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People care so much about their physical health and physical cleanliness, yet they are oblivious to their energetic health, and what we call “being in release” by way of meditation – is where all health and vitality comes from. Most people achieve a state of bliss, because that’s the state of mind which my students as well as myself reach after not only the first few meditations, but after many sessions of meditation as well. Quite simply put, meditation is the ability to slow down the electrical frequency of your brainwaves through focussed breathing in order to be in a relaxed and creative powerful state.
Having your feet elevated higher than your head or legs on the wall (90 degrees) or on an elevated pillow etc.
Studies with brain wave frequency have shown that smelling frankincense or lavender increases alpha waves, which are of course, associated with relaxation and intuition. Meditators secrete more of the hormone of health & youth, DHEA as they age than non-meditators. The calming hormones melatonin (which research suggests, boosts the immune system and has anti-cancer effects; it also happens to help with anti-aging) and serotonin (the hormone which makes you happy), are increased by meditation, and the stress hormone cortisol is decreased. Meditation creates a unique hypometabolic state, in which the metabolism is in an even deeper state of rest than during sleep. Meditation is the only activity that reduces blood lactate, a marker of stress and anxiety.
Meditation has a profound effect upon three key indicators of aging: hearing ability, blood pressure, and vision of close objects. Long-term meditators experience 80 percent less heart disease and 50 percent less cancer than non-meditators.
34 percent of people with chronic pain significantly reduced medication when they began meditating. Results show that: 24 cities in which 1% of the population had been instructed in meditation by 1972 displayed decreased crime rates during the next year and decreased crime trends during the subsequent five years (1972-1977) in comparison to the previous five years (1967-1972), in contrast to control cities matched for geographic region, population, college population, and crime rate.
Sometimes under heavy stress, it is sometimes difficult for the mind to stand silent and for this reason I offer longer meditation courses with more classes. It’s important to remember that the effects of meditation are both immediate and cumulative! I have never felt more in tune with myself or my surroundings than when doing the meditation sessions with Trish. Trish (above), has been practising meditation in Sydney for 15 years and over that time has taught many family and friends. I’ve been focusing a lot of time on mindfulness over the last few weeks (overview here and here). Loving-kindness meditation focuses specifically on increasing your capacity to love and be loved.
Barbara Fredrickson, one of the top positive psychology researchers, recently completed a controlled 7-week study testing loving-kindness meditation in over 200 people.
After 3 weeks of this regular practice, the meditation group started to show significant increases in feelings of love and social connection as expected. Then picture someone you love – a loving grandparent, a favorite niece or nephew, a mentor, special teacher or even a pet can work. It’s important to try to open up to those feelings of love, let the words be felt rather than just repeated. You can stay with these people for the whole session if you want or you can expand the practice further by moving on to more neutral people you’ve met — neighbors, workmates, the guy who works the register at the grocery store.
Some people take to loving-kindness immediately; for others it takes some time to get the hang of it. This entry was posted in Coaching, Happiness, Positive Psychology on May 17, 2012 by Eric Karpinski.
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Meditation can raise the life of every individual to its full dignity in which perfect health, happiness and success are the NATURAL features of daily life.
Are you feeling so stressed that you’re disconnected from your loved ones and your environment?
Meditating forty-five-year-old males have an average of 23 percent more DHEA than non-meditators, and meditating females have an average of 47 percent more.
During sleep, oxygen consumption drops by 8 percent, but during meditation, it drops by 10 to 20 percent.
Without proper training and support, it can take a long time for people who have been under enormous stress to actually do it.
So if you meditated every day last week and only twice this week, you will notice that even though you had a break for a few days, will definitely feel different each time but your meditation benefits will slowly grow stronger over time.
To lower my stress and anxiety levels. It has helped me learn how to control my stress and anxiety levels through meditation.
I’m very good and I see results coming out of meditation, hence I just wanted to drop you a note to say thank you. Although we focus upon this method which most students do find to be the most effective, you have the option to explore 12 different ways to meditate. Eight years ago I was teaching meditation in Sydney with my previous website – and became too busy with life to continue teaching and I have now brought myself back to what I know best.
With meditation, courage to face everything comes from the knowing that being connected to the One (Universal Mind), you can achieve, accomplish and conquer anything, be it a goal or negative entity.
