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This entry was posted in Lucid Dreaming Tips and tagged how to have a lucid dream tonight, how to induces lucid dreaming, lucid dreaming techniques, lucid dreaming techniques for beginners on March 29, 2016 by istvan. What else can be done if the simple lucid dreaming tips and techniques in my previous posts below are not effective enough, or if they are only partially effective for you? All of these three components has helped me significantly to explore many more lucid dreams than before when i was just trying my best but only based on my own research and findings.
Audio files with guided meditation and lucid dreaming music, which gives a lot of help for everyone who has had no experience about meditation before.
This entry was posted in Lucid Dreaming Tips and tagged lucid dreaming techniques, lucid dreaming tips, trick to lucid dream on October 30, 2015 by istvan. I’ve checked 2 books, 2 online digital lucid dreaming products (one was hard to use, the other one was rather useful) and around 25 websites which took me about 45 hours of research over a 2 months period of time. I know it sounds unbelievable, but these are the very best lucid dreaming tips and techniques that work for everyone after starting to practice them on a daily basis. Watch the video or read it’s script below and you will know in less than 10 minutes how to have lucid dreams fast.
But to become aware that you are dreaming and to have a great lucid experience, it can help if during your dream (and also when awake – just to get in the habit of thinking this way) you pay attention to details. A lot of your ordinary dreams will have objects or people in them that could act as a clue to you waking up in your dreams. This entry was posted in Lucid Dreaming Tips and tagged lucid dreaming definition, lucid dreaming meaning on October 16, 2015 by istvan.
I tried to collect the most simple lucid dreaming tips that can help you to quickly and easily access the lucid dream state.
If you drink a kind of tea that helps to relax the body and mind, but it has enough tein and caffeine in it to stimulate your brain, you’re already closer to the optimal state. It is important not to nap for longer than 20-30 minutes, because otherwise you might have problems falling asleep at night. OK so far so good, there you go these were my best lucid dreaming tips after all the 100 hours of research and reading I’ve done. This entry was posted in Lucid Dreaming Tips and tagged how to induces lucid dreaming, how to lucid dream on October 13, 2015 by istvan.
First of all, I am not an expert of lucid dreaming but I am an enthusiast and practitioner with a satisfying success based on my research and practices.
The brief summary of my own experiences: I knew about the definition of lucid dreaming for a long time.
For a long time I thought that it’s just a spontaneous thing and it requires luck, nothing more.
Seriously… When you look at your “wife’s” eyes or when your “dream” father returns home from work (especially if you do not have a wife, or you did not know your father!) you don’t forget that.
The lucid dreaming techniques are not difficult to learn and you can achieve success in a few days. This entry was posted in About lucid dreaming and tagged lucid dreaming definition, lucid dreaming stories, lucid dreaming techniques on October 11, 2015 by istvan. Lucid Dreaming Made Easy released by Benjamin Lime – an expert lucid dreamer – offers a wide range of lucid dreaming tips that teach you how to master dreams easily. Actually, it is the comprehensive gathering of experience and scientific tests in reality that author Benjamin has researched for a long time. This may be the first concern rising from your mind before deciding to purchase this product or not. Besides the main guidebook, ordering the Lucid Dreaming Made Easy program today, you will get these following incredible bonuses for completely free. All of them will be all yours for just $47 – an extremely attractive snip for you to get right now!
Now after reading my Lucid Dreaming Made Easy review, you may have some unclear things or doubts, just leave your questions below and I am ready to answer all of them as soon as I can!

