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We all know the feeling of being stressed a€“ of being pressured by our worries and responsibilities. As soon as Calm is started, it takes you to the shore of a virtual lake, where the sound of birds and splashing waves keep you company.
The cool thing about TaoMix is that you may compose your own blend of ambient sounds, hence the app's name. Naturespace offers a collection of authentic recordings, all captured in a way that makes you feel as if you were at the recording's location. Neuroscientists and behavioural psychologists have been working for decades on how to tackle this increasingly common affliction. Dr Ellen Langer, who has been studying mindfulness for over four decades, says that training yourself to be mindful makes you more alert.
A few months ago, we at Yourstory had written about Headspace, an app developed by Andy Puddicombe, ex-monk who was based in a Tibetan monastery for ten years. 4) Smiling Mind: Billed as modern meditation for young people, this simple tool that promises to give a sense of calm, clarity and contentment is free. 5) Conscious: This Android app promises to increase your mindfulness and awareness by taking simple and effective daily challenges alongside other like-minded people. 6) The Now: This free iOS app retrains your mind to live more fully in the moment using a technique called continuous mindfulness training. 7) Enlighten: This Android app too gives alert reminders and a meditation timer to practice meditating for set periods of time. For many of us, from the moment we wake up, thoughts permeate our mind, racing against the clock before our day has even begun.  And we’re left spending the rest of our day with our minds in a constant state of flux. Meditation Alarm Clock provides a peaceful solution to the sense of dread and anxiety people commonly feel upon waking, allowing them to train the mind to be calm and to induce positive thinking from within.
Studies are slowly revealing a direct correlation between practicing meditation and good physical and mental health. She adds that because we’ve been programmed to immerse ourselves in activities – whether it’s work-related or household duties – we’re unable to carve out even five minutes a day to simply sit and meditate. After spending 28 years as meditation teacher, a solution emerged in Wolf’s mind “in a blinding flash” – the solution being, a mobile app that allows people to wake up gently and enjoy the calming benefits of 5 to 20 minutes of meditation while still lying in bed in the morning.
Meditation Alarm Clock offers a range of sounds from chirping birds to wind chimes to help wake the user, as well as four mindfulness meditations from 5 to 20 minutes in length.
When she initially came up with the idea, Wolf convinced Liam Austin, Founder of Next For Sale, to help her build the product and business. The pair engaged online freelancers to scale the workload as they needed to keep costs under control. Kyri Theos, Country Manager of Elance-oDesk says “When you’re looking for online workers to assist on a project, you really need to have a clear understanding of exactly what you’d like them to create.
While many founders test their apps on local markets before going global, Wolf felt that meditation’s relevance has no borders. If you practice meditation, you know what it's like to be sitting and wondering if you've finished your 20 or 30 minutes, or if you've sat for hours without realizing it. The app also contains a number of audio-guided meditations, if you're new to meditating, and keeps stats, so you can ensure your regularity on the cushion.
Samsara ($4;A iOS) is a minimalist app that lets you set a duration, starting and ending bells, optional interval bells, and can even give you notifications to remind you to meditate. Its display is simple: A circle that shows progress, with an optional digital clock in its center.
Self offers lots of in-app purchases, for sounds, and for a "Pro Timer," which lets you choose times other than the default 15, 30, 45 and 60 minute settings. Zenso Meditation Timer (free;A iOS) has limited features, but is enough for many meditators.
I've been using the word "minimalist" a lot in this article, because the goal of many of these apps is to not distract you. Amazon Shop buttons are programmatically attached to all reviews, regardless of products' final review scores. PCWorld helps you navigate the PC ecosystem to find the products you want and the advice you need to get the job done.