Today, I’m going to talk about another type of meditation that has an equally storied history (it’s been practiced for over 2000 years) and has been shown to significantly increase happiness and positive emotions. One group was assigned to regular 20 minute meditations where they followed instructions similar to the ones I relay below and filled in daily surveys on their emotions.

But they also showed significant increases in other positive emotions including joy, serenity, gratitude and hope among others.
Focus for a minute or two on the sensations of your breath — you can even imagine your breath coming in and out of your heart. The key is to start with the simplest love possible, a love that is not complicated with day-to-day stress. After a round or two of going through the phrases, you can move on to other people you love in your life, even those with some complications (i.e.
It can be good to start with a guided version of a loving-kindness meditation, click here to access a 9-minute version that was recorded at UCLA.
After a deep meditation, I liken it to having taken a 6 week holiday, bursting with happiness and confidence. Except for the last item these statistics are found in Meditation as Medicine by Dharma Singh Khalsa, 2001.
People have spoken to me about having bought tens of books and doing courses, only to find that they feel their money has been wasted because they cannot “get back into it”, because they’re too busy, or at least their mind is and they need some structure to help them through. I also give you the key to motivating yourself to practice meditation regularly when under heavy stress.
It has also taught me the power of positive thinking and that I have the ability to manifest anything I desire. After 3 months I got a very good pay rise and the promotion…all of which were among my intentions when I started. Classes are 90 minute sessions and include hypnotherapy sessions to help you to keep meditating! I am able to provide students in Sydney with intelligent, harmonious and intuitive meditation teaching and with a keen insight into people can help individuals with their specific needs. If bliss seems like a dream that is too far away for you – then now may be a good time to gently guide yourself back into your own personal power.
It can be your primary meditation practice, or it can be interspersed or integrated into a regular mindfulness practice.
I find it wonderful to informally practice when I’m out in the world — sending positive wishes out to others while I’m waiting in a line or walking somewhere or even sitting in traffic.
Note: I offer a practical, powerful and rapid approach to accessing Alpha State, which is your most creative and relaxed state. A Harvard University study published in 2008 found the first compelling evidence that the Relaxation Response (RR) – the physiological response to meditation, yoga, tai chi, Qi Gong or repetitive prayer – positively affects DNA. We would hope that you make a commitment to the empowerment yourself by continuing to meditate. My main goal when teaching meditation is to get you into the habit of meditating regularly to generate benefits for yourself.
This is the biggest controlled study showing how valuable a loving-kindness meditation practice can be. When I’m in this space, I find that more people smile at me and things come more easily; that sense of connection brightens my day even more than the meditation itself does. Next week I’ll be providing a few additional ideas that can help use this practice to be less self-critical and more forgiving. Nineteen adults were long-term daily practitioners of various RR techniques, 20 were trained in RR eliciting techniques (breathing, mantra and mindfulness meditation) for 8 weeks, and 19 served as controls.
I just need to meditate more but these days are kind of crazy… the initial results are stunning.
If you are within 20 mins drive of the Sydney CBD, then meditation classes can be in the comfort of your own home or office.
I will teach you how to motivate yourself and you won’t be able to stop the bliss! ?? There is only one question I will ask you before commencing the course and it is the KEY:  Are you willing to make the commitment to empower yourself?
By analysis of blood samples, the study found that 2209 genes were differently expressed (switched on or off) between the long-term meditators and control group. Meditation gives you the opportunity to put yourself in a state of total resourcefulness, which, needless to say, is extremely empowering. The reason for having a coach is simple – it’s much like having your own personal trainer! If bliss seems like a dream that is too far away from you – then now may be a good time to gently guide yourself back into your own personal power. It’s about altering the electrical brainwave pattern from something that fries our brain to something which empowers us completely.
Specifically, 1275 were up-regulated (their activity was increased) and 934 were down-regulated (their activity was reduced). If this is not the case, then you will need to come to one of my offices – either in the Sydney CBD or Woollahra . MEDITATION is not a religion (although it has been incorporated into many religions), philosophy nor a lifestyle. It also found that 1561 genes were expressed differently between the group who did the 8 weeks meditation training and the control group. As my office is shared, I will supply the address upon the confirmation of an appointment to avoid people turning up when the office is unattended.
I also enjoy sailing, walking my dog, tennis, squash, swimming, horseriding, travelling, trading the foreign exchange markets, and I spend time daily remote viewing and influencing (theta and delta states).
