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A symposium specific to a tribute to Benoit Mandelbrot will take place at the Ecole Polytechnique on the 17th and 18th of March 2011.
By the way of this blog, I much thank the organizing committee as it seems to me that Mandelbrot was one of the greatest genius of the XXth century.
As we are still at the beginning of the holiday season, maybe you haven’t bought all your gifts yet. By lifechanging, I mean you will never look at the world in the same way after reading one of these books.
If you don’t like too much specialized books, you will like these ones because each one of them will speak about several topics among geology, economy, biology, social sciences, and climate. If you know about fractals and chaos, you must be already familiar with that fact that simplicity can bring complexity quickly and easily. And at last, because I cannot prevent from saying it again, If you want to keep things simple, then regulate them. The first one is… an oil company: Valero Energy the Largest oil refiner in North America! In fact, wages and profits should be greatly lowered by the expected high cost for unextracted crude oil.
Maybe if, like many, you really hate taxes, one other solution would be to force petroleum companies to highly invest in fundamental research for new energies. Let’s have a look at the 2007 revenues per employee and profits per employee of a few top firms. When I say top firms, it is because most of them are highly successful companies, worldwide recognized as the best in their field. Moreover, as I want to compare an indicator between several companies of several sizes from several industries, the division allows to normalize the results and allows for the comparison.
To be accurate, I would have liked to know the value of wages plus profits divided by the number of employee. 3 Oil and Finance are the 2 biggest problems of the day although they are the most profitable fields. So, it is not obvious because petroleum engineering is not the most complex of engineerings. The market of natural resources (oil among others) should take into account in its pricing process all the natural reserves and not only the extracted reserves.
Oil is first and it is logical because oil companies pump it up, pump it up, and “it” is free! Coming back to our chart, fiat money is represented by finance, whereas commodity money is represented by oil industry. At least petroleum industry pumps money that exists creating real value while finance industry pumps money that does not exist creating fake value. 3 Oil and Finance are the 2 biggest problems of the day but they come first in this profitability ranking.
No, it is because of high abuse (free oil, free money) and lack of regulations that there are such troubles. A rule easy to add would be to make it compulsory for companies to publish their total wage bill that is to say the sum of all wages paid to employees, including bonuses, stock options, etc. But the good thing with Google is that they have regulated themselves by distributing profits to R&D and by hiring a lot more employees. In 2008 Wal-Mart was the leader of the Fortune 500 meaning they had the biggest revenues in 2007. This makes Petroleum and Finance industries very profitable because they generate money without costs.
A more complex rule is that companies who sell financial products should be a minimum responsible for the performances of their product. The founding principle of an insurance is: the ones (young, employed, rich and healthy) pay for the others, provided that most people are young, employed, and healthy*. Moreover, any insurance company will be in deadly troubles if all their subscribers happen to be eligible for a reimbursement.
Today, as a rule of thumb, and seen the current global systemic crisis, about all insurance companies (including most banks) underestimate risks, are thus at the mercy of a huge increase in reimbursements requests following some catastroph and are therefore simple Ponzi schemes. To come back to the Madoff case, it blew up exactly like any insurance or bank can go bankrupt: when too many customers ask for their money. AIG, Lehmann Brothers (and the ones who did not yet go bankrupt), Medicare or Madoff it’s all the same.
PS This article can be found in French as a comment for this Slate translation of this WSJ article. Yes, I am speaking about Benoit Mandelbrot and the good news is: his work on finance is slowly being recognized by the media and by economists.
PS If you know which conferences Mandelbrot is going to attend this year, please let me know in the comments because he is definitely the celebrity I would love most to meet. Actually, for one year and a half we have been inside this growing up crisis I have been appalled by the small number of articles in the media about Mandelbrot’s work on Finance and more generally by the small number of articles about chaos theory and economy. It looks like main stream media are slowly understanding Mandelbrot’s work and they are speaking about it. By the way, if you want to understand a little better the whole world, if you want to hear about economy, climate, geology, ecology, or biology in less than 200 pages, just read these two amazing books. Chaos: Making a New Science, by James Gleick (You will learn here the link between fractals and chaos. If you know other good links about fractal, chaos theory and economy, please leave them in the comments. I wish you all an excellent year 2009 filled with happiness in your private life as well as in your professional life. Moreover, I also wish you to be better understood by your company, by your mayor, by your government.
At the same time, companies in the industry got troubles borrowing money and went on a harder pressure to make profits whatever it takes.
Please enter at least one email addressYou are trying to send out more invites than you have remaining. HJ: The universe is not static — it is dynamically responding to your every thought and emotion, the combination of which is known as your energetic vibration. Many of you are likely familiar with the Law of Attraction, which is but one of many universal laws (like gravity and the laws of phsyics in a certain sense) that govern our existence. Understanding the larger framework of how this occurs is extremely important for getting a handle on your own vibration so that you can adjust it to begin creating and attracting that which you wish to be your life experience. This entire article touches on one of the main points that all people on the conscious path must eventually understand: that life is not happening to us, but being co-created by us.
This is a fantastic article by Ken and we sincerely hope it helps you, where ever you are at on the path.
At the end of the book, there is a detailed technical explanation of the concepts provided in Lessons One and Two.
Lessons One and Two are a little technical, because I have to lay the groundwork for the vibrational universe concept. Have you ever seen those old Westerns, where the wagon is going in one direction, but the wheel appears to be turning in the opposite direction? This crude little experiment illustrates the idea that solidity, or reality, occurs through the matching of vibrations. Of course, in order to see the wheel at all, we would have to be vibrationally compatible with it.
This means that perception itself is utterly dependent upon the similarity of interacting vibrations.
Since everything in the universe is made of atoms, matter and energy itself is vibrational in nature.
The solider a thing is to you, the more real it is to you, the closer you are vibrationally to it. Because human bodies are designed around a standard genetic and molecular blueprint –– the DNA that composes the human body is almost identical, person to person –– we perceive similarly. Now, we extend the vibrational universe concept a little further to include emotions, and thought itself.
If thoughts, emotions, matter and energy are vibrational, then EVERYTHING relating to thought, feeling, perception, and experience is vibrational, and reality itself is a vibrational interpretation. Vibrational interaction, when applied to daily living, makes clear that which was mysterious, and provides a practical, powerful, yet simple  framework for understanding everything from spirituality to relationships to politics. One of the most powerful tools for understanding life is the scale of vibrations that compose human emotions. 3) Because all things are vibrational, the universe itself is a vast ocean of vibrational frequencies. It is utterly vital that human beings understand that we are not just cogs in a universal machine that is running down to some predetermined conclusion. 4) I want to tell you about the late great Edward Lorenz, and the brilliant mathematician Benoit Mandelbrot. Mandelbrot showed mathematically and graphically how nature uses these fractal dimensions to create the complex and irregular forms of the real world.
Edward Lorenz discovered in the 1960’s that the weather has an enormous sensitivity to initial conditions. 5) In a vibrational universe, each one of us has a vibrational footprint, and sends out vibrational signals to the universe, like a broadcasting tower. The content of your vibrational signal is determined by what you think about, and how you feel. 7) Although you have local control of your vibrational signal, you do not have control over anyone else’s. We have seen that the perception of anything requires a similarity or likeness in frequency.
We are now ready to apply the vibrational universe concept to emotions and human relationships. When people are first exposed to the Law of Attraction, there is confusion because they say, “no wait, opposites attract, and like repels. In relationships, we often observe that two people who seem to be totally opposite are attracted to one another.
