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We carry a selection of malas (also called japa malas or Buddhist prayer beads) made out of a variety of materials. We are happy to custom make malas for customers depending on the availability of materials. If making your own mala is something that interests you we sell the materials.
Space clearing bells, chakra bells and gongs help alleviate any negative energy from spaces and can be used in preparation for mediation to clear the mind. Singing bowls are an ancient Tibetan meditation tool.
Welcome! As promised, here is the sign up form to receive the free Guided Meditation called the Health Clearing Journey that I created just for you. Sit back and relax for 12 minutes while you go on a journey to take your health in the right direction!

Many of our malas are made here in our store and are strung using a reliable stringing material that will not easily break. The sound they make when the rim is rubbed by a mallet easily puts the mind in a meditative state. Throughout this journey you will be connected into the ethereal energy of the universe and into the grounding energy of the earth mother. The wavelength that the bowls emit when played act on brainwaves to clear consciousness and give feelings of relaxation.

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