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From the beginning, God has intended that His people would be reflective, would read His word and give thought to what they found there, would wake up in the middle of the night and lie there in thought on divine matters.
Now, the Lord has left certain treasures lying on the surface, perhaps to entice the children to come over and search deeper.
In the wonderful Christmas story, here are treasures which cry out for God?s people to read and love, to retain in our minds and hearts, and from time to time take out and reflect upon?to gnaw on, if you will. With old Zacharias in Luke 1:20-21, Gabriel shows himself to be rather short of patience when he strikes the questioning father-to-be with silence for an entire 9-month period until his son is born. In Luke 1:35-37, Gabriel is unusually patient and understanding with Mary, the maiden of Nazareth, when she asks basically the same question??How can this be?? What?s going on here? She asked questions, she was respectful, she thought about what she had been told, and finally she submitted to the Lord. That line which faithful Catholics have recited for centuries and which fills the air space between here and Heaven every day and night was first voiced by Elizabeth, the cousin of Mary: ?Blessed among women are you, and blessed is the fruit of your womb!? I?m no Catholic, but gladly add my tiny voice to all the others as we bless God, honor this precious lady, and worship the Son. While we are pondering, we are left to wonder how Zacharias felt when later his son John chose not to follow the usual career path?whatever that was?but became something of a hermit with odd ways, strange appearance, and unusual diet.

What we must not do is let the enemy pull the little scam which goes like this: ?Why are you wasting time on this story? Satan will say anything to keep us from discovering the wealth in God?s word and the joy of making these discoveries which add so much depth and height to our Christian experience. Little wonder all generations since have held her in such high esteem, even if some may have overdone the matter. We sometimes treasure old hurts and slights and take them out and study them, looking for new reasons to resent someone.
Truthfully, I?m prone to be a lot more patient and sympathetic with a sweet young lady than to a crotchety old geezer (someone like myself).
When the baby moved within her womb, Scripture says she was ?filled with the Holy Spirit? and uttered this blessing. Is it something that basic (so shallow, so simple), or does Gabriel see that behind Zacharias? question is unbelief while faith stands guard behind Mary?s question? Suppose he was still alive, still at work in Nazareth?s shop, paying the bills while Mary followed the Son and His entourage from place to place.

She vividly illustrates the reflective life and what it means to go forth in faithfulness when one?s heart is breaking and has no idea what lies ahead.
In our bedrooms, we set dials to certain music or talk programs to lull us to sleep and others to wake us up. So meditating on the Word of God day and night means to speak to yourself the Word of God day and night and to speak to yourself about it.Simple enough, right?
My favorite app for scripture memorization (which I’ve mentioned before) is Fighter Verse. You can follow the included memorization plan or add your own verses and select from a handful of English translations.

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