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By purchasing this product, you are confirming that you have read and agreed to our Terms and Conditions. Powerful guided meditation CDs designed to assist one's ascension process and emotional healing.
Contact the Star Beings, connect with the Immortal I AM and your Source Essence, heal your heart with the Source Light meditation and embrace your own Inner Power. Connect to Galactic Source, the Blue Beings and the vibrations of the Stars in this 38 minute meditation with background celestial music.
Embody the Immortal I AM and identify with the deathless and timeless vibrations that transmute all fears. The final CD was created to guide the listener back to the Presence of the Immortal Source Awareness within. Created as powerful tools for bringing love into your heart and transforming your life and this set is well suited for those looking to heal the relationship aspect of their lives. How to purify the heart of ill-will through developing the intention to love and forgive everyone. I wanted to thank you, because with only 2 meditations done I’ve already found a lot more peace in my heart.
Whether you’re experienced or just starting out with meditation, this set of guided meditations is a must have for your spiritual growth.
Since "discovering" meditation on an extended trip to the Far East in 1979, Philip Permutt has practised and researched many types of meditation from different cultures around the world leading to a unique eclectic practice of his own. Paradise music is a rapidly expanding "new age" music label founded by one of the leading and best known artists in this field, Llewellyn, and his wife Juliana, who is also a well respected and popular recording artist.
They have brought out CDs by well loved established artists as well as nurturing new talent and their range is growing all the time. It is hard to create Chakra Meditations that are saleable as there are quite a few on the market.
For those with apparently busy lives, or those who wish to keep things simple, then this CD is an excellent starting point. The Little Chakra Meditation Album is constructed in such manner as to be of great use by either a beginner or anyone experienced in meditaion.
There are many chakra meditations produced however this is very much one of the best I have found.
The first album in five years from Enya follows the biggest-selling album of her illustrious career, the six-times platinum A Day Without Rain, which transcended all commercial expectations.
A meditative journey through the seasons, the elementals and the corresponding energies that symbolically govern the four directions. This meditative CD guides you through spirit releasement and angelic healing therapy, which clears your chakra energy centers and activates your inborn healing and psychic power. Activate, clear, and align your chakras while expanding your awareness with the soothing, healing music of ThunderBeat and Hemi-Sync®. Rediscover the magic - Become filled with exquisite beauty as you journey into a mystical land of dreams. This third release in the acclaimed Drum Elements series features Shaman rhythms from the world over. Connect with the healing power of the ancient beat with these entrancing grooves of drums and percussion from every corner of the planet. Experience the sounds of Humpback Whales accompanied by the Aboriginal Didgeridoo and the haunting calls of the Native American Flute all flowing together to create an atmosphere for deep meditation and journeying.
A unique collaboration of original Native American Flute Style songs that soothes the soul, relaxes the mind and body and recharges your spirit! For Love & Light on Earth is designed to connect you with the Higher Spiritual Guidance of the Ascended Masters & Archangels.
Ganesha is an ancient elephant-headed deity with a powerful energy that removes obstacles and bestows grace. Designed for primary school aged children these meditations will support your child to understand their feelings and experience ways to help and heal themselves with the help of some special friends. The Central Sun is what is responsible for sending high energies of Ascension to Earth via the solar flares.
This meditation will enable the ego to soften and for the love of the angels to come through and refresh your being with their healing love and light.
A powerful meditation to enable the meditator to transcend attachments to emotional and karmic dramas, external distractions and false beliefs about the nature of self. Those looking to draw more love and intimacy into their lives can benefit from these channelled CDs of inspirational talks.

