is surrounded with natural beauty, a place to refresh, rekindle your love and show your partner how much you love them.
The restaurant is well-decorated, featuring wooden art pieces and furniture, and textured walls.
For a private romantic dinner, you should surprise your Valentine by dining at the Grogan House, a cosy and peaceful setting. The atmosphere offers a refreshing chill, take a walk around the garden, hold your sweetheart’s hand and smile, this Is one of the best walks you will ever take.
For a memorable Valentine’s Day, you can enjoy a romantic private dinner with your heartthrob at Tamarind Dhow and enjoy the stunning views of the coast and a sleek atmosphere that takes over at night. Set on white sandy beach on the Indian Ocean, Medina Palms provides the perfect backdrop for couples looking for a romantic getaway this Valentine’s Day. This Valentine, dine with your loved one at the Brasserie this Valentine and enjoy the special menu, a five course dinner with a selection of wines, plus, live music by Hez Miranda. Manda Island reeks of romance and there are several luxury resorts on the island where you can stay, while you enjoy the Valentine getaway with your sweetheart. Lying south of Mombasa, Set on Diani beach, lying south of Mombasa, the hotel offers beautiful views of dhows in full sail. Surprise your loved one with a plush and romantic pampering at AfroChic Diani. There is nothing as romantic as dining with your loved one in a Thai-style restaurant, sitting together elbow-to-elbow and enjoying Thai cuisine.

A late afternoon stroll around KWS Safari Walk could be the best romantic idea. You and your loved one can stop for a picnic or stroll around, have a taste of Kenyan wildlife and explore the surroundings. If you are thinking of getting your special someone a long-stem roses or a box of chocolates, you’ll be missing a lot.
The new restaurant has a special on for Valentine celebration and it offers a cosy, intimate setting for couples to enjoy a romantic meal. Valentine’s Day is filled with many activities at Sirocco Bar, you can “Tango to Thai” with your loved one by dancing Salsa and experience a live Thai cooking. There is a restaurant in the Garden, where you can enjoy a romantic meal with your heartthrob.
Spend your day by the pool, snuggle with your sweetheart at night, enjoy unparalleled ocean views, wine and dine with your loved one. Thomas Mawe Hotel offers amazing accommodation, dining options and exciting activities to keep your vacation more interesting. AfricanLove is a African Girl site that includes photo galleries, dating profiles and much more.
As an alternative, why not surprise your lover with a perfect beach getaway, fantastic dinner for two and a romantic walk, and sweep your Val off their feet. You and your loved one can hole up in your private suite with verandah offering ocean views, enjoy a delicious lunch on the terrace on the ocean or take a swim at the pool.
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