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Use this energy clearing meditation to clear karma, clear past vows, clear contracts, clear attachments, oaths, lower frequencies and much more. It is optimal to be in a relaxed state and a place where you can say this energy clearing meditation out loud. I clear any energy interference patterns, whether created or natural, any magnetic, electro, solar, or galactic – both universal and astrological influences. I release any negative consequences of my past permanently and I choose to close the books of negativity. I call in the blue light spiraling down from the infinite – from all directions, all space, all time, and dimensions to awaken and activate the basic soul essence of who I am and who I came to be in this dimension on this plane and this lifetime. I release the natural free flowing abundance that is inherent in every molecule of this universe and reality both seen and unseen and let it flow into my life and my being. Right now I transmute all separation from source energy and move that into complete oneness with source. I clear and surrender anything and everything that would inhibit or stop my light body from absorbing the highest and best frequencies or this energy of clearing right now.
Please let me know how what you experienced while using  this energy clearing meditation by commenting below.
While there are a number of ways to meditate, there really is no right or wrong way to do it. If you are looking to begin a mediation program but are unsure of where to start, below are a few tips with a nice bonus at the end!

When you feel calm and relaxed (or when your timer goes off), slowly come back to the room. Meditation works best if you do it the same time everyday or regularly before practices or tournaments. If you would like to learn more about how meditation and sport psychology can help you become a better athlete, then give us a call at 312-382-8710. We have worked with athletes such as: Zach Budde, TJ Curry, Logan Weber, and Ethan Robinson.
There is empirical evidence that along with anxiety and depression, this practice helps those who suffer from obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD), characterized by intrusive and repetitive thoughts.
I am having trouble locating my soulmate and am doing the Soulmate Prayers as a prelude to this meditation. In fact, athletes who have worked with us have reported that they feel and perform better when they meditate regularly as part of their training. Essentially, this means to state what it is you want to focus on for either the day, this moment, or in general. Breathe in slowly from the lowest part of your abdomen; hold it for as long as you can, then exhale slowly and forcefully through your mouth. When you do notice thoughts enter your mind, acknowledge them and let them go without judgment. This makes it impossible to view much of the content on this website, or to use all of this website’s features.

Unfortunately, many taekwondo athletes and coaches do not incorporate meditation as part of their training. If your club can incorporate meditation into the taekwondo training program, you can use the dojang and meditate as a team, which is very powerful. For example, an athlete may have the intention of being fully focused on each movement in practice with the goal of perfecting their technique. If you find yourself being disturbed with too many thoughts, go back to focusing on your breathing. We are committed to ensuring that all athletes have an opportunity to compete at the top of their game while developing the skills they need for life. Please get out your tissue box because this technique is very powerful and may bring up a lot of emotions, especially when you release programs of abandonment or loneliness. As you develop the habit of meditating, you will become more proficient and comfortable with the process. If you regularly sit, it helps to have a technique to clear your mind so that more of your twenty or thirty minutes is spent floating on the still pond of your mind, observing the ripples and waves of your thoughts and feelings and less on drowning in them.  This meditation should not be practiced without Amy’s guidance.

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