Talking on matters such as forgiveness, healing intimacy fears, moving beyond the dramas, opening the communication and releasing the desire to control love.
A guided meditation to assist in releasing hurts and traumas through the process of forgiveness. Discover the blocks that lead one to attach to unhappy thoughts, negative emotions and destructive patterns.
I’ve always had these thoughts in my head and have felt that there is much more than what meets the eye.
Free Spirit will guide you all the way, shares his knowledge and wisdom and unconditional love. Strongly recommended for those wanting to explore themselves and Ascension in their meditation practices. He teaches meditation and leads regular open meditation groups at his shop and Healing Centre, iSiS, in St Albans, England. He practices and teaches many healing techniques including: Crystals, Reiki, Taoist Healing, Shamanism and Psychic Counselling. On the odd occasion that he has any spare time you can usually find him on his Harley riding towards the sun! By having about us or using chakra products, wearing chakra jewellery or using chakra stones in healing we are giving focus to this state of balance. They have also instigated new ideas such as the now popular "Workshop" series and also CD greeting cards (ie a greeting card with a CD inside the front cover). This CD of Chakra meditations, however, is very useful for those who want something simple and memorable yet who are serious about their wish to enhance their lives with work on the Chakras. If these meditations are used often then the user can expect to make progress in health and wholeness.
This is a gently spoken offering interspaced with lovely music that rises and falls in concert with visualisations.
It is in principle simple and yet extremely profound there is no mystery born of esoteric knowledge it is fully transparent and easy to follow. The very last track is called the 7 Chakras Meditation and is useful for those with less time during this track which lasts under ten minutes he gives to energies each chakra in turn. Enclosed with the CD is a sleeve booklet which gives explanations, further advice and insight. The meditations are just the right length of time and I especially enjoyed track 9 where Philip talks you through the 7 Chakras in one peacful meditation. I had a small query on the second order but it was put right straight away in a friendly efficient way.
Having sold more than 50 million albums worldwide, Enya is one of the most successful female artists of all time and second only to U2 as the biggest selling Irish artist in history. The specially composed notes and frequencies in this music entrain your brain so that you can heal and align your energy centers, bringing you into a state of total relaxation and inner balance. It starts with a morning meditation to begin your day with a bright positive energy frequency and surround you with healing light. This new collaboration from Gary Stadler (Fairy HeartMagic) and Australian vocalist Wendy Rule leads you through landscapes of forest, deep into the enchanted heart of nature.
Masters of rhythm David & Steve Gordon have created a mesmerizing drum expedition with their extensive collection of ethic drums and then added just the right amount of soaring Native American Flute melodies. Through these beautiful meditations you are gently guided along pathways of love, peace and light. Minimize the external stresses impacting your life, improving both your physical and emotional well-being. Connect through meditation with Isis, who can assist you in reclaiming your spiritual power, ancient wisdom and past-life abilities. A reflection on the impermanence of human life, the importance of gratitude and clearing, a reflection on the body and creating a pathway to experiencing the deathless realities beyond this world. Work to release the need to control external situations that will then drain your energy field.
In the Presence of Source there is healing, empowerment and a deeper spiritual self-identity – enabling one to progress further on the path of Ascension. He also runs a successful retail and wholesale business importing crystals from around the world. If we have good intention we may draw situations to us that help us to change and help our chakras to find or remain in balance.
The CD is particularly useful for beginners or for those who have neglected their Chakra work and wish to revisit the subject.

I do recommend it as a useful tool that can, hopefully, lead on to more advanced meditation work. For each of the individual chakra meditations, he talks you through a guided visualisation (with much emphasis on colour), and I think he does this very well. Vibrational blocks and areas of resistance are dissolved as you are left completely calm and filled with inner peace. Those who are familiar with Gary’s previous albums will recognize the soulful beauty of his piano based soundscapes. Listen while driving, at work, for yoga, for parties, working out or any time you need an energy boost. The result is a energizing and vibrant drum trance journey great for dance and movement, exercise, driving or any time you need a lift.
It is the most special type of love, where just being with your ‘Soulmate’ makes your heart sing, where each of you fulfils the needs of the other and where your dreams and desires become one. You will experience powerful energetic clearing and healing whilst aligning your body, mind and soul to the Christ Consciousness that is Divine Love.
Learning to activate and trust in the divine genius of Ganesha clears the way to greater accomplishment, more trust (which enables us to have more fun!) and the unfolding of inner peace (which is also much more fun than anxiety and stress).
You will become more focused and centered, enabling you to make clear and confident decisions day by day. Each of these four meditations creates a point of light in your energy field with your Higher Self shining like a Sun at the apex, forming a pyramid of light around you. Be guided to leave the Earth and connect safely with Immortal Star Beings to receive love, healing and Ascension codes – and return revitalized and in a new vibration of expansion. Channelling in strength, light, power and courage so as to transform our fear of death into an innate knowing of the inherent Immortal Being in the core of our experience. In this meditation, the listener is guided to strengthen their aura and self-confidence in order to become more aligned to positive manifestations, happiness, success, abundance and love. There are ten meditations of this CD, one for each of the seven major Chakras, plus an opening relaxation and breathing exercise, a grounding meditation and an excellent seven-minute meditation for those without the time to use the whole thing each day. Gradually he brings the listener into a place of awareness and placement that gives to allow focus balance and alignment of each chakra in turn.
The final track is for all seven chakras, and as it only lasts for seven minutes, it can be fitted into every day, even for the busiest of people. Award-winning artists David & Steve Gordon have over 30 years of experience in creating music that can heal body, mind and spirit.
Move to the deep resonance of primal world rhythms and get in sync with the heartbeat of the earth! Sleep more soundly and experience restful sleep, waking up feeling energized and ready to seize the day!
The pyramid of light grounds your Higher Self into this physical reality so you can live your divine destiny this lifetime and be all that you are in truth.
The Blue Beings are highly advanced ascended immortals living close to the Galactic Sun and this meditation assists in the expansion of our Being to receive their love and wisdom.
A meditation designed to facilitate deep self-inquiry in order to enable the listener to transcend the limitations of the ego-self and plug into deeper Universal Awareness.
There is also a very useful little booklet with the CD to explain the meaning of the Chakras and some simple instruction on the use of the meditations. He does not rush in any way this process it is simply allowed and comes to be and this album truly is a joy to experience. The CD insert gives quite a bit of info on chakras, so it's a really helpful quick reference guide, and also ideal for a beginner or someone who is interested in the concept of chakras, but who does not want to be overwhelmed with a lot of detailed info.
The Gordons composed each song in a state of meditation so that the music on each song expresses the energies of each chakra. The songs on the album are divided into two sections so you can enjoy either two short meditations or one longer and deeper meditation. Happy Little Hearts teaches your child that their natural state is one of health, happiness and peace. The album can be used either as a soothing chakra meditation or as a healing soundtrack for yoga, massage, reiki and sleep.

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