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Check out Juice & Smoothie Recipes That Heal to Learn a Magical Way to Make Healthy Smoothie Recipes! Sometimes, although we’ve been Lucid Dreaming for a while, we can get stuck in a rut. As with any skill, it can be easy to fall into ruts, or get stuck at certain plateaus, making any progress seem impossible. You’re struggling with having another lucid dream, but you’ve had them before, so why have they stopped happening? You must be sure that you actively practice it, learn more about it and are always pushing your limits and boundaries with it. Without your intent, you’ll likely not be able to get your skill back, because it all comes down to your self belief and focus. Do you still read for hours about it before going to sleep, and then think about it all the time until you sleep? Chances are, if you’re experienced you will have seen a slight drop in your excitement about this ability, therefore leading to your intent, deep down, to actually decrease.
Sometimes, the only option when stuck in a lucid dreaming rut is to just take a complete break.
Everyone’s different and will react differently to different things, therefore the only way to ensure that you fix the problem is to try each one in order, until you find the one that works. So for this tip, try and take a break, try something new and don’t even write in your dream diary. For real results, you might want to try doing more than one reality check when you do them.
Because you get used to the same old reality check over and over, you might find it works to change it, and ditch your old one. If you’re not aware of this technique for entering the dream, you can read our guide here. Enter your email to get a free Lucid Resource Guide (PDF) as well as free tips, techniques, lessons and more.. Master lucid dreaming and feel like a superhero..Enter your email and get sent free lessons and a PDF guide! Product Description:Aimed at beginners, Lucid Dreaming, Plain and Simple shows the reader how to enter and fully experience the lucid dreaming. In this case a good solution might be to ask an expert for help (as in all aspects of life…). I kept on searching until i found something new from these guys who should be called the lucid dreaming gurus ?? . In my opinion this is not only the most common but also the most easy ways to lucid dream as well. Don’t rush out of bed to begin your day with your mind jumping to your concerns and to-do list. When you are there, don’t act suddenly, just acknowledge that finally you are having a lucid dream with this awesome dragon. So that’s a bit of a help, but what can you do besides the above? In the next posts I will tell you even more. It means that you have a dream when you know consciously that you are just dreaming and you can keep dreaming about anything you want while you are in total control without waking up. Sometimes I listened to my friends enviously while they talked about their lucid dreaming stories. If you find the right technique it’s not only “fun”, but a great opportunity to explore the subconscious mind as well.
The Lucid Dreaming Made Easy guide aims to provide you with useful knowledge and techniques to take control of your own dream and get a “better” life.

That is a very reasonable cost for a wonderful package that the author of Lucid Dreaming Made Easy program is offering you. If any of customers (not except any cases) are not satisfied with the Lucid Dreaming Made Easy guide book, or you see that it cannot work exactly as it described before, you will get every invested penny back to your hand. This alone may even be the main reason you’re stuck with your dreaming progress, so make sure this is sorted out.
When you do a check, make sure to really question yourself, and think back ten minutes to what you were doing before. Some people just need a bit more focus on their reality checks, while others are focusing too hard and need to take a break. Just get a clean break and then in a few days come back to it with a fresh mind, ready to try again. This will take slightly longer, and people may look at you a bit funny when you check your watch 3 times and then try and push your finger through your hand while also showing a puzzled expression as you recall the last 10 minutes, but it works. However if you’re stuck in a lucid dreaming rut then you may want to try adding one or two to your reality check sessions.
Swap it for something different to train new pathways in your brain, and this might just be all you need to get back on track. I started to get a lot better results a lot easier with my conscious dreams after i got a copy for myself of their easy-to-follow but very comprehensive online educational course on this subject.
Don’t move a muscle and don’t open your eyes as soon as you realize you are waking, wait a little. The way it can help you in your quest is lets say for example you are sleeping and dreaming something, which you don’t know yet that its a dream.
If you are dreaming you won’t be able to feel this, so then you will know that you are dreaming. Try to include as many of these bullet points into your day as you can to increase your ability to figure it out how to induce lucid dreaming.
If something unexpected happens around you, you can also examine and inspect whether you are awake or not. It is a characteristic feature of these dreams that you can remember every little parts even thirty years later ?? . You can fly, you can go through the wall… and you can experience “magic” events that can help you in life. I personally believe that this e-book and its bonuses will help you get the best result you desired – the powerful ability to master your dreams – with the 100% satisfaction commitment from author Benjamin Lime. The author of this product offers an unconditional, 100% risk-free guarantee and the 60-day Money Back Policy, so it will actually cost you nothing for a try. Tracing your last ten minutes in your mind helps you to realize if you were dreaming, as often in the dream when you do this you can actually remember going to bed!
It is very effective for inducing a lucid dream however and if you’re struggling with lucid dreaming you might want to try this. Whether a reader is completely new to lucid dreaming or someone who has experienced that incredible moment of realizing, "This is a dream!", readers will learn valuable tips and techniques gleaned from scientific research and decades of experience to explore this unique state of awareness more deeply.
Of course it wasn’t enough just to have it on hand, but i had to go through it and practice again accordingly to its guidelines but it was easy after all.
Lets say you find yourself driving a car and you can see that there is a dragon sitting next to you. You may use several kinds of questions: “Am I used to be here?”, “What am I doing now?”, “What’s in the next room?”. When you are experimenting always only change one element at a time so you can notice its effects.

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