It is also true that when you fall in love, you don’t get a certificate from the universe that says, “OK, you feel love now so you will feel it forever.” A vibrational universe is instantly responsive to your choices. An understanding of this scale is essential in counseling and therapy, and in relationships! This has been the problem for counselors and therapists (and anyone who wants to be of service) throughout history. There are an almost infinite number of ways to apply the vibrational universe concept with the scale of emotions, to daily life: in relationships, politics, counseling, and in work and business.
Ken Mclean is a spiritual author interested in spirituality, science, music, Toastmasters, geometry, and disk golf. To subscribe to our website and interact with our growing community of users, please enter your e-mail address below. Replacing the A-Z index lists, we now have DPRP Search, where you can browse through or search all articles in the Reviews, Counting Out Time, Specials, and Forgotton Sons categories! In the Guy Manning interview this time last year I reflected on his prolific output which at that point included nine albums in nine years.
Not As Good As The Book released in March 2008 he played several live dates with a mostly new Manning line-up and spent a good deal of time writing, rehearsing and recording this latest album.
Despite Guy being a gifted multi-instrumentalist (which here includes keyboards, acoustic 6, 12 and classical guitars, electric guitars, mandolin, bouzouki, bass and percussion), there is once again a healthy input from Manning contributors old and new.
In true Manning fashion the album kicks off in lively style with Ships and a classic Yes (circa The Yes Album) flavoured organ and guitar riff. The penultimate Another Lazy Sunday belies its title with a funky organ driven rhythm, edgy guitar work and a stunning sax solo providing the icing on the cake. With ten consecutive albums under his belt Guy is still able to maintain his winning formula of quality song writing, excellent musicianship and multi-textured arrangements.
The wait is finally over: progrock legend Eddie Jobson returns to the world of progressive rock after some 25 plus years absence. The title track starts off with echoing spacey sounds, followed by a metal-like riff from the guitar and drums, but Gunn’s Warr guitar adds the progressive and masterful touch quite soon. The most experimental track is Tu-95 with definite bits & pieces from Jobson’s Zinc album, with what appear to be almost cacophonic sounds, but then again not if one listens carefully. In conclusion this is Jobson at his best: in control, playing with top class musicians and giving all prog-fans the message he is not done yet. Through These Eyes is the first solo album of Bryan Josh, the man introduced as "The Heart And Guitar of Mostly Autumn".
Merry She Goes is a short atmospheric instrumental opening, already showing Bryan Josh's love for Pink Floyd, whilst Land Of The Gods is a song that could have been on either of the two latest Mostly Autumn releases, with the soul of Glass Shadows combined with the rock approach in Heart Full Of Sky. On We Graze the energy level decreases proving Josh not only embodies the rock side of Mostly Autumn as this is a beautiful song with an acoustic guitar and sometimes accompanied by a Coldplay like piano.
The first part of the album is the rock part of Mostly Autumn whilst the second part is more mellow and personally I would have liked these styles mixed a bit more.
Into Your Arms is a bluesy ballad, followed by Old Friends which is a slow piano ballad sung by Olivia Sparnenn. Only In The Loss are spoken words and a short interruption to the music, before Going Home which is a very dark song and proves that Josh is a brilliant song writer. Bryan Josh is apparently seeking commercial success because the album features a radio edit of the catchy song The Appian Way, a good choice. I'll spoil the fun by telling that in the original version he used the F-word once, a good reason to put the song on the album again, but with a gap in the vocals.
At first I did not understand the need for Bryan Josh to make an album of his own but after hearing this album that question never reared it's ugly head again. Back in the early nineties when I was younger and a slacker, I often earned my livelihood by working various temp jobs. Barbieri is joined on this offering by Porcupine Tree band mate Gavin Harrison who contributes drums to two tracks, and legendary bassist Danny Thompson on one track. As a parallel, on the moody jazz piece Morphia, the sampled female voices seem apart, yet are mixed over each other like a disturbing crowd of split personalities.
This schizophrenic crowd also makes its sonic way via sampled voices on the trip-hop of Byzantium.
While I enjoy the drum programming elements of solo Barbieri, I would nonetheless love to hear the crisp drumming of Harrison featured more prominently on Barbieri’s next solo release. If you listen to either Barbieri solo CD and you frown and say “it doesn’t sound like Porcupine Tree”, then solo Barbieri may not be for you. In addition to releasing music and playing live, Barbieri has penned articles on analog synthesis for different publications and composed music for film.
Snapper Records has recently re-released Things Buried (the copy provided to me for this review is the earlier release on Intact).
Barbieri is joined on half of the CD’s tracks by Andy Gangadeen (Massive Attack) on acoustic and electronic drums, and noted bassist Percy Jones (David Sylvian, Brian Eno, and more) on fretless bass.
The minimalism of Red Square could conceivably bring back some memories for Jones of playing bass with Eno. After four albums under the name KingBathmat, John Bassett had a new musical project under the title of Gravity Field. In a departure from the KingBathmat releases, Bassett had taken a harder approach with Gravity Field, combining the more psychedelic elements of the earlier releases with a harder edge focused on some heavy guitar riffing. And it continues in much the same way for the rest of the album with the odd period of relief from the riffs as on Chapter 322 where the harmony guitars are pushed to the background in the later part of the song to make way for the wash of keyboards. When DPRP was first sent this album, there were some concerns that it may not be suitable as a 'progressive' release, and true, it may be a bit out of the ordinary from what is usually reviewed on this site.
The Other Side is an instrumental progressive project by Alan Mallery who composed and performed everything on the album, despite what the credits to his (anagrammatical) 'band mates' of Lyle LaRaman and Lamar Neally might suggest! Very much an album of differing moods, it is difficult to slot A Higher Vantage Point in to any particular pigeon hole. Crying World is one of the more immediate musical pieces on the album and I can imagine this being used as background music to some television programme.
Although some people are not fond of instrumental albums and others are not that enamoured by music that is dominated too much by one instrument, Mallery has managed to avoid a lot of the pitfalls particularly associated with a lot of 'keyboard' albums. While not necessarily prog, the band has been described in their Wikipedia entry as “art rock” and some little proggy touches can be detected here and their on the EP.
Festival Thyme mostly serves as a bit of a preview of the band’s latest full-length release The Century Of Self. This Dutch outfit Xystus from the Den Bosch area is working hard for both national as well as international recognition. A few months earlier, the band recorded parts of this show in the studio and so the release of the Equilibrio album was realized.
The full orchestra plays the classically oriented overture and is joined by the band, but the sound is more classical than metal.
We’re shifting into the higher gear in Divided We Stand and Michelle’s voice sounds quite a bit like Kayak’s Cindy Oudshoorn while John’s voice sounds remarkably similar to Bas’ singing, just a little sharper. In contrast to other ‘gothic rock’ albums and ‘rock-opera’s’, Xystus has managed to offer the listener a masterful experience, keeping their own identity but granting the full USConcert orchestra to play a major role throughout the entire album. Most bands usually ease themselves in gently when starting a recording career; this route however has not been the one that Danish band Tinkicker have chosen to follow, with their debut recording being what they themselves describe as a ‘rock opera’.
It’s a very dark topic for a concept album, and the band have obviously invested a lot of time and effort on the lyrics.
The issue is really that, whilst the band’s sound itself is interesting enough, the songs themselves aren’t particularly memorable – the majority are mid paced, and get a little monotonous after a while, especially as there are few hooks to hang them on.
Lament (a song which could almost have fit on to Pink Floyd’s The Wall, and indeed one which shares both lyrical and musical similarity to Comfortably Numb) and the semi-acoustic closer The Slideshow Of My Life being the standouts of the set.
Jazzraptor's Secret is Jack Foster's fourth collaboration with Trent Gardener (Magellan) and Robert Berry.
