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Dream Initiated Lucid Dream (DILD): Starting in a dream, and becoming lucid while in your dream. Wake Initiated Lucid Dream (WILD): Starting awake and conscious, and initiating a lucid dream without breaking your state of consciousness. Wake-Initiated Lucid Dreams are sometimes referred to as an out of body experience or astral projection. Laying on bed in my apartment: Very realistic-looking apartment, similar to a false awakening (dream within a dream). I had a bizarre experience when I started to transition to the dream, and experienced sensations of sleep paralysis, but managed to open my real eyes. Looking back on this, I should have made an effort to close my physical eyes so I could fully enter the dream environment.
I’ve experienced lucid dreams before, but always during a dream followed by waking up as soon as I realized I was dreaming. How to Become a Late Riser: 5 Reasons Why Sleeping In Every Day Will Boost your ProductivitySex for a Good Night’s Rest? Wild timer is intended to play voice or vibrate reminders to keep your mind aware as you enter your dreams consciously. For the rest of this example, I will add and configure 5 timers to demonstrate the capabilities of the WILD Timer activity.
Due to the small screen size and plenty of options, more advanced options are available through a context menu.
Pick reminder – allows you to select a voice reminder (if this is a voice reminder) or enter the text to vibrate (if this is a vibrate reminder). Test current reminder – plays the sound file associated with the event or vibrates the event text in Morse code. Lets say I want the second reminder to use vibrate alarm, as I would likely be too groggy then to hear the voice reminder. The Wake Induced Lucid Dream is often considered the most powerful lucid dreaming technique!
This type of Lucid Dream does exactly what the name suggests, catapulting you directly into the lucid dream state from full consciousness.
Dreams are generally formed during the REM phase of sleep, which occurs after 45-180 minutes of sleep. As the imagery develops, it will begin to take the form of objects, or little scenes, and beyond this almost like mini-movies that play for a few seconds at a time.
Now you are ready to fully step into your dream scene, some people suggest ‘rolling’ or climbing out of your physical body and into the dream world, but I have found that by testing the waters with just an arm or leg first, you can simply step into the dream scene in your mind’s eye. We would love to hear from those who have successfully tried a WILD, please leave your comments bellow! Paid advertising on The Open Mind may not represent the views and opinions of this website and its contributors. All the pictures and information shown on this blog are the property of their respective owners. For non-lucid dreamers, the transition happens after they have already lost consciousness, so they don’t remember it.
For example, if you get too excited or move your physical body as you initially start to transition to the dream world, you may stop experiencing these sensations and have to start over and let your body relax.
For example, I had an experience of opening my physical eyes while still in my dream body (documented below). I was in my dream body, so I had the sensation of looking left and right in the dream environment, but my dream vision did not change. I’ve also experienced sleep paralysis before, but always when waking up from a dream.
I’m pretty sure that this is what happened, especially since I experienced sleep paralysis and lucidity while entering a dream state. I pulled an all-nighter and sometime between 5-6am I was researching WILD to follow up on my interest in oneirology.
I’m now on the hunt for all materials related to this topic and intent on mastering it.