Learn the art of pure meditation, find peace, and clear your mind with a€?Meditation: Power of the Mind Hypnosis and Subliminal,a€? from hypnotherapist Rachael Meddows.
Fill yourself with peace, calm, and tranquility with the new app a€?Deep Relaxation Hypnosis, Guided Meditation & Subliminala€? from Erick Brown. Dozens of other high-quality environments are available for download - the sound of rainfall or the beach, to give a couple of examples.
Or just tap a button to randomize the mix - the app will instantly create a random audio ambience for your listening pleasure.
The next time you're having troubles concentrating or falling asleep, try listeing to one of the 36 high-quality ambient sounds included with Relax Melodies. The app is made to help you concentrate by recreating the sounds from within a coffee shop. Simply put, it is the process of actively noticing new things; the practice of focusing your attention on the present moment absolutely.
These apps will get you started on mindfulness, but ultimately it’s up to you to put in the dedicated practice to make it a part of you.
It has an inbuilt system to help you track your progress as well as handy stats and graphs to give you feedback on how you’re getting on.
This web and app-based program was developed by a team of psychologists with expertise in youth and adolescent therapy, mindfulness meditation and web-based wellness programs. This aims to supplement yoga and meditation by stimulating and encouraging increased awareness in your normal daily activities. The process works by using periodic cues, in this case, free iPhone push notifications with an audible chime and relevant message, to remind you to be fully focused on the present.
The truth is, you can have a vision, you can set goals and you can work towards achieving your goals, but you can’t control what is going to happen from one day to the next. All you have to do is set the alarm five minutes earlier, and the app guides you into a meditation and puts you in a calm state so you’re ready to meet the day ahead,” says Wolf. Features include a ‘sure wake’ function for those who have a tendency to sleep through alarms, and a ‘back to sleep’ meditation for people who have disruptive sleep patterns or suffer from insomnia. It breaks my heart to see so many spending day in and day out feeling stressed and miserable. I’m a ‘go with the flow’ kind of person, and I needed someone who is meticulous and organised,” Wolf adds. She wanted the alarm to ring even when a smartphone is in ‘do not disturb’ or ‘airplane’ mode, and the developers insisted that was against iOS regulations.
You need to communicate that succinctly and check in regularly to ensure the project stays on track”. You set the amount of time you want to sit, then set optional starting bells and ending bells, as well as interval bells at the duration you choose. It also stores statistics, but doesn't have any social network features like Insight Timer.
The free version, Samsara Lite, limits the amount of time for sessions, and lacks a few other features, so if you meditate regularly, it's worth paying for the full version.
You can export your meditation stats in CSV format to open with, say, Microsoft Excel, and you can share you meditations on Twitter. Some are simple, and some offer more complex features, but all of them may help you keep a regular meditation practice without looking at your watch or your iPhonea€™s clock to see how much time has passed. Our parent company, IDG, receives advertisement revenue for shopping activity generated by the links. While leaving our school projects and work assignments behind is not a recommended solution to stressful situations, having a short, relaxing break usually is.
What's more, the position and level of each sound may be set to vary over time for a more pleasant experience.
Fighting one crisis after another becomes a habit and an entrepreneur could soon be on autopilot, limiting his ability to think creatively.
Yes, it derives from ancient Buddhist wisdom, but mindfulness is no longer a fuzzy-wuzzy concept. This technique can be used to take your mind away from negative or bothersome thoughts, by grounding you in your surroundings through the awareness of oneself.

Yes, but in the digital age, help is also at hand with apps for both Android and iOS phones. It will remind you to hold on for a moment and consider what you are currently doing, and in what state of mind you are while you are doing it.
It is a work in progress but with a clear goal: increased moment-to-moment awareness, its makers, Makan Studios say. If your thoughts are totally transparent, you just cannot afford to think bad things about other people, right?
We’re always trying to control every aspect of our lives, and I think sometimes we just need to sit back and let life take its course,” says Mercy Wolf, Founder of Meditation Alarm Clock. However once Wolf was clear and communicated her vision clearly the app design turned out to be perfect and it functioned exactly as she wanted it to. Some people may use their watch or a clock to know when their allotted time has ended; others may want to use a timer. Insight Timer also has a social aspecta€”you can see who else is meditating at the same time as you, and keep notes about your meditation if you want.
Some of the features are only available with a $3 in-app upgrade, but even the free version does most of what you need.
It's got the cleanest interface of the meditation timers I looked at, and its simplicity makes it a great choice for those who don't want a timer to require too much thought. The timer itself is one-tap simple: It displays four times, and you just tap one to start counting. The app displays a digital clock surrounded by an enso, a type of Japanese circle, which starts out all gray, and gets darker as time elapses. Because the buttons are attached programmatically, they should not be interpreted as editorial endorsements. Researchers have proved its effectiveness in reducing stress, boosting performance and unlocking creativity. This is an effective means of developing mindfulness according to the Zen Buddhist teacher Thich Nhat Hanh. Mindful Mynah was inspired by the mynah birds in Aldous Huxley’s utopian novel, Island. The App Store has no shortage of meditation timer apps, which can not only count your time, but also play sounds to let you know when your time is up, or at regular intervals to remind you of your progress. A circular display, like an iPod click wheel, shows your progress, with a digital clock below it.
The apps we've picked are designed specifically to help you relax a€“ to clear your mind, to take you to a happier place. All this alternates and mixes up, appears and disappears, images that are smoothly replaced by others. It doesn't display timea€”which can be a bit of a problem, if you think you've been sitting a long time, and need to checka€”and there are no settings to choose a bell sound, which most other meditation timer apps let you do. However, the bell sound is nice, and if you just want to sit and not be bothered by anything other than a reminder when your time's up, this might be just what you need. Contemplation abstract images calms and distracts from momentary problems, promotes a meditation and relaxation in rest time. This screensaver has abstract images creator, these images are kept as bmp files for further use as desktop wallpaper and background images.
It's rather simple, actually a€“ they use ambient sounds to virtually teleport you to a calm, peaceful environment. A Simple Yet Effective PHP Web CounterDesigned with both simplicity and completeness in mind.

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