Jazzraptor's Secret start with some baby sounds, fortunately this uninteresting intro is faded after half a minute or so. To Have And To hold is an acoustic song that has that singer-songwriter feel to it that probably resulted in the criticism of Jack Foster's previous album.
Mandelbrot World is the epic song on the album with a length just over nine minutes and Trent Gardner makes his mark from the start with a signature keyboard solo.
Jack Foster has presented us a damn fine album and Jazzraptor's Secret does not have a weak moment on it. Sanctuary Rig are a four-piece band based in London comprising Richard Slade (drums, percussion), Mark Rae (keyboards, 12-string, backing vocals), Paul McNamara (bass, bass pedals, 12-string) and Jim Faupel (lead vocals, lead guitar, 12-string, harmonica, backing vocals).
The album opens with Justify which bears faint resemblance, musically at least, to The Who. So a rather mixed bag of music and one that at ninety minutes may be rather too disjointed and diverse to play all at once. A THOUSAND WORDS - Alex Waterhouse-Hayward's blog on pictures, plants, politics and whatever else is on his mind.
It was close to midnight the other Saturday night when Rebecca came up to me and said, "I love books." She looked at a desk in the room. I am sure my parents showered me with children's books yet I can consciously remember being 8 years old, sick in bed with a cold, and reading an American comic book, The Lone Ranger. El Mundo de los Pajaros was given to me (it is written inside) on the day of my first communion, December 7, 1950. The third book of my early life Corazon by Edmundo De Amicis (it lost its cheap cover only recently) was given to me by my father's friend, the plainclothes cop, Manrique.
Books are in my mind because I want to gently persuade Rebecca that reading and books will never make her lonely. Yesterday I went to Chapters and chatted with a nice sales clerk woman (she had been raised in the Northwest Territories with lots of books) in the children's book section and we jointly decided to give "Graphic Classics" a fighting chance. Wanda Smith told us with anguish that she had to move out of the house that she and her husband Claire (the colour photograph below) had lived in for 50 years.
Luchkow and Jarvis had invited us to listen in to a rehearsal (at St Jude's) to this Friday's concert at Knox United Church, at 8pm.
Jarvis gave Rebecca a thorough and interesting story on how by luck he found the Chickering in Hamilton, Ontario before it suffered the fate of most square Chickerings, which is to be converted into desks.
It was reading about Franz Liszt's two Chickerings here that I discovered that the Boston firm's principal contribution to the art of piano making was the cast-iron frame patented betweem 1840-1849 and which gave the instrument more stability and a richer sound.
I took a photograph of this cast iron frame (above) and Jarvis explained that the early instruments featured the sun design seen here.
Wanda and Claire would be delighted to find out that not only have we found a home for her piano but we have found good use for it. The piano music in this film (startingly every composition is played from beginning to end by Artur Rubinstein) is romantic and intimate. And you might note in the first picture that Luchkow volunteered to trade his valuable violin, for a short while with Rebecca's Lilly. January 25 2008 from Marc Destrube, the principal violinist of the Smithsonian's Axelrod Quartet. I have written of one of our city's best kept secrets (so unfortunate for those who don't know) which is Dances for a Small Stage. Every once in a while I discern these odd bedfellows on my photographic files which are classified alphabetically. There is even a good chance you will find the world a lot more simple after your reading because these books give you keys to the behaviour of nature and mankind. Contrary to what you could think, you do not need very accurate models to control a system.
Cost of crude oil should appear in the balance sheet of an oil drilling company, and then in all the supply chain. Profits from petroleum companies should be more taxed because these profits are not merited. Revenues per employee are the total revenues of the company divided by its number of employees.
Profits per employee (Profits divided by its number of employees) are also indicated for reference and verification of basic profitability. I made use of their nice compare tool which I advise to you if you want to go further into the analyis. By the way, when I speak about oil industry, I mean it at large, that-is-to-say including refining or drilling. One way of measuring this complexity is to see how many people you need to develop new industrial projects. Well, good question, glad you asked, if you have a decent proposal you are probably a good candidate for a next Nobel Prize.
Basically only government can create money except that bankers have managed to escape this rule by creating extravagant interest rates, among others subprimes.
Note that forging fake money is a severely punished crime - compared to what is done (nobody is killed). This is not obvious because along with energy or health, defense is among the primary needs of people.
And to go further, companies should publish all wages and remunerations, at least wages by categories of employee. This is a huge gap between finance and the rest of the industry (factor 3 between Goldman Sachs and Google in revenues per employee). Companies who sell financial products should be a minimum responsible for the performances of their product. But quite logically they have high costs (the products they buy in large quantities) and then not so high profits per employee. Even for private insurances (cars, home…) the principle is the same, everybody contributes, only a few people need insurance reimbursements.
Let’s imagine the troubles if everybody was a little sick** or if everybody had a car accident today. Most risk estimations are based on gaussian distributions of probabilities which are proved to be over optimistic. As long as it works we feel like billionaires and suddenly it blows up and we are in the shit for 150 years!

For this purpose, I suggested they read The (Mis)behaviour of Markets: A Fractal View of Risk, Ruin and Reward by Benoit Mandelbrot.
Indeed more than ten years ago, Mandelbrot explained why the finance world was walking on its head. I found yesterday an excellent article in one of the main French financial newspapers about Mandelbrot’s work on finance. Mandelbrot showed that the financial system was fractal, exhibiting the same behaviour at all scales.
Your vision of the world will change and for almost free because these books are quite old (but have never been so fashionnable). For this purpose, here are some subjects that deserve all your attention and about which I will blog soon.
Its equivalent in English is The (Mis)behaviour of Markets: A Fractal View of Risk, Ruin and Reward. As many, I was surprised because the first reaction is to think rich people do not need money, poor people do need it. These last ten years, finance seemed to work with this motto in mind : Lend to the poor, give to the rich. After that, in Lessons 3 – 8, I will briefly outline the five universal principles and how they relate to everyday life, including relationships, manifestation, the Law of Attraction, health and illness, politics, and the entire gamut of life.
The atom is a tiny nucleus surrounded by tiny electrons whizzing about in allowed energy states called orbitals.
Well, that’s because the sampling rate of the camera –– the number of frames it records per second on the film –– is too slow. But if you set the strobe to go off exactly 5 times per second, at the same rate as the wheel is turning, the wheel appears to be completely solid, and motionless.
A vibration, after all, is just the periodic, back and forth motion of something –– a pulsing –– whether that be a vibrating guitar string, a turning wheel, a burst of sound, or a strobe light going on and off. And since the 5 senses of the human body are made of atoms, the human senses are also vibrational.
In other words, we can all see that a rock is a rock, and a horse is a horse, and Santa Claus’ costume is red. If you believe in the biological basis for consciousness (what I call the “Man is Meat” theory) this is a no–brainer, for you believe that thought and emotion is essentially electro–chemical in nature. In other words, when the dog whistle is blown, the frequency is above the vibrational range of the human ear. This means that a waveform of higher frequency can decipher a waveform of lower frequency, but not vice–versa. Therefore, the underlying substrate of reality is a vibrational ether that is instantaneously responsive to changes in vibration. If you have looked into a fractal you can see that the patterns repeat, over and over again, but they are never the same (see the links below for two fractal movies). He showed that there is a hidden order within the seeming chaos of nature, that allows for ordered and structured free will expression without pandemonium and anarchy.
