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Buddhist monks meditate at the yard of Borobudur temple, built between 750 and 842 AD, June 1, 2007 in Magelang, Central Java province, Indonesia. South Florida is home to a number of top meditation centers for classes, guided meditations, private one-on-one meditation and more. Meditation is becoming ever more popular as so many people begin to realize the long list of important benefits it has to offer.
The Saturday morning classes include such activities as sitting meditation, walking meditation and tea, and guests are encouraged to dress comfortably to be able to completely relax. The center offers guided group meditations that may be paid for per class or as a pack of sessions, and even corporate sessions are on offer.
Newcomers to meditation can learn how to meditate to be able to continue the practices on their own at home as a regular part of their lives.

The course is held consisting of four segments over the course of two days and it’s instructed by a Chopra Certified instructor, Mitch Atkins.
This meditation practice is zen meditation (zazen meditation) and it may be practiced sitting cross legged, kneeling or in a chair. Meditation decreases stress, increases self-awareness, improves mindfulness and brings greater clarity to the mind. Special event workshops teach students how to delve even deeper into meditation and mindfulness. Participants learn their own custom mantras which are based on their places of birth and the time they were born (Primordial Sound Mantra). It differs from other meditation types such as mindfulness as it involves thoughts, experiences and the senses.

Meditation is also a great way to focus on maintaining positive energy and thoughts and it helps with a number of mental and physical disorders and ailments. There are private meditation centers available as well via Skype or in person at the studio. The guests leave the course with their own reference materials to be able to continue the meditations at home on their own including a Deepak Chopra CD.

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