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Lifeless Planet*Click for official website and trailer*The trailer for this game has a really great lonely feel to it. Mage GauntletHere's a game for action RPG fans that enjoy games like Zelda or The Secret of Mana.
Megaman X: Corruption*click for story with gameplay videos*This is a fan made Mega Man X game that is looking pretty sweet.
A giant, hungry alien has invaded Earth and is demanding huge sandwiches in this Adult Swim game. Fancy Pants is a platformer that started off as a series of Flash games on sites like Armor Games and Kongregate. Groove Coaster is a trippy, colorful music rhythm game that needs to be seen, or even better, played to fully understand it.
This 16-bit style platformer has you swinging through obstacle-filled levels by shooting a grappling hook into the ceiling to avoid traps, smash through walls and collect treasure. Although Horn has been released on Android, it is only available on those devices powered by NVidia Tegra 3 processors, of which there are very few (the most popular being the Google Nexus 7).
I think what I like about Incoboto the most, after its thoughtful puzzles and wonderful art direction, is the sense of loneliness and wonder it imparts.
This is the definitive benchmark game for iOS and the first game to run the Unreal 3 engine on a mobile device. Though the Lost Winds games started life on the Nintendo Wii eShop, they enjoyed little popular notice and pretty much no commercial success thanks to Nintendo’s nearly criminal profit sharing plan with indie game studios unfortunate enough to design for their hardware.
Down-on-his luck thief Lucas MacGuffin steals a cursed amulet that allows him to change from man to wolf and back again. Mage Gauntlet finds its inspiration in 1990s, 16-bit action adventure RPGs like Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past and Secret of Mana.
Nihilumbra is a physics-based puzzle platformer brought to life with gentle watercolor graphics that paint a bleak world and a dark, moody story.
Sword of Fargoal is a 31-year-old roguelike game that has seen release on numerous platforms but has found new life on the iPhone and iPad.
Tapper is a classic 1980s arcade game controlled with a joystick and an honest-to-goodness beer tap! CRRL does not disclose, give, sell or transfer any personal information about our visitors.
Using qr code scanning software download Mage Gauntlet, installed directly to the mobile phone, simple convenient and fast! Fight and explore your way through a humorous storyline about eccentric wizards, powerful artifacts, and dangerous monsters. Qfx, особенно инфинити блейд.На ведре все еще нет ничего настолько же красивого и увлекательного.
In that post I noted that there are many excellent games that are, for the most part, exclusive to the iPhone and iPad.
Additionally, Bike Baron comes with a level editor that players can use to build and share their own levels, extending the life of the game immeasurably.
You are tasked with assembling its sandwiches by running through elaborate sandbox levels, stacking whatever you find into sandwiches. The game is so fast, so kinetic that your adrenaline level will shoot up and stay there for each and every level. That being the case, I think of it as a quasi-exclusive iOS game and one well worth being written about here. You play a little boy, perhaps the last person in a galaxy in which all the suns are dying or dead thanks to The Corporation. You play as the President of Japan, a young woman who takes to her Gundam-style attack suit to rescue her country from a technologically superior enemy.
On a visit to a tropical island to study its flora, Lili discovers an underclass of wooden robots toiling under stone spirits and embarks on a quest to free the robots.