In other words, even the slightest change can cause entirely different results (this is precisely what happens when you make a fractal!) Lorenz called this the Butterfly Effect, and he described it by saying, “the wing movements of a butterfly in Peru may later, through an extremely complex series of unpredictably-linked events, magnify air movements and ultimately cause a hurricane in Texas”.  This law is now known to apply to all dynamical systems, not just the weather, so that the smallest of changes triggers a chain reaction of unexpected exponential consequences. We are part of nature, and exist within a vibrational universe that is enormously responsive to changes in thought and action.  Like the butterfly wing, we have the power to physically change our human societies, by simply changing the way we think and feel.
Even an unobservant person can feel the emotion of anger, and sadness, and joy, in another! This is sometimes called “peer pressure.” In the presence of a powerful healer or spiritual master, you feel uplifted. We are all connected through the subtle, invisible sea of the universal field that communicates thoughts effortlessly. What gets people into trouble in relationships is when they try to “fix” something in their partner. You know, somebody says something chippy to you one morning and you can’t think of anything good in reply, so you stew a little bit.
A person becomes more animated, which is a direct result of life force energy, or chi, or prana. This means that the closer you are emotionally to another, the more real you are, and the better communication you will have with that person. The trick is to understand the vibrational scale of emotions and consciously lower yourself to match the other’s tone level. The Vibrational Universe is filled with practical examples and explanations on how to apply the Law of Vibration and the Law of Attraction to daily life. We provide valuable information and resources to help individuals raise their level of consciousness, and improve their overall well-being.
In his customary direct manner he responded “When I don’t want to do it anymore and I can’t be bothered I’ll just stop”. The current live band are represented by David Million (electric guitars), Julie King (vocals), Kris Hudson-Lee (bass), Phil Wilkes (keyboards) and Kev Currie (backing vocals). Sax plays its part in keeping the momentum going aided by tuneful synth and guitar solo contributions from (I believe) Messrs Tillison and Million respectively. The four part The House On The Hill is Manning’s longest continuous track since the title piece from 2005’s One Small Step. When I say winning I should add artistically because like so many of his contemporaries Guy still remains shamefully ignored by the paying public at large. Through the internet Eddie gathered his new UKZ band with multitalented musicians from all over the western world. Musically there are influences from a crossover between GTR and UK and maybe with a little bit of Yes. We should be eagerly anticipating the full length UKZ album and I hope the line up will hold out more than just this EP. On the albums of Mostly Autumn he is credited for the majority of the songs but somehow he still had something to say for himself. That Josh really means business is shown on The Appian Way, a powerful and cheerful song that would easily have been the best song on the above mentioned Mostly Autumn albums. Black Stone on the other hand starts very dark and moody but the chorus is very fiery, pounding drums and heavy guitar riffs.
Then Not A Dream is a very powerful ballad that slowly increases in power, starting acoustically and ending in one of those brilliant Pink Floyd-like solos, significant to Bryan Josh's playing. Although it took a while before I noticed the difference between this version and the original one earlier on in the album. The style of this album is somewhere between Heart Full Of Sky and Glass Shadows but leaning a bit more towards the first one. This is a really good album that of course is recommended to all fans of Mostly Autumn, especially if you like Heart Full Of Sky. The fleeting and changeable nature of these jobs saw me deployed to different warehouses, er, distribution facilities; and factories, or rather, um, manufacturing domiciles. The CD was mixed by Japan alum Steve Jansen, who also provides additional arrangements, percussion, and programming; presumably across the whole recording (the credits do not indicate which specific tracks he plays on). In addition to the aforementioned sources, samples have also been harnessed in the form of wav and mp3 files from the Freesound Project under the creative commons sampling plus license, courtesy of sampling Robin Hoods “Studiorat”, “Jovica”, “Wingz”, and “Ejaz215”. An eerie voice sample plays out like a phone call from the dead in Abyssyn, a house-metric workout giving Barbieri some modern appeal. I believe there is enough breathing room in his creative realm for acoustic drumming and drum programming to co-exist in harmony. I was unfamiliar with the Porcupine Tree keyboard man at the time and paid little attention to the link for ordering the CD. With that said, this review is in no way an attempt to compare Barbieri’s solo work to Porcupine Tree.
The voice of Barbieri’s wife Suzanne is hauntingly sampled into opening track Nevada, which is layered over with Barbieri’s dark synth passages and some scraping rhythmic elements. The CD comes in simple gatefold packaging with blurry, surreal images on the front and back. And Dead Cat Bounce where guitars come from all angles and mix in with the bass in a mid-tempo central section. Mallery has managed to weave various styles and textures into his music and yet still maintain an overall relaxed feeling over the 10 tracks. There’s definitely some multi-tasking going on in this band and it is not often that you come across one with three drummers and three pianists. Perhaps I’m just too old, but I don’t see this modern music striking my fancy with future listens. Critical acclaimed debut Receiving Tomorrow (2004), was followed by the DPRP recommended Surreal album in 2006. Guests on the album are George Oosthoek (Orphanage), Simone Simons (Epica) and from the world of Dutch Musicals: John “Tarzan” Vooijs and Michelle Spietelhof. In My Song Of Creation Simone (Lady Sophia) starts singing with her sweet voice, accompanied by the orchestra. In The Conflict we hear a solid piece of progmetal and “Diegu” is backed up by Michelle aka “Aveline” and then also John, aka “Primos” comes along. Equilibrio is not just an album for group and orchestra but a real synthesis with equal parts for orchestra, band and vocalists: an impressive accomplishment, deserving our utmost admiration!
However, it must be said that in many places it feels that the songs are merely a mechanism to carry the story, rather than entities in their own right, and this is one of the album’s main problems. The band have certainly got an interesting sound, and indicate in places that they can pen a strong song - perhaps the best way forward would be to forgo the concept route next time and concentrate on the songs themselves. Their third album Tame Until Hungry, the only one without "Raptor" in the title, was criticized by some within the progressive community for not being progressive enough. The Corner opens in a Magellan like style, which is strange really because Trent does not appear on this song. The heart of this track sounds like a protest song with acoustic parts and heavier choruses.
God And War starts with churchlike a cappella singing that states something like "The Meek Shall Inherit The Earth"; sounds familiar. Apart from some short moments it also does not have any really outstanding things on it either. Khnosti is their first full length album, a follow-up to their 30-minute debut mini album Sail On released in 2005.
One was given to all of us at school in 1950 which was the one hundredth anniversary of the death of San Martin. I remember it as my second or third grade teacher read daily from this book plus another that was a biography on Franz Schubert. I remember reading Ouida's Under Two Flags as a Classics Illustrated and my reading habits were never corrupted.
The second movement is so beautiful that I invented a story and told Rebecca, "Felix Mendelssohn was only 14 when he composed this. Jude's Catholic Church let Rosemary, Rebecca, Lauren and me into the Rectory's Music Studio.
He explained how the squareness made the piano more compact but that in not having the length of a baby grand or a grand piano it was missing a lower octave. By coincidence Rosemary and I saw Song of Love (1947) which is a well made (rare) Hollywood musical biography which features Katherine Hepburn as Clara Schumann and Paul Henreid as her husband Robert.
I have written about Movent run by Julie-Anne Saroyan and Day Helesic.Day HelesicDay Helesic, againThey have an upcoming (the 18th in the series!) Dances for a Small Stage , Thursday Jan 31- Fri Feb 1, which nobody in their right mind should miss.
Perhaps because of tram 35 that used to take me to my abuelita's house in downtown Buenos Aires in the late 40s. When Lauren and Rebecca sleepover on Saturday night (and last night was the case) we have those pleasant and lazy Sunday mornings complete with pancakes for breakfast.
Associating the notions of predictability and simplicity, the converse is also true: it is more complicated than you could think even if you have heard of fractals.
