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In these unique workshops, you will enter a powerful healing vortex that will support you and help you release what you no longer need to carry.
If you are looking for more happiness, or just want an extra boost on your spiritual journey, please join us in these enlightening workshops. When I arrived at the location on this particularly freezing Friday morning, a doorman was outside checking in a list of names.
Not a ton of yoga studios in NYC offer meditation classes, and those that do offer them almost as an afterthought.
For about a fifth of the cost (subscribing to a religion, optional), they could go sit zazen at a Kadampa center. Cultivate peace of mind, body and spirit, awaken to your greatest potential, and discover your true lifea€™s purpose!
The Center offers meditation classes, Buddhist study programs, retreats, and special courses.

Just when you thought Brooklyn’s early morning sober yoga rave dance party was the next big thing, secret underground meditation classes have come in to silently (and consciously!) yank the rug right out from under their prancing feet.
With an 8:00 AM start time, it felt like I was entering a VIP after-hours party from the night prior. Meditation and mindfulness are kind of a thing, from being the cover of TIME magazine to being a perk at some companies to being a way to help kids manage and understand their thoughts and emotions. So, in a sense, these secret meditation sessions are filling a void, and when you have 75 people all sitting together at 8 a.m.
But isn’t Kadampa in the Tibetan (roughly Gelug) Buddhist tradition, rather than Zen? I wonder if this meditation is gonna go the same way as yoga and end up being trivialised by market forces.
Through spiritual teachings, channeled meditations and inspirational music, you will enjoy powerful personal journeys while challenging old belief systems that may have kept you stuck in limiting and unhealthy patterns.

Upon entering the space, a very friendly woman offered to take my jacket, and then directed me to a complimentary tea station.The Synagogue lobby, dressed in colorful artwork and exposed brick, was a welcoming area for people to mingle before going inwards.
Or weed?) Before you get too excited, though, we have to note that these sessions happen Monday mornings at 8 a.m. And frankly we’re happy to see people embracing meditation as a way to de-stress, find compassion (for themselves and others) and connect (with themselves and others). Besides getting the joy and benefits out of yoga and dance, it's a great opportunity to meet like-minded people and build community.
Then again, that’s probably the perfect time to set yourself up for a good week and maybe even help rid you of that dreaded case of the Mondays.

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