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If you’ve dipped into tarot cards, you’re well acquainted with what they can do: offer major clarity, inspire smart decisions when you’re feeling wishy-washy, heal your relationships, guide your career path, rewire your thoughts, even transform your energy. What if you connected so powerfully and spiritually to the Tarot cards that you got a deep, authentic reading every time? What if you could be ‘in the flow’ when you’re reading Tarot instead of consulting Google every time you pick up a card?
What if you could bypass your conscious mind, and unpack all that brilliant knowledge underneath that knows just what you need? A series of guided meditations with the Major Arcana, plus an inspiring PDF guidebook, to develop your intuition from the inside out. This digital program is a beautiful, deeply personal exploration of the Tarot that lets you create unique, special readings for yourself or your clients. When you commit to the journey, you’ll be taken on a guided tour of your own intuitive mind. As a result, you’ll be equipped to use the Tarot as a powerful, practical tool to develop your own intuitive perception, shine a light on any confusion or darkness, and manifest your desired future through conscious choice. It’s like being on a conference call or summit with your subconscious and the wisest minds of all time. Then, using deep relaxation, focused breathing, positive affirmations and guided imagery techniques for the weeks leading up to her birth, I was able to shift my mindset.
In a relatively short time, I went from feeling Nightmare-On-Elm-Street fearful about the upcoming birth to being seriously excited about it. Soul Meditations is a beautiful progressive journey that took me to places I have not been before. Once the way is cleared, the rich, symbolic tapestry woven into the 78 cards of the Tarot can lead us along a path to the soul.

The 22 cards of the Major Arcana, in particular, communicate powerful archetypes that we can draw upon through our life’s entire journey. Exploring the Universal truths embodied in these archetypes, you’ll discover infinite possibilities, infinite creativity and the opportunity to wield the infinite power of intention. 22 x 20-minute guided meditations with visualisations in downloadable MP3 format (so you can listen from your computer, your phone, any time and anywhere).
Depth and delight await those of you who participate in Brigit’s Soul Meditations programme. I loved the way the Soul Meditations Guidebook anchored the experience into conscious apprehension and made me think about how to apply what I had learned. 22 x 20-minute guided meditations for you to listen to at home or from anywhere You’ll get over 7 hours of guided meditations and visualisations to take you through each of the Major Arcana Tarot Cards. For each Major Arcana card, I’ll lead you through a deep relaxation process that will bring you closer to your subconscious mind. Once a meditation is complete, you’ll embed the lessons of your journey and begin to embody the energy of the Tarot card to manifest your desires and goals and sustain positive change. The Soul Meditations Guidebook This 155-page PDF Guidebook is where you’ll learn to fully integrate your intuitive experiences in your every day life. Through a series of guided meditations and visualisations, you’ll connect intimately and profoundly with the 22 Major Arcana cards of the tarot.
The guided meditations open you to the energy of the cards, while the keywords and workbook reflections enable you to ground the insights you gain from the meditations in the here and now of your everyday life. This is a fabulous gift for living life more fully and creatively – and in real collaboration with the Tarot’s energy and teacher figures. By tapping into my subconscious mind and connecting with my inner wisdom, I gained confidence—and manifested the joyful birth I’d wanted!

Now we’ll find the imagery in each card evoking our inner wisdom, our intuition, and a connection with our Higher Selves. The guidebook’s clear and invitational instructions, inspiring quotes, and reflective activities will enliven the mind while the recorded meditations will engage the Deep Self with relaxing spoken word and soothing music. Once there, we’ll explore the imagery of the Major Arcana and unlock the true meaning of these deeply symbolic, spiritual cards. You have given us a way to consciously embark on a soul journey through the Major Arcana – an amazing and rewarding way to experience the wisdom of the tarot. Working through the guidebook and meditations has helped me form a deeper relationship with the major arcana cards.
You can just tell that they’ve been created by someone who is an expert and someone who is truly devoted to the art of Tarot.
This refreshing and empowering series is a welcome addition to the tarot community’s repertoire of helpful processes. They're an exact audio copy of the original CD, and include the CD artwork and artist info.
It is a compressed (smaller file size) version of the original CD, and includes CD artwork and artist info.
The guidebook is jam packed with card meanings, journaling prompts and exercises that helped me reach new levels of self discovery. Every time I return to the Soul Meditations program, I feel like I am taking a mini vacation with my Higher Self and my Tarot cards – its a very delicious, trippy experience, indeed.

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