International finance looks complex but there are a limited number of principles behind it. This post is extracted from the longer (too long?) post revenues per employee sum up world’s troubles. One word about lawyers and MD: I am really not shocked to see them first because a lawyer or a MD has much more responsibility than an engineer. However, notice that the ranking puts a high weight on the size of the company because else in the ranking of the best companies to work for Goldman Sachs is before Valero and that the first company is Google (2007).
The aim is to see whether this tells us something about the current state of the world and namely whether this tells us something about energy and finance troubles. It is not the mean wage but there is indeed a strong correlation between high revenues per employee and high wages (See Fortune article about best paying companies below).
You would find all these industries in the first places of the ranking of industries by Revenues per employee published by Fortune. In my opinion, the industry closest to money definition makes more money, and in this sense, the chart proves that the best definition of money is its definition as a commodity, and further in the analogy, as an energy. Interest rate added to interest rate added to interest rate, is called speculation and it is basically what created undue inflation. Fake money is rightfully taken very seriously by states (15 years in prison in the US)… except when it is done by speculation. I have already talked about insurances: insurances create money based on a good old Ponzi scheme.
If weapons were traded as freely as petroleum or financial products, there is no doubt they would show way higher up in this ranking. However, when I say that an airplane is complex, I mean that it is hard to design, to simulate, to control, to produce. I did not filter out Mc Kesson, it is a reminder that revenues per employee alone does not mean much. However, money created by speculation is much like fake money and the 2008 global crisis proved this. However, in this Madoff case the real question is: isn’t our western society a huge Ponzi scheme? To be perfectly clear, risks are totally underestimated even for private insurance companies. The funny thing is that this market collapse is itself due to another Ponzi scheme: the mortgage insurances who allowed the subprimes market. To make it short, it is because financial theory fundamental principles are wrong and over-optimistic. The second good news, contained in that article, is that Mandelbrot’s book are being republished.
Later on I will blog about the fractal theory applied to finance because it is today the best theory explaining the crisis that I have found so far. On the paper, it seems to generate profits, but globally it destroys value because it destroys the experience acquired by the workers, engineers and management teams (about everyone is impacted by offshoring). Therefore, it looks like this remainder is not superfluous : LEND to the rich, GIVE to the poor (not the opposite). We will see how we can use these principles to get along much better with others and feel better about ourselves.
Although it is impossible to say where an electron is at any given moment, in general the electrons are proportionally as far away from the nucleus as the planets are from the sun. Even though the wheel is actually moving clockwise, it  appears to be moving counter–clockwise.
But there are enough subtle differences –– like color blindness –– to make each of us see things in a slightly different way.
And if you believe that consciousness is spiritually based, it does not require too much of a leap of the imagination to understand that emotions –– energy in motion–– are vibrational, and that thought is vibrational as well. All of us understand this scale, for when we are in the lower emotions, we feel bad, and when we are happy and cheerful, we feel good. The vibrational universe concept postulates that the visible matter and energy of our world emerges from this dynamically interacting system, and that dark matter and energy –– which composes 96% of the matter and energy of the universe –– is part of this substrate. Fractals are important because they show that order, not chaos, is the fundamental property of reality.
The universe itself grants power to the people, to individuals, and not to “authorities.” It is only when webelieve that we are powerless that we become without power.
The grump attracts grumps, and the cheerful person attracts cheerful people, or those who respond to cheerfulness. However, when you change your personal signal to the universe, you change how others respond to you, through the vibrational matching property we talked about in Lesson One. This vibrational matching principle is the explanation for the law of ‘like attracts like,’ or the Law of Attraction. When you align the focus of your attention to anything, you begin a cycle of increased perception of it, and learning. You look for things wrong with that person, and soon everything that person does is irritating! When the body dies the cells disassociate, because there is no longer any life force energy to hold them together. Thoroughly understanding these concepts makes life a lot simpler and easier, and reduces stress as well!
If you would like to contribute to our growing community, please contact us using the form at the top of the page!
Thankfully, for every discerning music fan, Guy does still want to do it and can still be bothered resulting in this his tenth album in ten years. And a Manning album wouldn’t be a Manning album without the presence of Laura Fowles (alto sax, vocals), Ian 'Walter' Fairbairn (fiddle), Stephen Dundon (flute, tenor sax) and of course Andy Tillison (keyboards, drums). The Final Chapter contrasts some very stylish bluesy guitar work in the vocal section with a joyfully insistent (and slightly folky) instrumental theme courtesy of acoustic guitar, flute and synth. His tongue is firmly in his cheek with an otherwise lyrical synth making sly references to two 10cc songs I’m Mandy Fly Me (the romanticism of flying) and Clockwork Creep (the horrors of flying). It fulfils all the customary requirements of a prog mini-epic including a slow, introspective beginning and a grandiose finale. As I’ve possibly remarked before he is a without doubt a man for all seasons always bringing a variety of different moods and musical colourings to the prog-rock table and none more so than on this release. On the bass (Warr guitar) there is Trey Gunn (King Crimson) from the US, on the guitar Alex Machacek from Austria, on drums Marco Minnemann from Germany, on vocals Aaron Lippert (living in Belgium but a US citizen) and of course Jobson (from Great Britain) plays the keyboards and the electric violin.
Then Aaron starts singing with a slightly transformed voice while Gunn’s bass keeps on playing that same nice groovy melody.
Jobson’s sequences and effects are superb and the basic riff resembles the one in the opening of In The Dead Of Night by UK. So all the tracks on his solo album are written by him and he plays guitar, keyboards, bass and the vocals. It's a catchy song with some commercial potential, and it would certainly be nice to hear this one on the radio.
The rock sound of Mostly Autumn is back and it continues on through Slow Down, one of my favourite songs on this album. As stated the first section on this album is heavier and the second part contains more mellow songs which personally I would have liked it mixed a bit more. In maintaining a politically correct or professional decor in their vernacular, the temp agencies often referred to these blue collar positions as “light industrial”.
The CD was mastered by Porcupine Tree colleague Steven Wilson (doesn’t it seem like this guy is everywhere?).
And the sampling is carefully restrained so that it doesn’t come off sounding like the excess of Ministry or Meat Beat Manifesto. And on the brooding edge of Hypnotek, samples along with and industrial groove give a contemporary feel which could have come from the studio of Trent Reznor.
After being exposed to the DPRP site, first as a fan and now as a writer, I started to learn more about Barbieri and to develop an interest in him. A macabre rhythm section of Jones on the fretless and Gangadeen giving a nod via the electronic drum controls to his Massive Attack colleagues invades Light On Glass with a nightmarish pacing. Or finally, on The Well Of Sorrow, where a temporary island of relative calm expounds regret and sorrow - Searching high and low, the memory remains - intermingled with the incessant and obligatory electric six strings. At five and a half minutes, opening track The Bells of Creation [Machete Mix] has enough tempo changes to make it a mini-epic of sorts. On their next release it would be nice to see this band create some longer epics in the vein of alt-prog contemporaries Tool and The Mars Volta. Now, the band returns with a huge production: a genuine rock-opera in cooperation with the full Utrechts Studenten Concert, the oldest existing symphony orchestra in the Netherlands. Lead vocalist and founder member from Xystus, Bas Dolmans, performs The Traveller, the main character in the story. More emotions and acoustic guitars in the mellow Balance Restored, sung by “Diegu”, “Aveline” and “Primos”. His family tire of his behaviour and leave on holiday without him, however their plane crashes on takeoff, killing them. There’s no doubt that Tinkicker have come up with a pretty unique sound – routed in heavy rock, there’s a strong hint of early Rush (circa Fly By Night) in the general approach whilst some of the riffs recall the classic Black Sabbath sound created at the dawn of the seventies. Despite my reservations, Tinkicker are still a band to keep an eye on in the future, as there is definite promise here.
