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From the ancient mystics to the AA 12 'n 12; Step 11, it's all the same when talking of reading into the written word!We learn to select a few words, or verse.Then we read, and re-read into it slowly, and by doing this three times, slowly we are using an ancient method referred to in the 12 n 12 that works, integrating whatever you are reading into in an all new way! In AA literature as in the tradition of many world faiths; Judea-Christian, Muslim, et cetera, all have a means for slowed down instant meditation. By step 11, we are becoming whole conscious contact deepening and a spiritual awakening having been realized or coming shortly!We become whole.

Step 11 A A or N A and all the 12 step programsrely on meditation as a foundationfor continued spiritualgrowth, so who am I to argue!? Remember, it's the one same light that shines through the windows of the rooms of recovery.

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