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The space was quickly turned into an Ashram and Northumberland Heights was temporarily an Osho Commune.
The meditation camp lasted an evening and two full days–which clearly was not enough said participants. The planning for the meditation camp next year 2010 will be a minimum five days program, an insight Sw. I stayed only 10 days but managed to make some new friends and to hook up with a lot of people from my glorious past.
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With absolute passion and rebellious spirit, his vision of expanding Osho’s work continues with great delight in Canada. Love and awareness were bridged, silence and dance held hands and when laughter met tears–Osho wasfelt very strongly.
Such a beautiful and mystic master, Osho, has been missed for too long and the world is craving for him.
The Osho Meditation Camp 2010 in Cobourg, Ontario attracted 30 participants and 8 friends took the dive into sannyas. Osho Madhuban has a new fire, a greater spirit and determination in bringing Osho to every nook and corner of Canada.

We had a blast sharing all the things we lived through in the last years and Ramana asked me why I was not coming to the Osho Camp. The energy took off with great stride and continues to soothe corners of our souls–some say it cured their insomnia, others say it transformed their lives.

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