That singer-songwriter orientation is still noticeable on Jazzraptor's Secret, but on many songs the musical limits are tested. The melody is very jazzy and contains some nice catchy lyrics, I recognized a children's song and some funny remarks about Fred Astaire, the latter really sticks in your head.
Outbreak Monkey puts the album back on the progressive path, opening with a fast guitar and this song sounds a lot like Sieges Even - heavy parts alternated with some very good acoustic guitar playing.
This is the true protest song on this album, very mellow but with a heavy climax just before the churchlike singing ends the song.
Beau Geste, Percival Christopher WrenRosemary, Rebecca, Lauren, Graham Walker and I went to the concert last night.
I told Rebecca to bring the piles to me, a few books at a time and I gave a quick precis on each one and in some cases I read the first page of the first chapter. But I also remember a first book, perhaps because of the bright green colour of its cover and the even more colorful bird illustrations inside. As nostalgia for Argentina began to strike in my old age I gave it a read and I found it less dull. But Rebecca gets lazy and sometimes opts for clothing Barbies on the computer or watching (to my chagrin) those programs where they appeal to children to convince their parents to adopt a child in Africa.
It all started with Juan Castelao who gave Rebecca her first piano lessons on the Chickering (serial number 108516 built between 1905 and 1910) and it also involved Nicole Scriabin, Alexander Scriabin's beautiful grand niece, who posed by it even though she could not play chopsticks.
Robert Walker plays a thoroughly human, warm and funny Brahms while Henry Daniell (usually a scary Nazi) plays a scary Franz Liszt.
Today Rebecca requested (it was too late, since the pancakes were on the table) that I melt and blend honey with unsalted butter. However, if you have read Mandelbrot or heard of fractals, you know that all you need to draw a tree is a 2 lines pattern, which you repeat a big number of times introducing at each step some light randomness. So even if their job may be in some cases less complex (does not mean easy obviously) than engineering, it is definitely worth more money per person. OK but this does not explain why oil companies revenues per employee (and wages) and profits are so high. This means than high revenues per employees does not mean high cost (excluding wages) per employee.
And I tell you right now that you are welcome to comment on the chart and on these surprises.
The biggest and most complex project of all time is arguably the race to the moon (approximately $135 billion in 2005 dollars). The cost of oil on the market, if it included unextracted oil price, would be significantly higher. Moreover, when a speculation bubble bursts, the money that was created and taken by banks is not destructed and reimbursed by banks. Unregulated generation of money through speculation and lends to unsolvable people has proven deadly. Specifically, aren’t our insurances huge Ponzi schemes (Pension, unemployment, health (Medicare), but also finance, car and home insurances)?

No, not exactly, on the paper, if the insurance company sets a price that is equal to the maximum it can reimburse to you, there won’t be any trouble.
These principles state that the hazard involved in the market theory is regular enough to be smoothed by the big numbers law. Another way to say it is that the financial world completely inverted the roles by lending a lot of money (I am not speaking about microcredit) to the weaker classes and by speculating on them instead of lending money to strong companies. With this crisis, there will sadly be plenty of new poor people and there will be plenty of companies desperately needing credits. For a more detailed description of the 5 fundamental universal principles, including the Law of Attraction, with plenty of examples from real life, see my book The Vibrational Universe.
This is a really important concept because, as we will learn later, each of us has a vibrational signal that interfaces with the universe at large. For more on that, you can go to my website and see the movie, “The Unity of Spirit and Matter.” Just scroll down the page until you see it.
Quantum mechanics tells us that the vacuum of space is not empty at all, but filled with a roiling sea of virtual particles that wink into and out of existence. This is expressed in the law of ‘like attracts like,’ which we will explore in much more detail in future talks.
When a lot of people believe in the same way, it sets up a powerful vibration that entrains others to it. Therefore, you always have control over the way you feel in any situation, You also have control, in a general sense, of your life. But we know that there must be a powerful vibrational similarity that brings them together.
Even if he likes almost everything about her, Bob can screw up his relationship by allowing that one vibe to spill over and dominate his regard for her.
Logically, it makes no sense –– if Bob likes 10 things about Jill and dislikes only one, still, that small thing can grow into something very powerful and dominant.
Completing the impressive cast are Danny Rhodes (additional drums), Pav Chana (percussion), Ed Niedhardt (soprano sax, bass clarinet) and Hannah Hudson-Lee (backing vocals).
Just two songs in and already the rich instrumental textures we’ve come to expect from a Manning album are keenly observed. A good deal of its length can be attributed to the appropriately titled Tangible Expression mid-section.
Although there is often a personal side to Guy’s lyrics they consistently have the ability to strike a chord with most of us as characterised by the graphic poetry of Another Lazy Sunday and the telling humour of Bloody Holiday!
Hopefully Jobson will demonstrate he has maintained his ability to play the electric violin on the forthcoming album, because on this EP it’s role was insignificant.
The drums are by Gavin Griffiths, who played live during the Mostly Autumn tour following the release of Heart Full Of Sky and the female vocals are sung by Olivia Sparnenn who has performed background vocals on several Mostly Autumn albums. At first listen a straightforward rock song, but after a couple of spins this song would not get out of my head. As I mentioned before, it would have been better if the rock songs and ballads were mixed evenly over the album. The female vocals are clearly outnumbered and therefore this album cannot be seen as a Mostly Autumn album with a different female vocalist. Vocal samples from Tim Bowness (No~Man, Centrozoon) and Barbieri’s wife Suzanne has been, as it is put in the CD’s credits, “used and abused throughout the recording”). It, like, arrives unannounced on All Fall Down, with Barbieri’s light piano, Harrison’s breezy drums and acoustic bass from Thompson just meandering along and enjoying themselves until the sampled female voices drop in as if to say “Surprise!” To quote Marillion, on this song they’re like “the uninvited guest” and seem out of place.
Aside from Porcupine Tree, he has also played in seminal new-wave act Japan (and their alter ego band Rain Tree Crow), The Dolphin Bothers, and Indigo Falls (with his wife Suzanne). They also turn up as a rhythm section on Flaw, which in its polyrhythmic gamelan styling evokes Discipline-era King Crimson. The band has been in existence for a little more than a decade and since that first self-titled, limited edition CDR EP have put out a string of six full length CDs, four more EPs (including Festival Thyme, being reviewed here), and several singles and music videos. Island Sea [Edit] is a straight-up rock song with an accelerating tempo and shows that this presumably “art rock” band has enough contemporary hooks to reel in the ears of young people and bridge the musical generation gap. This USConcert was celebrating its 185 year anniversary last year and their mission became to perform a rock-opera with a ‘real’ metal-band. An atmospheric piece of orchestral music as we know from bands like Epica or Nightwish is followed by the band taking the lead in The Traveller and Bas introduces himself, he is “Diegu”. The finale is more like progmetal in the gothic rock vein and Lady Sophia returns once more and because of her singing, this peace could have easily been performed by Epica. In addition, there are some goth touches here and there, reminiscent of Siouxsie And The Banshees (witness some of the swirling guitar work that crops up at various times) and mid-eighties era Killing Joke. The presence of Trent Gardner results in some Magellan influences, but for me the similarity to Sieges Even was amazing. Dreaming Not Sleeping is heavier than To Have And To Hold but the focus is again a bit more on writing a compact song without too many difficult breaks.
The New American must have been written by Trent as it has Magellan written all over it -  strange vocal lines and odd breaks.
