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At the Wat Chedi Luang temple, the monks make an effort to interact with the public by scheduling a weekly “Monk Chat” evening. I was excited for this opportunity, since some of my most vivid memories of Thailand were the daily sightings of monks wandering the streets.
James said his typical day was to get up before dawn, walk the streets to collect alms before breakfast, participate in morning prayer or meditation, spend the bulk of his day in classes or studying and then take part in an evening prayer session. Later, a group of novice monks came into the sanctuary with an instructor and took a seat on the floor. Would any of these young men, I wondered, devote their lives to monasticism and Buddhist study? This reinforced to me the incredible influence that Buddhism has over the lives of the Thai people. Does Buddhist monks in the Thailand have different rituals and traditions than other countries.
The monk was found in the in the Songino Khairkhan district of Ulaanbaatar when a desperate man was trying to sell the mummified corpse to the black market. Because the mummy is sitting in the lotus vajra position, Buddhist scholars believe this is an indication that he is not dead, but in a deep state of mediation.
This heightened state of meditation is called the "tukdam state," which supposedly can continue beyond death. If the tukdam meditation worked, a glowing rainbow would emit from the monk, indicating that he had reached the highest form of Enlightenment. A week ago last Friday with temperatures in the low teens, thirty-five New School students bundled up and made their way to the museum where they received a warm welcome from two of our museum guides, Olivia Buscarino and Evan Goodman. The undergraduates, who are transferring to the New School this semester, were taking part in an orientation program that included gallery tours and a K2 Lounge reception afterwards. Watching Olivia and Evan give their tours, I was struck by how beautifully they incorporate gestures into their talks. While examining the Tibetan Buddhist Wheel of Life with his tour attendees, Evan joined  word and gesture together to help shed light on such complex concepts as the circular nature of time, rebirth, and the Buddha’s exemplary path to liberation.
Throughout the ages, mudras have played an important role for teachers, helping them to convey information in vast meditation halls or before large crowds.
Given that gesturing has been so important within this ancient tradition, it seems fitting that our skillful guides would rely on their hands to help tell stories and convey information to enrich and enliven discussions.
As Head of Adult & Academic Programs, I enjoy reaching out to the NYC university community, helping faculty and students to utilize our collections in new and exciting ways. Stanford Religious Studies Professor Carl Bielefeldt says that the meditation practice that's gained traction in the U.S. Religious studies Professor Carl Bielefeldt has dedicated his academic career to the study of 13th-century Japanese Zen, a tradition of Buddhism that emphasizes the practice of meditation. For many Americans, "yoga" conjures up mental images of athletic-minded people engaging in a simultaneous "warrior pose" while being told to focus on their breathing.
What many yoga enthusiasts may not realize is that this athletic practice represents only one of the various ways in which aspects of Buddhism have infiltrated the secular American culture. From its start, Buddhism has emphasized the achievement of a state of liberation and enlightenment, which can be achieved through a variety of methods, including meditation. Bielefeldt said he is providing annotation and translation of the master's often-obscure essays in hopes that the English translation will help his work to be more accessible to the international community.
Not only did Western influence come into the country, but Japanese traditions of Zen flowed out as well.

