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Our Tilting Kneeling Meditation Bench has rounded legs, so you can tilt the bench to suit your posture.
Solid Hardwood for durability and beauty.A stable seat for a kneeling posture - 7" wide by 18" long.
Based on the Seiza Bench from Zen, our Portable Kneeling Meditation Bench Set, with detachable legs for easy storage and travel, includes the Kneeling Bench Cushion and Deluxe Zabuton, both 100% cotton twill (in most colors).

If you prefer sitting seiza style, or have a long meditation program coming up, you can do no better than our handsome, practical hardwood meditation bench.
We promise to never spam you, and just use your email address to identify you as a valid customer. It's ergonomically designed to ensure optimal back support, and has a Zen-style black matte finish with red accents.

Take the bench alone, or with this lovely silk-blend ikat cushion, filled with 100% organic kapok and attached by means of discreet Velcro straps.

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