Use the unique abilities of both to maneuver your way through increasingly difficult puzzle rooms designed around grid-based logic puzzles. Retro-inspired games aren’t uncommon on the App Store, but very few have been built with the kind of loving care that Mage Gauntlet was.
Dual-stick games control your movement with a virtual joystick on the left side of the screen and your aim with a joystick on the right.
Your character, Born, willed himself into existence out of the nothingness, the darkness of the world, and that nothingness, the Void, wants him back. This is the first of three chapters in a 3-D action adventure game built with the Unreal 3 engine.
Descend through 20 levels of randomly-generated dungeons, and battle increasingly dangerous enemies on each level to recover the Sword of Fargoal, acquiring powerful spells and weapons as you go. The game has been re-released with updated art and swipe controls, but you’ll have to supply your own beer tap.
It’s an adventure game that requires a great deal more attention than I usually have to give to games these days, but it might be right up your alley. It\'s inspired primarily by 90\'s action RPGs for the Super Nintendo, such as Legend of Zelda: LTTP and Secret of Mana. It's inspired primarily by 90's action RPGs for the Super Nintendo, such as Legend of Zelda: LTTP and Secret of Mana.
It was the iPhone, after all, that demonstrated just how much potential mobile games have and practically every mobile game studio publishes first to Apple devices before even considering Android, if they ever make it to Android at all. A few others started off as downloadable titles for PCs or the Nintendo Wii but toiled in relative obscurity before coming to iOS. People, pets, basketballs, park benches, tires, refrigerators and more are all acceptable fillings for your sandwiches. The graphics are essentially notebook-margin doodles, but they are animated with such life and fluidity that you quickly forget how silly they look as you get lost in the action.
The main character awakes to find his medieval-style world crumbled around him as if by time and all the inhabitants replaced by huge robots. Progress through levels by battling towering, bizarre enemies, each with its own attack patterns and styles that you will need to memorize in order to survive. Fly around ground forces targeting multiple weapons installations at once with your lasers. The Unreal engine is put to good use in bringing alive one of the most expansive 3-D environments on a mobile game. You control a little boy, Toku, who is accompanied by the wind spirit Enril in a quest to rid the land of evil. It was one of the first titles that made mobile gamers think that games on iPhone had a serious future. You’ll paint the ground with splashes of color which enable Born to jump higher and travel faster as you solve environmental puzzles. You are the most advanced organism ever discovered on the planet, a floating pink jellyfish-looking thing with the ability to slash through the scientists studying you and the soldiers who jail you . Department of Puzzle Research, and investigate the mysteries of the Scoggin’s Eraser Co. But your inheritance is contingent upon touring the entire factory with your wife, a task that is more challenging than you might think.
While the graphic design is little more than static 2-D sprites that bounce against each other to battle, the appeal of Fargoal is in exploration. Serve multiple bars-worth of goofy and demanding customers by sliding drinks down the line to them. Though I enjoy many such ports, I feel like too much emphasis is placed on them at the expense of truly original and inventive games built especially for iOS by smaller or independent studios. It’s fun to see just what and how much you can pile on while avoiding obstacles and enemies that threaten to topple your sandwich before it is completed.

The two of you explore the worlds of the galaxy connected via solar-powered gateways which the two of your must fix by reigniting the suns on each of these worlds. Each enemy projects its attacks in an exaggerated style so that you can properly attack, parry, dodge, or shield yourself.
The gameplay is frantic and fun with the sort of edge that only Japanese designers can really pull off. While it only requires one finger to operate the game, the motions associated with that one finger can get complex, but you’ll adapt quickly enough. The fun lies in using Enril’s wind power to sweep you across platforms, create miniature tornadoes, cushion long falls, transport water and fire and more. Minigore 2: Zombies takes everything fantastic about that game, amps it up, and spit-shines it to near-perfection. Each new level of the dungeon is shrouded in fog, covering enemies, treasure, traps, secret doors, new weapons, sanctuaries, and more. When you beat the game, unlock a remixed Master Mode with overwhelming enemy numbers and new secrets to uncover. The game is rendered beautifully in three dimensions using the Unreal 3 engine (famous for its use in games like Gears of War, Bioshock, and the Batman Arkham series).
This requires careful thinking as your figure your way through some mind-bending, physics-based puzzles. Experience points are channeled through your weapons, shields, armor and magical accessories. Your character is overwhelmed with a massive number of monsters on all sides, and when I say overwhelmed, I mean it. A caption-narrated story slowly unfolds as you move forward and helps you understand your circumstances, the world around you, and just how alone you really are. The only game I’ve played as much as Fargoal on my iPad is Infinity Blade, a game powered by state-of-the art graphics and genre-defining controls, so I hope that tells you something about how much I love it. Come to think of it, Diner Dash was almost certainly inspired by the original Tapper arcade game. You do battle with monstrous machines by dodging their attacks, dancing around them, and swiping the screen to attack. On each world you’ll find journals next to the remains of its populace telling their story and fleshing out the narrative of what exactly has happened. Like the name suggests, it’s really a kind of dive but into an endless randomly-generated space that reacts musically to the pattern of your tilt-controlled motion. You must be constantly on the move around the boxed-in stages to stay ahead of your enemies while destroying them with a bevy of destructive weapons.
You will also run into messages and caution signs from The Corporation which paint it as exactly the sort of evil empire that would destroy all life everywhere. Considering each of these items costs gold that you might not always have, you might find yourself grinding to get enough gold to buy that item. Meant to be relaxing, there is potentially no end to your dive, but you can game-over by dashing yourself one too many times against the terrain.
Hacking through your foes is definitely easier and will get you through the game more quickly, but you’re rewarded for taking the non-violent path.
Save your money; these games are so satisfying that even grinding rather than quickly leveling up is more fun than buying your way to a more powerful character.

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