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A: You will be taught a mantra, which is based on your birth date, birth time, birth place.
A: Although the practice of meditation can be attributed to many religious practices, Primordial Sound Meditation or Chopra Center Meditation is not a religious practice nor is it affiliated with any religion.
A: In the course, we explore ways to fit your meditation into your daily routine without disrupting your normal schedule. Get Michael's new book The Mindful Geek, and learn to meditate without religion or beliefs. Donate to DYDeconstructing Yourself brings you some of the finest meditation writing on the Internet, all without ads or subscriptions. Buddhist experts and scientists are saying that the 200 year old monk (below) who was found last week meditating in Mongolia is not dead. Mongolian newspapers are reporting the scientific discovery of a mummified monk found in the province of Songino Khairkhan. Tukdam state refers to a specific meditation practice in which monks continue to meditate after death.
The Buddha meditating is a small representation of the Buddha, one of the few great universal teachers, during his transcendental meditations.
This posture is known as the Buddha in meditation or the Dhyani Buddha: the Lord Buddha used to assume this posture when deeply absorbed in meditation. Dhyani Buddha represents the most important moment of Buddha’s life, when he became the Enlightened One.

It’s said that we have over 50,000 thoughts per day and 49,000 of those thoughts are the same that we had yesterday. Each week students will receive homework and be encouraged to meditate daily, twice per day for 30 minutes each meditation.
The mantras themselves do not have any religious meaning, they are simply sounds of nature taken from an ancient Indian practice used for over 5,000 years. With a little planning, new meditators have found that it’s actually easy to fit in and when they do take time to meditate the rest of their day seems to go smoother. The researchers found that, compared with baseline, participants had improvements at one day, eight weeks, and nine months post-intervention.
The researchers found that patient visits with clinicians in the highest versus the lowest tertile of mindfulness scores were more likely to be characterized by a patient-centered pattern of communication (odds ratio, 4.14), in which clinicians and patients engaged in more rapport building and discussion of psychosocial issues. Despite being over 200 years old, and sitting in meditation position on the floor, the monk’s body has miraculously remained in excellent preservation. As Dr Kerzin says, “If the meditator can stay in Tukdam meditation state, he can become a Buddha.
The concentration and peacefulness of spirit is shown by the half-shut eyes, the palms of the hands laying upwards upon each other and a calm expression on his face. He was compelled by an inner feeling to stop wandering and to search the truth within himself. When you learn meditation,  you not only lower the number of thoughts but your mind becomes calmer and less chaotic.

Improved immune function and increased energy levels are just a few of the benefits when you learn meditation. Meditation gets you in touch with your spiritual essence and connects you to the part of you that is eternal just like universal energy. David Simon, the co-creators of the Primordial Sound Meditation Course, understood that Westerners might have a difficult time learning meditation. With high-mindfulness clinicians, patients were more likely to give high ratings on clinician communication and to report high overall satisfaction.
With consistent practice, it will take the new meditator about 90-days to learn meditation as a new automatic habit. Before being enlightened he remained seated in the padmasana posture under a Banyan tree for six years. It is not natural or intuitive for us to be silent or have silence surrounding us, unless we’re asleep. They wrote the course with this in mind and have made it easy for new students to learn meditation easily and feel comfortable in silent meditation from day one. This icon in soapstone is a careful representation of the Buddha and it could be considered a truthful image of this Great Teacher.

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