It is strongly recommended to read at least one tutorial on WILD in order to understand the process. I touch each one in turn and enter this combination of timing: 10, 15, 25, 35 and 40 minutes. Now instead of the voice reminder the phone will vibrate the message that is entered in the reminder in Morse code. To start the timer, I draw the gesture once (it’s sensitive to the direction it is drawn) . They enable you to, with enough practice, have conscious dreams whenever you want, and, because there is no lapse in consciousness from waking to dreaming, they produce the most vivid kind of lucid dream!
This stillness is going to play a key part in tricking your subconscious mind into thinking you have fallen asleep. The exact appearance of this will vary from person to person, but generally start off as flashes and swirls of colour, slowly coming together into patterns. These are your dreams slowly taking shape, as above just try to be aware of these without getting too involved.
Before completely falling asleep your subconscious mind will do a quick check that your body is really asleep. Just resist the urge to move and stay completely still, the feeling of comfortableness will pass. You will be aware of your field of vision expanding, as your mind begins to create a full 3 dimensional dream environment.
It does take a lot of practice because it’s not something you’ll be used to and it’s a new skill. This site is intended for educational and commentary purposes only, both of which are strictly protected by Free Speech. After you relax for a while, you will experience these sensations again and have another chance to transition to the dream world. Since I had experienced it before, I relaxed rather than panicing to awaken myself, but became confused as I entered a dream state almost immediately. When describing the experience to friends, I explained that I felt like I had entered a state somewhere between consciousness and sleep, while having lucid dreams throughout.
Each letter takes a few short or long vibrate rings, creating a very irregular, yet distinct sound. Now take a minute to notice the feeling of your body lying on the bed, relax your muscles, releasing any tension you can feel.
Let your mind watch and follow these images without getting too absorbed by them as they develop. It does this by sending a signal to part of your body to move, this will start off as a feeling you want to move position, as this desire to move grows you may begin to feel quite uncomfortable. This is the final stage as your mind switches over from receiving external stimuli from your environment to generating these internally. As you feel your peripheral vision expanding, imagine either reaching an arm or leg out into the dream scene in front of you.
While WILDs are more difficult to induce than Dream-Initiated Lucid Dreams (DILDs) initially, once mastered, WILDs can be induced at will.
However, here are some common sensations you may have when transitioning to the dream state.
I remember being conscious of my room, even being able to open my eyes and look around, but while continuing to dream.
I back up and then overwrite my settings to be able to rather effortlessly switch between debug and real settings. A relaxed yet focused state of mind is what you’re after here, if you practice any meditation or use a brainwave entrainment program this is the state of mind to aim for.
This stage can be a little frightening at first, as you will be unable to move your body and will likely feel a vibrating or tingling sensation. The information on this website is not intended to replace your relationship with a qualified health care professional and is not intended as medical advice. These pictures have been collected from different public sources including different websites, blogs considering to be in public domain.

Dream control is a side effect!The following Wake Induced Lucid Dream tutorial is aimed at beginners or people who have dabbled in lucid dreams before. Don’t worry it is entirely natural, you go through this stage every night when you fall asleep, just normally you aren’t still conscious to be aware of it. All trademarks and registered trademarks mentioned here are the property of their respective owners and are not used here for commercial purposes. If any one has any objection to displaying of any picture and news, it may be brought to our notice by sending message through 'contact us' page & the same will be removed immediately, after verification of the claim.
I was able to choose the shapes and symbols I saw (on a black backdrop) and would enter dreams accordingly. I was in my dream body, but because my real eyes were open, I could not see the dream environment. We’re going to replicate that process in the first step of mental and physical relaxation. I woke up about an hour later and had the sense that I had been dreaming the whole time, however, I somehow knew that I was not in REM.
As you have more WILDs, you’ll learn to recognize the signals (or the absence of such signals) that you are ready to lucid dream…The Active WILDDo you have a vivid imagination? If so, begin to visualize a scene in your mind’s eye, with as much close-up detail as possible. Explore your surroundings in a calm, peaceful manner and send your visual awareness into the landscape as clearly as possible.If you are a musician, then you probably have a better auditory sense, so instead of visualizing, use your imagination to create the sounds of your dream. Listen to everything and make the sounds and voices as realistic as possible.Alternatively, if you are good at sports or working with your body, induce a kinetic sensation such as walking, running or riding a bicycle.
You get the idea now… use your strongest sense to engage your mind in the desired dream. Since your consciousness is still linked to your physical body, which is now asleep, you may feel the effects of sleep paralysis.
Instead, relax and rejoice in the fact that you are about the enter a Wake Induced Lucid Dream!Around this stage another strange thing may happen: vibrations.
They will pass on their own in a matter of seconds and then you will be free to enter your lucid dream.In a passive WILD, the dream scene is usually created out of your memory of your bedroom or wherever you are sleeping.
Sometimes you can send your awareness to another dream scene straight away, but generally without any other kind of imagery at work, you’re going to find yourself lying in a dream version of your own bed.This can be confusing to say the least!
There is a good chance that you are dreaming, so don’t roll over and go to sleep or the lucid dream will be wasted!
When you feel your body move into the dream, the whole imagined scene will suddenly become 3D and surround you.Congratulations! You have just walked your mind from a conscious waking state into a conscious dreaming state.
If you are lying in bed tossing and turning, or your head is full of internal dialogue, then you are far too alert to have a WILD. The best solution for this is brainwave entrainment, something I’ve used for years in lucid dream induction and general meditation.
Entrainment is a form of white noise that safely slows down your brainwave activity so that you enter a state of clear mind meditation with very little effort.Staying awake is important too if you want to have a lucid dream. But it takes practice and mental conditioning to stay conscious while your body falls asleep.
The best solution here is to practice WILDs when you are relaxed but not completely exhausted.
During the visualization part, focus all your mental energy on creating the lucid dream scene you want to enter.

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