Despite this feedback system, the movement of meditation from the monasteries to ordinary communities in Japan and other Asian nations did not rival the movement in the United States. In class, Bielefeldt focused on the meditation path taken by some Buddhists to achieve this salvation.
Buddhists generally strive to achieve the three elements of the spiritual discipline before they can reach their desired end state of awakening: ethics, mental (including meditation) and wisdom. While some Buddhists approach meditation through the traditional practice of visualization, "It is really complex and requires a lot of work," said Bielefeldt. Through this movement, the more popular forms of meditation have been the less technical ones, the "mindfulness practices." These mindfulness practices, however, have taken a much stronger hold in ordinary communities in the United States than in many Asian countries. Kelsey Geiser is an intern with the Human Experience, the Humanities web portal for Stanford University.
Lion’s Roar programs are designed to provide personally tailored teachings for the Western student within a global community. Whether it’s through Singing with Kirtan, Movie Night or a good-old Game Night and Book Exchange, our programs and events are meant to inspire our dharma practice, support our Buddha-nature and help us wake up faster! We appreciate the support from those who share Lion’s Roar’s vision of creating an enlightened community. Our monthly newsletters shares what’s going on in our community, offers insight into Buddhist events and includes teachings from Lama Jinpa. Please join us for an upcoming event soon. Members are there to welcome you and answer any questions you might have.
In January’s newsletter talked about developing joyful effort in our lives in accordance with the Noble Eightfold Path. Lion’s Roar Dharma CenterOur Buddhist community was founded by Geshe Lobsang Gyatso and is directed by Lama Yeshe Jinpa. It was in Chang Mai that we had one of our more memorable travel experiences during a morning chat with a Buddhist monk. This gives visitors a chance to learn about Buddhism and the monastic life and allows novice monks to practice their English. But as we wandered the grounds of this temple one morning, a young monk strolled over to us. They are so omnipresent that public buses and boat ferries even have special seats reserved for monks.
Because of the “different feelings” that arise from touching a woman, he said, it would “distract the mind” from focusing on spiritual activities. A majority of them, of course, would re-enter what they call “common life.” Most Thai men become a monk for a period of time, but it is voluntary. Some have likened it to a Thai version of a sabbatical, giving young males the opportunity to remove themselves from their normal routine for a period of time in order to reflect on their lives before they take on the full role and responsibilities of being an adult.
Everywhere in the country are men who have spent from a few months to a few years as a Buddhist monk.
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It is a definite that is handy blnoiggg We’ve arrive all over with this area of interest. The lama remains in deep meditation for 3 weeks straight with little food while his body deteriorates or becomes preserved by the mummification toxins like our friend here. We asked Olivia and Evan, who graduated from the Eugene Lang College and Parsons School of Design respectively, to take the students to the galleries so they could explore Himalayan Asian art through the eyes of two New School alumni. Many pieces in our collection depict Tibetan Buddhist lamas (teachers) holding their hands in specific poses to enumerate points and illustrate concepts.

Whether a teacher is discussing Tibetan Buddhism in a meditation hall or a Rubin Museum guide is looking deeply at a work of art in our galleries, mudras do matter. Historically, this mentally challenging practice has been limited to monasteries and not even utilized by the typical Buddhist. As Bielefeldt describes it, the deep visualization of more technical meditation could not realistically play a role in modern American life.
As Western ideas of religion and the academic field of religious studies began to flood into the country, many citizens began to view their spiritual practice of Buddhism as a form of religion for the first time.
As Buddhism moved to the Western Hemisphere, meditation began to spread into the broader cultures, even outside of the religious realm. Buddhism, unlike other religions, is not a way of life, but rather a means to get from one state to another. Buddhist teachings at Lion’s Roar are especially designed for people with daily work, school and family commitments.
We provide meditation instruction and Buddhist teachings that are especially designed for people with daily work, school or family commitments.
In Chang Mai, due to the presence of the Buddhist university, these saffron- and orange-robed young men were especially plentiful.
After doing this every day for five years, could his mind now slip more easily into a state of emptiness?
As the teacher spoke, the young monks took notes and occasionally goofed around with each other.
They usually serve for a period of three months, although some enter a monastery for as little as a few weeks and others remain for several years. In its own way, it’s comparable to the ritual transition that Masai tribesmen undergo on their way to becoming adult warriors, or the Australian Aboriginal tradition of the walkabout.
However, there have been some monks throughout history that have pulled off some pretty crazy stunts.Recently, a 200-year-old Mongolian monk was found preserved in the lotus position. Whether you are interested in simple calm-abiding meditation or more advanced Buddhist teachings there is a class just for you.
He appeared hesitant and nervous at first over the prospect of conversing in English, but his language skills were better than he realized. They didn’t look very different from any other group of teenage boys in a classroom elsewhere in the world, save for their shaved heads and saffron robes.
I recalled a conversation with Pravat, a local guide who had spent 11 years in a Buddhist monastery, six years as a novice and an additional five years as a full-fledged monk, before leaving to get a paying job. How different would my life be, or the life of my friends, if we’d spent our teenage and early adult years focusing on spiritual growth in a monastery?
We’re also another stylish medical specialist in that subject i really are able to fully understand your effort. While this form of mummification is quite common, this lama is different, because according to Buddhist tradition, he may still be alive in a complex mediative state. In the picture above, Olivia is discussing the importance of the buddha’s earth-touching gesture, known as a mudra, which conveyed his profound sense of awakening.

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