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The Zafutoper Meditation ChairĀ has been designed to help you work on your laptop longer and in comfort, too. These meditation zafus are perfect for meditation classes (as we sell many of these to yoga and meditation studios).
Brocade is a class of richly decorative shuttle-woven fabrics, often made in colored silks and with or without gold and silver threads. The Beyonder meditation chair can be of great aid to people to sit in the lotus position comfortably with out straining the back.
These meditation benches are perfect for meditation classes (as we sell many of these to yoga and meditation studios).
You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. For beginners and for people who are already practicing Vipassana meditation, Mindfulness, Zazen, or guided meditations focusing on the breath, the spine, the Chakras or Kundalini energy, this is the chair for you.
As all meditators know, it is difficult to sit with a straight spine for more than a short time while at the same time feeling comfortable and relaxed.

An extra advantage is that our user-friendly, ergonomic chair is also designed for hours and hours of seated work, helping you avoid repetitive strain injury (RSI), back pain and and musculo-skeletal disorders. We are delighted to see our chairs being used in many ways around the world: in yoga studios, in meditation retreats, ashrams, communes, hotels and also in ordinary homes, where parents take advantage of its conveniently portable design to stay close to their playing children. In addition, our combo set of chair and table makes an ideal work station, or for resting, reading a book or enjoying a cup of tea. Our meditation chair is the result of many years’ experience in carpentry and design, requiring close cooperation among our design team, whose members have a passionate interest in meditation and personal well-being. We also care for the environment and are acutely aware of the need for global consciousness - both are part of our mission. It eliminates the laptop heat on your legs and makes working on the laptop an enjoyable experience.
Then we add the cushion made with foam and fabric of your choice using staples and decorative nails. This chair puts you in a straight line, if you will, balancing you against gravity (we call it gravity neutral, as it seems to neutralize gravity).

The pain and discomfort while adjusting on the chairs will be greatly eliminated as you can place the heel of your foot underneath the chair which automatically frees up the strain on your back and shoulders.
Our chairs give the feel of a lessened pull of gravity and make your body want to sit in posture friendly positions, relieving the physical pain or discomfort that can be associated with meditating. Because this chair allows you sit in a perfect posture, relaxed and open, that naturally takes you deeper into your inner world. Every piece of leather is selected among the best in Europe and the fabric is Oeko-Tex 100 accredited.

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