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Radiologists Need SMART Strategies to Battle StressJanuary 01, 2013Therapy-based training programs, improved work environments and new technology are among the ways radiologists are combating stress and burnout.Although radiologists pour a significant amount of energy into every aspect of their careers, few invest the time necessary to manage—or offset—the resulting stress and burnout that has been shown to hit radiology harder than some specialties. Declining reimbursement, increased exam volume, growing isolation and the threat of malpractice greatly contribute to the specialty’s risk for stress and create a real need to develop a strategy to combat such stressors, according to nationally recognized experts.
In the study, 26 radiologists at the Mayo Clinic were randomized in a single-blind, wait-list controlled clinical trial to either the SMART intervention or a wait-list control group for 12 weeks.
Researchers focused on building resiliency, or the ability to handle stress and bounce back. For example, when most of us wake up, we immediately think about the tasks that lie ahead or the enormity of our workload.
Because some stressors are a sign of the times—growing isolation due to technological advances, for example—one university is hoping to decrease stress and improve the work environment by taking a page from a simpler era. The university has also joined its ultrasound, body CT and body MR imaging into one large “body room” where four radiologists and four residents work together—also very popular, said Dr. Although technology is something of a double-edged sword for radiologists, it is also forging new ground in easing stress.

On another front, research in the October 2012 issue of the Journal of Digital Imaging explores the viability of voice stress analysis, which can be directly implemented through existing speech recognition technology and has been proven to be effective in stress measurement and analysis outside of medicine.
Along with therapy-based training programs, radiology departments are changing their work environment and embracing new technology offering easy-access to stress-reduction methods, among other strategies. That data was reflected in an October 2012 Archives of Internal Medicine study demonstrating that nearly half of radiologists reported at least one symptom of burnout. Radiologists participated in a 90-minute group session in the SMART program with two follow-up phone calls.
Because stress primarily results from the interaction between actual events and our perception of them, Dr.
Of the 22 physicians who completed the study, results showed a statistically significant improvement in perceived stress, anxiety, overall quality of life and mindfulness at 12 weeks in the study arm compared to the wait-list control arm. Launched in October 2012, the initiative is extremely popular with radiologists who previously didn’t favor the ER rotation, primarily because of the isolation factor, Dr.
Cronan calls “volume creep,” in which declining reimbursement rates require radiologists to read more studies each day to maintain their current salary.

Sood suggests choosing a strategy that helps reestablish that necessary connection to all parts of your world—beyond radiology. Only emergency medicine, general internal medicine, family medicine and neurology were at equal or greater risk of this problem, results showed. Sood works to retrain the mind—which often goes directly to the negative—to develop perceptions and responses that are positive and empowering.
The app teaches users relaxation and breathing techniques and features Healing Thoughts, or gentle reminders that help users stay focused on the positive that can be shared via e-mail, text, Facebook or Twitter.
This universal app is useful although relatively basic.Cleveland Clinic Stress Meditations AppMayo ClinicThursday, December 13, 2012.
MyEpilepsy app is our free educational iPad tool that allows you and your physician to effectively manage your epilepsy.

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