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Magnesium L-lactate trihydrate Chemical Properties Detail of LACTIC ACID, MAGNESIUM SALT(18917-93-6). The solubility of calcium salts is highly dependent on pH and changes on this parameter during processing or storage of foods can favor or prevent their precipitation. If acid is added to this solution, some of the phosphate ions become protonated and transformed into HPO4– ions. The increased solubility of calcium phosphates at low pH is extremely important in dairy products. Factors associated with the formation of calcium lactate crystals in Cheddar cheese include high concentration of calcium and lactate in the serum phase of cheese, levels of citrate, and temperatures at different stages of the process. Another defect tightly related to calcium lactate crystallization is the so called "weeping", which is the expulsion of liquid out from the cheese matrix.
The liquid expelled from the cheese matrix is concentrated in both calcium and lactate ions setting the appropriate conditions for crystallization of calcium lactate. Besides pH, controlling the salt content in cheese could be a means to prevent both weeping and the formation of calcium lactate crystals. This is an interesting example where the solubility of a calcium compound is increased by a shift of pH to be transformed from a colloidal state as part of an aggregate into a soluble state in the serum fraction of cheese.
A similar effect can be achieved by using a sequestering anion for calcium, such as citrate. There are cases where the shift in a solubility-product equilibrium caused by a decrease in pH may be undesirable. In milk, calcium is found as calcium hydrogen phosphate (CaHPO4) associated with casein (the main milk protein) in aggregates called micelles.
According to the Le Chatelier’s principle, the system will respond to this reduction by trying to produce more phosphate ions.

The stoichiometry of colloidal calcium hydrogen phosphate (CaHPO4) is more complex than that of tricalcium phosphate and in milk occur not only one main equilibrium, but multiple pseudoequlibria involving calcium phosphates and other components of milk.
Ultimately, the formation of calcium lactate crystals will occur when both calcium and lactate ions are found in concentrations resulting in a Q above the Ksp of calcium lactate and we would expect any condition influencing such concentrations to result in crystallization calcium lactate. Then, when it is concentrated enough, the soluble calcium combines with lactate returning to a low solubility state.
Besides, we also provide the customers with nutrient formula design, finished product test and nutrient information service. This colloidal form of calcium hydrogen phosphate is amorphous and varies in composition containing citrate, potassium, sodium, and magnesium. However, when the pH of milk is lowered, either by direct addition of acid or by fermenting bacteria, calcium hydrogen phosphate dissolves and leaches out from the casein micelle.
However, the crystals appearing as white spots on the surface of the cheese tend to be confused with mold growth and are perceived as a quality defect. A different study[6] concluded that the starter culture was a major factor determining the development of calcium lactate crystals.
The protein in cheese has the ability to bind water, this ability is strongly affected by pH and salt.[6] Low pH will on one side favor the leaching of calcium associated with casein into the serum phase as well as modify the charge and conformation of the protein.
In this way we can explain why smoked Cheddar cheese displays calcium lactate crystals so often. Our products are widely applied in food, pharmaceutical, healthcare product, salt industry, etc.
If enough acid is added, the phosphate-ion concentration in the solution can be reduced to make the ion product (Q = cCa2+ ? cPO43–) smaller than the solubility product Ksp so that the precipitate dissolves. The loss of calcium weakens the micelle structure and leaves it more sensitive to aggregation.

Among factors such as pH, lactic acid concentration, calcium (total and soluble), non-protein nitrogen, and salt, a particular profile on lactic acid production and hence lowering of pH was significant in calcium lactate crystal formation.
Both phenomena result in shrinking of protein, loss of water binding capacity, and expulsion of liquid. Among other changes, during smoking, the surface of the cheese dries creating gradients of moisture and concentrating solutes on the surface of the cheese including calcium and lactate ions. Both pH control and sequestering agents are strategies used to maintain calcium ions in solution in the formulation of foods fortified with calcium. However, in spite of its low solubility, CaHPO4 saturates milk due to its association with casein and citrate. This is in fact one of the first changes occurring in milk during the production of cottage cheese and yogurt.
Application:chemical researchAngene is pledged to providing quality chemicals for use in research and development and commercial manufacturing. Inorganic constituents of cheese: Analysis of juice from a one-month-old Cheddar cheese and the use of light and electron microscopy to characterize the crystalline phases. Influence of nonstarter bacteria on calcium lactate crystallization on the surface of Cheddar cheese.
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