Janine Benyus: 12 sustainable design ideas from nature The Mesmerising Beauty Of Animals Shaking Themselves Dry What does it feel like to fly over planet Earth? The latter name is most unusual but my guess is that they may have been teaching colleagues of my mother's. He was so smitten that he dedicated this Sonata to her." The third movement ("The first is my favourite, Paul Luchkow told us," but then we noticed that, unlike the other two, the first began with a solo violin part!) is equally nice and ends in a startling manner.
She needed to find a home for her piano which had been given to her by her father when she was a child. A perfect way to extend the pleasure of this concert would be to rent the film (it is available, I checked) at Videomatica. Here is my idea.In September 1999 the Georgia Straight was keen in having original photographs accompany its arts coverage (sadly that has changed not only for the Straight but for the Vancouver Sun, too). In 1981 he had launched into the market his Osborne 1 which was in many ways the first commercially available portable computer. Back to our subject, Goldman Sachs is only 11th, behind, another oil firm (EOG Resources) and behind sofware companies (among other Adobe Systems). In fact, wages and profits should be greatly lowered by the expected high cost for crude oil (taken out the cost of extracting or distributing it).
So this not high enough cost directly leads to energy wasting, overconsumption, and then global warming. Because, on the contrary to finance, petroleum industry requires also some complex infrastructures. He deserves a Nobel prize in all categories: economy, physics, medecine (biology), chemistry, and even litterature and peace, because his work helped describing and understanding the geometry of nature.
This book is amazing, it is ten years old but it looks like it was written 2 days ago, after the crisis. Unfortunately, this value might not be easy to fit in the math models our finance guys came up with.
Emotions are our unfailing guide, our North Star, to tell us whether we have abandoned the path of True Self. Only when vibrations are similar can there be coherent communication, reality and understanding, as we saw in Lesson One..
If they don’t see your viewpoint, more than likely they are simply not capable of perceiving where you are at.
If thought itself is vibrational, then the entirety of existence is unified in a dynamically interacting, instantaneously responsive system.
When you get into a rut, the same sorts of things happen to you, but they are always just a little bit different!
By changing the way you think and feel about your life, you change the way others respond to you, and you open up vibrational windows of opportunity! If your friend is feeling sad and you are feeling great, understand that you won’t be very real to him or her in your higher emotion. An Ordinary Day is no ordinary song with a sublime orchestral arrangement that is something of a departure from Guy’s often multi-layered instrumentation.
Here Guy and partner Julie King perform a delightful duet against a delicate backdrop of chiming keys, clarinet and acoustic guitar. Co-written with Andy T, it takes a leaf out of The Tangent’s book with a succession of jazz tinged solos as saxophone, piano, guitar, flute and fiddle take full advantage of their individual slots. When Jobson’s particular keyboard-sounds can be distinguished more easily, it’s the start of a heavenly beautiful interlude in which the atmosphere of the first UK album, but also the spectacular sound of Jobson’s Theme Of Secrets, can be recognised. Initially this made me afraid that Josh's solo album would be a Mostly Autumn album with a replacement for Heather Findlay. Here the contribution of Olivia Sparnenn is more significant than on the first songs, but it's not in the same amount as Heather Findlay's contribution in Mostly Autumn. He has also collaborated with, among others, various configurations of Japan alumni, as well as Tim Bowness (No~Man, Centrozoon), and electronic improv group The Bays.
Gangadeen’s electronic drums create a similar effect on Medication Time, which merges into a more organic groove at the end of the track. Phillips’ groovy bass serves as the intro to the title track, a rollicking waltzy number evoking Jethro Tull. The band supplied the core of all the music, the story and the lyrics and worked hard to get the whole production on stage. Again a major role for the orchestra, some choir singing, the band joining in and Bas is backed up by Death (George Oosthoek). The band occasionally veer into industrial and thrash territory, especially towards the latter stages as the subject matter turns darker, but it would be fair to say that the majority of this material would fit comfortably under the ‘hard rock’ banner. The use of acoustic guitar is a good choice, it gives the music a warmer feeling than a distorted guitar. People looking for something experimental and excitingly new should not buy this album, however if you are looking for a good album with singer-songwriter influences accompanied by some more progressive works then this is perfect.
The Mellotron flutes are also a nice touch and, although there are a lot of words, they are well written and surprisingly don't swamp the song.
It was specially nice for Lauren who managed to be quiet and stay awake for the whole time. After struggling through the first chapter of this very small and thin book Rebecca came to understand that small books are not necessarily easy.
I would have not suspected that our moment of bliss had its beginnings in 1990, when our 90 year old neighbour from across the street, Wanda Smith rang our door bell. We were greeted by the piano's (Chickering, serial number 17503, built in 1857) owner, eminent organist, harpsichordist, pianist, and master of the Music Room Michael Jarvis and my friend violinist Paul Luchkow. While it diminished the sturdy sound of the piano it sounded like a wonderful musical waterfall.
He is going to look a my Noblex (it works) to figure out why nother one (a client's) doesn't. But even with a good model you cannot predict easily the stock chart of a determined company. Another way of measuring program complexity is to check how late or how over-budget a program is. Cost of crude oil should appear in the balance sheet of an oil drilling company, and then in all the distribution chain.
If you wonder why, I leave to your imagination to think about a world where everybody has a rocket launcher at home. His work can indeed be applied to stock market, natural borders, lungs description, fluid mechanics, animal population evolution, clouds. An instant interest of this group is that Philippe Herlin gives a list of news articles about the subject (given below). Any time I mention the word “vibration,” you can probably substitute the word “emotion,” for emotions are vibrations!
If you continue to fight with them, you will be drawn further and further into their vibration, which means you will go down to their level. This means that the universe is responsive to your thoughts and feelings, and everyone is empowered. Anyway, Mandelbrot discovered that within fractals are hidden dimensions, and that natural objects are fractal in nature.
The vibrational universe empowers you, because if you do not like your life the way it is, you can change how you think and feel about it, and the universe will respond. Such is the power of a dominant vibration to entrain the thoughts and actions of large groups of people. In a vibrational universe that responds dynamically to your thoughts and feelings, life can change rapidly, for better or for worse! You will need to come down the scale to match her vibration, or your help will not be effective.
These subjects are not incompatible with science or rational thought, despite those who choose to think otherwise. Ken is an accomplished editor and writer, and has published his own work and has had some of his books published under the Loving Healing Press label. Centred around a lyrical piano motif it boasts a beautiful melody with an ascending vocal line not unlike The Tangent’s In Earnest. The memorable chorus builds to a stirring finale with elegant violin and flute embellishments. If I was awarding points than the extended guitar display would certainly take the honours for me. A prominent role for Minnemann and at the end of this interlude Machacek shows he can play in Holdsworth’s style too. Through These Eyes is more folky with some spoken messages, even introducing deceased musicians that could be Josh's all time perfect band. The Betrayal Of Roger Casement And The Irish Brigade is another mini-epic with some haunting ambience and some sonic guitar soloing. Sold out performances in Utrecht Leidsche Rijn in July 2008 eventually led to the release of a DVD (ordering within the Netherlands through the band’s website) in January this year. Vocalist Klaus Bastian, meanwhile, has a rather portentous, somewhat pompous delivery that fits the general tone of the album. Inspiration is another turn to the easy-listening rock and again a nice tune but I think the real progheads will not have very warm feelings for this song. I have played Jazzraptor's Secret many times and this one will certainly return to my CD-player again. Such was the influence of this book (which I have always had with me) that I chose to do a nostalgia photographic essay on Argentine birds with the lovely Linda Lorenzo. I decided to pair them off as unlikely combinations, for example an opera singer and a modern dancer. Osborne is also a photographer and goes by the name of Mandelbrot.I photographed Marie Osmond in January 1986 and I was amazed at her flawless complexion and her commitment to posing for me with as much help as she could. They were exactly like the trams I saw in my several visits to San Francisco and which ran or run on Market Street.