There are so many different brands of meditation and whilst we can honour their traditions, I do not indulge you in endless psychobabble nor age-old mysteries which require you to reach cult status or master status in order to be practicing properly. There is a fee structure for individuals, couples and small groups of three persons as follows below. In other words, meditation – short or long term – causes hundreds of genes to turn on or off.
It is a simple technique which, when practised regularly, restores inner calm, enabling you to unlock your full potential.

Can you imagine how creative and how much fun your family, friends and co-workers would become if you practised together? Many of the genes were involved in cellular metabolism and in the body’s response to ‘oxidative stress’. This course such will offer you all that you need in order to meditate, as well as course notes supporting the links between quantum physics science, meditation and your divine self. As a child I was naturally clairvoyant and others did not understand my abilities nor my natural ease of high positive energy.
It produces free radicals and is known to be involved in a host of disease processes, including atherosclerosis, Parkinson’s disease and Alzheimer’s disease. Each student is expected to practice his or her meditation twice daily for at least 20-30mins, six days per week in between classes.
You will not need to go on an endless search for harmony and peace by doing various courses. Highly sensitive and perceptive, I saw many future events and was in a state of Zen for a lot of my early childhood. Ideally, we want a good response to oxidative stress so that we can prevent the negative effects. In the study, blood analysis found significant changes in cellular metabolism and response to oxidative stress in the two meditation groups relative to the control group.
Please email or telephone me with questions or preferred course start dates for your course. As I am also a hypnotherapist, I incorporate hypnotherapy into my meditation classes and courses to keep you meditating! The scientists proposed that the Relaxation Response – whether it is induced through meditation, yoga or prayer – may counteract cellular damage due to chronic psychological stress. If you require bank (EFT) details, please allow for this in an email and I will confirm with you and send bank details. In high school, I was so much in Theta and Delta naturally, one of my teachers, (much to his permanent discredit) thought I was drug effected.. People have meditated for years and enjoyed better health (and a slower aging process) but many others have been sceptical as to its benefits. Now, we have solid scientific proof of the positive genetic effects of meditation in that it affects genes that positively influence cell metabolism and the response to oxidative stress. Personal one-on-one or couples or small groups ENSURE that you get my individualised attention & reinforcement with my hypnotherapy to keep you meditating and reaping the rewards of meditation!
I saw the very first lotto numbers (I was one number short of the big one!), winning horse race numbers and many other future visions. I also used holosynch sound and other light technology in the 80’s to alter brainwave frequencies. Fascinated as to WHY people die, (I (probably) naively thought they never should – and probably knew intuitively that the mind does not). I wanted to become a coroner and did a week’s work experience in the morgue and pathology). I am the only coach I know of Australia-wide who offers further education in all of these areas combined. This is the mental state the average individual generally functions in on a day to day basis. The original book was the 1998 Hugo Prize winning book written by the late Carl Sagan (astronomer and astrochemist).
Learn how to leverage the power of your mind and use healing & manifesting abilities known to shamans for centuries.
Ok, so if you’ve seen The Secret and What The Bleep – and if you’re new to all of this, then you’re probably wondering how to piece it all together and manifest what you want!
Alpha Waves 8 Hz – 13 Hz A relaxed or passive state best achieved by closing your eyes and slowing down brain wave activity. I also studied acting (Stanislavski method) with the late Brian Syron at City Acting Studios in William Street, Sydney for three years. I also appeared in a few commercials, television shows and theatre productions – one which made the Guinness book of records at the time.
It is important to attain an alpha or neutral state at least once a day to reduce your unwanted stress level. This state is most conducive to hypnotic trance, placing mental suggestions, accelerating learning, facilitating healing and implementing peak performance techniques.
Delta Waves Below 4 Hz For most people, once we’re in this state we are either asleep or unconscious.
In this level we produce large quantities of healing growth hormone which both strengthens and replenishes us.
There is growing evidence which suggests that it is possible to attain this state and maintain consciousness. Well practised Zen Buddhist monk masters are said to be able to do just this, even while engaged in everyday affairs! With the help of the course and practise, it is possible for an individual to benefit from this state and learn to attain it in significantly less time than an accomplished Zen monk. Other practices which enable you to reach Alpha State: Other various “brands” of meditation, various forms of yoga, tai chi, qi gong, prayer and chanting and mantras.

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