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Openness and inclusiveness infuse every aspect of the recovery program of UCSB’s beach-front campus. Sitting on the very busy sidewalk of the Santa Barbara campus of the University of California (UCSB), a sandwich-board sign quietly states, “Students for Recovery meeting tonight at 8 pm”. The outright display of the CRP meeting on campus mirrors the acceptance of recovery that abounds in the surrounding community.
Those ongoing monies, as well as the support of her department on campus, allowed her to immediately expand the new program. When Bryan held the first Students for Recovery 12-step meeting, around five people showed up. On the beautiful UCSB campus Storke Tower stands tall above Bike Circle and the great pacific serves as a backdrop.
Dyana Lyons, a Recovery Peer Intern with the CRP since 2013, says weekends present no problem for her on this campus. Besides the regular 12-step meeting, the group also holds regular organization meetings, study hours, and meditation walks.
Students who are required by the courts to attend recovery meetings sometimes come to the 12-step meeting to get their cards signed. Another successful activity for raising awareness came from holding film screenings, such as of the popular The Anonymous People. To reach students face-to-face, the student organization arm of the CRP program, Gauchos for Recovery, sets up tables and passes out flyers in popular areas on campus, such as the Arbor (Library Plaza), or during different campus events. Around 20 percent of the recovery students hear about the program from physicians and counselors. Bryan says she hasn’t tried any outreach strategies that weren’t helpful in at least a small way. For parents of recovering students going back to college, Bryan suggests they set up support resources at the campus beforehand.
Peer Intern Lyons says UCSB may be known as a party school, but it’s been very easy for her to live life sober.

Campus Character: About 100 miles northwest of Los Angeles, the 1,055 acre campus sits right on the coast of the Pacific Ocean. Points of Interest: Storke Tower at 175 feet holds a 61-bell carillon that sounds on the hour. Click the magazine cover above or Click Here to view our latest digital issue of Recovery Campus. Bryan, in recovery herself for the past 10 years, began the program while talking with the leaders of successful programs at other schools, such as Texas Tech. With limited time allotted for the CRP from her university position as a counselor, Bryan had been planning to turn the day-to-day outreach and connections of the program over to student interns. Last year, one of the interns—Cassandra Nielsen—went on to win the coveted Jeremy Friedman Memorial Award, the second highest honor given to any graduating UCSB senior.
Students in recovery (or those just realizing they may have a problem with their substance abuse) can walk in for peer counseling or hang out and study. The documentary tells the story of the more than 23 million Americans living in long-term recovery from alcohol and drug addictions, and the impact of social stigma on addiction. Right now, most students live in Isla Vista, the area near campus that’s not sobriety-friendly. She says everybody knows somebody dealing with addiction, so the more exposure they can garner for the CRP, the more their numbers will increase. The Davidson Library houses three million books and thousands of historic sound recordings. She also discussed the program with the county and walked away securing an annual $10,000 in funding specifically for the CRP. That location allowed them to consistently hold a weekly meeting in a campus-owned building in Isla Vista, the community next to the campus where most of the 20,000 UCSB students live who are not in dorms. Also, if you’re trying to get sober while being a student here, you might not want to stay. Santa Barbara hosts about 200 Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) meetings a week, only a 15-minute drive from campus.

More than 60 people attended, and several professors showed their support by offering extra credit for attendance. If they hold an organization meeting and no one shows up, they hold it again at a different time or day. A plan should be in place for living arrangements and which 12-step meetings to attend and how to get there.
The campus lagoon is home to endangered plant and animal species created by a tidal salt marsh flat. We have a core group of regular members, but others come and go as they need more or less support.” Through email blasts and a Facebook group page, the CRP steadily keeps the array of students aware of upcoming activities.
It’s difficult to stay in the same place with the people you used with.” Starting over at a new campus or taking significant time off to pursue treatment, she says, automatically removes many of the environmental triggers. The group sees the attendance of court-mandated students as an opportunity to raise awareness about the CRP and plant seeds in case these students need to return on their own in the future. The answer may lie in partnering with a company that runs privately owned residential recovery communities that offers on-staff counseling and requires meeting attendance and drug testing. Even stronger support comes from visiting, so they can meet students in recovery before they start classes.
One of only 62 institutions elected to membership in the prestigious Association of American Universities. Goleta Beach County Park, accessed by walking and biking paths along the bluffs, is lined with sunbathing beaches and a 1,500-foot-long pier that juts into Pacific Ocean.
Home to the National Center of Ecological Analysis and Synthesis founded by the National Science Foundation.  Editorial headquarters for the Writings of Henry D.

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