Rebecca and Lauren love to play with the female German Shephard Shadow who plays a soccer goaltender with skill.Last night Rebecca and I went through a pile of books and I read first chapter to her. So, I am looking for a way to measure profitability for both employees and shareholders as a whole.
Moreover, they have a monopoly, or even they have 2 monopolies, one for internet search and one for online targeted advertising.
However, business being business unless you are creating money for free you will have costs. Thanks to this reimbursement probability they will be able to set you up a price inferior to the maximum they may have to reimburse you. He is not afraid of complexity but knows to recognize simplicity in the middle of intricated systems that most people consider as infinitely complex. Please notice the link called How Fractals Can Explain What’s Wrong with Wall Street which is dated on February 1999. When snow falls, each flake is similar, but slightly different from the rest, because this hidden dimensionality makes possible an almost infinite set of possibilities for uniqueness, andsimilarity. As Obi–wan Kenobi said in Star Wars 1, “the force has a powerful influence on the weak–minded.” The good news is that you have control of your own vibrational signal. At ten minutes plus, A Road Less Travelled allows the band ample scope for instrumental expression.
The aforementioned finale builds from a strong vocal melody into a stately choral coda with floating strings and a stirring sax break to play out. Most of the guitar, piano, and drums on the EP are good, but the colourful and somewhat steampunk themed gatefold packaging does not specifically credit the individual musicians for each track. We are into singer-songwriter mode with the Dylanesque Louise, particularly on the solo acoustic version provided as a bonus track.
Rebecca listened to the concert but never really looked up as she had her eyes glued to Dracula.
But the most interesting combination was pianist Ian Parker and Ballet BC dancer Edmond Kilpatrick.
When my mother taught in Veracruz, Mexico in the late 60s I visited her with my soon to be wife Rosemary.
The interest of dividing by the number of employee is that it gives you a hint on what is left that can be given to employees for wages and bonuses. Besides, Aerospace and Defense industry is a heavy industry that does not require only minds (unlike Finance or Software industries).
The arrival of a competitor, the Bing search engine made by Microsoft is good to limit the trust situation. And all the magic of competition and liberalism is to drive these costs to the same amount as revenues. If more listened to the world would be way more peaceful because better understood and less submitted to crisis. That is to say, more rules, more ways to enforce them and more ways to measure their efficiency.
By living mindfully and exercising conscious control of your life, it is possible to not only stand in your power, but also influence others in a positive direction.
A song of varying moods it begins very mellow with flute, mellotron, electric piano and fiddle supporting the reflective vocal. Rosemary and I would sit at the Cafe de la Parroquia on the city centre plaza (el Zocalo) and as we sipped or lecheros (Jarochan version of the cafe con leche) we would listen to the wonderful combination of the nearby marimbas and the clanging of the trams. I had to explain Donna Leon and her Commissario Guido Brunetti series which are set in Venice. They require heavy machines and complex organisations that drive costs to very high values thus clearing hopes for profits. It is quite ironic to see Microsoft acting as an anti monopoly while they are still in a monopoly situation with Windows. So the good news is today European leaders backed sweeping new regulations for financial markets.
So some of our great financial engineers sold expensive products (home and loans) to people who could hardly afford them.
But we became so worried about Communism, “permissiveness,” and other threats to our way of life that we have abandoned the principles of tolerance, inclusion, and mutual respect that we have become that which we have been fighting. When these two people get together, they begin to explore and identify those things that they have in common, and they also discover what things irritate them! The highpoint however is a lively instrumental reel led by playful violin and flute followed by great rippling synth line and majestic guitar and symphonic keys fanfare. She told me at intermission, "I really like this book, and I am going to now read it again."A photographic job took me to town this morning so I went to Chapters to look at more of the graphic novels and decided on two (The Man In The Iron Mask, and Oliver Twist). We hired a piano tuner to come who told us, "By the way, Glen Gould had one of these in his living room." I researched the name and discovered that Franz Liszt had owned two. I took the pictures in Parker's house and we were limited by the large piano and the cramped quarters. Not at all, fortunately for Goldman Sachs, else they would be also bankrupt (Global Alpha hedge fund tumbled 37% in the global credit crunch).
He does not hesitate to fight alone against the majority but definitely prefers to be with the majority.
Worst of all they speculated on these products, resulting in destroying the value of both the home and the loan.
The United States is now the largest debtor nation in the world, and, in our fear, we have allowed the erosion of our freedoms and civil liberties.
The positive pole has a dearth of electrons and the negative pole has a surplus of electrons. Any relationship can survive the irritations IF there is a strong vibrational similarity binding them together. Luchkow had warned me about them but he also explained that it would help Rebecca understand all the work that precedes all those "perfect" concerts I take her to. We would hit the glasses with our spoons and a young boy with two huge kettles would show up. The electrons at the negative pole want to party with their friends at the positive pole so electrons flow from negative to positive. We might rent whatever version of the Man In The Iron Mask they may have in Videomatica to spend the rest of the cloudy day by the fireplace and an adventure film.But I am holding back a bit. It was then that I came up with my idea that I would love to see various dance compositions choreographed around a piano and a pianist. He would pour coffee (without spiling a drop) until we yelled, "Basta," then he would pour the hot milk.
I told her that it would always be the last one I would have read and in this case (I read it over Christmas) its title was almost appropriate. Lehman Brother’s CEO made 500 million dollars in eight years and he was already rich before being CEO. I can see now Ian Parker playing at Dances for a Small Stage perhaps paired off with modern dancer Alison Denham. I cannot imagine or think of Veracruz and their inhabitants (Jarochos) without thinking of the sounds of those trams and the smell of aromotic coffee and the brine of the nearby port. I told her that she would not like these books until she is older but that we might just try reading Richard Adams's Traveller.She yawned and after I showed her the NY Times's Sunday date (today) she looked puzzled as always and went scurrying to bed with Rosemary and Lauren. In a magnet, when the lines of electromagnetic force line up, there is attraction, and when they don’t, there is repulsion. I don't think that Rebecca is quite ready for Beau Geste, either the book or the Gary Cooper film. In 1967 I returned to Veracruz from Buenos Aires in a tramp steame that stopped in New Orleans for New Years. Alone in my bed ( I sleep in what used to be Hilary's room when Lauren and Rebecca come over) I reflected on the pleasure of having them and I looked forward to Sunday pancakes.
I would like perhaps to read to Rebecca from my 1914 Cassel And Company, Ltd version of Robert Louis Stevenson's Kidnapped (note one of the illustrations in today's blog), but not yet. And so on, but I also have the vision of dancer Cori Caulfield in an 18th century powdered wig dancing to a Mozart piano sonata.
It was there that I took the St Charles Streetcar and then visited Bourbon Street and saw my first stripper. I bet that looking at Google’s revenues per employee when it was not public would be just stunning.
But soon now, on some other gray Saturday afternoon we will sit down and watch the scary soldiers (all dead) guarding Fort Zinderneuf from its crenelated walls. Sometime around 1970 my friend Andrew Taylor was passing an Avenida Revolucion streetcar as it was turning around a glorieta (traffic circle).
Since the wheels of the tram could not really swivel all that much, the body of the tram stuck out and demolished Andrew's Renault Dauphine. He escaped without a scrape.Around 1977 I took these pictures of the boarded up trams in the storage area by Lougheed Highway and Willingdon.
I calle BC Hydro (then in charge of BC Transit) and talked to Harry Atterton who was the PR man. One of the results of this was that Atterton hired me to take PR pictures for him and when he moved to Air Canada I did the same there.

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