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Good Health Through PreventionThis course offers each course participant a holistic, prevention-oriented approach to good health, the Maharishi Vedic Approach to Health™ . The Good Health Through Prevention course includes specific recommendations to help prevent ill health that include daily and seasonal routines, individualized diet, other health-promoting behaviour, and development of higher states of consciousness – all of which bring life increasingly into harmony with Natural Law, the basis of perfect health. Diet, Digestion, and Nutrition Course Scheduled for Oct-Dec 2012 start express your interest now!This course provides profound principles and practical knowledge of how to promote good health through proper diet, digestion, and nutrition. The Maharishi Yoga™ ProgramThe aim of this course is to enhance physiological balance and mind-body coordination through simple Maharishi Yoga program postures and breathing exercises. Self-Pulse Reading Course for PreventiThis introductory course provides the theory and practical technique for detecting balance and imbalance in the body through Self-Pulse Reading. Course participants learn not only to detect states of physiological balance and imbalance; they also learn how the process of Self-Pulse Reading can create a balancing influence in any area of imbalance, spontaneously enhancing physiological integration. This course enables every participant to learn Self-Pulse Reading in a gradual, systematic, and effortless way. No reading, no writting, no talking, no eye contact, no yoga, no mantra, no pranayama, no reiki, no yoga nidra, no distractions … just sitting with me, my thoughts and Guru (the name of our baby in the womb)! Vipassana, which means to see things as they really are, is one of India’s most ancient techniques of meditation. Firstly I was given dinner, this was such a blessing, generally old students aren’t to eat after midday and new students are offered 2 pieces of fruit.
Instead of being able to sit cross-legged in my normal meditation posture I needed to sit in Vadrasana.
As you can see there’s about ten hours of meditation throughout the day, which is a long time to sit in discomfort!
In a usual 10 day course on day 4 one is introduced the practice of “strong determination.” In three of the one-hour meditation sessions students are to adopt the attitude of “strong determination,”  which means meditating without moving, without opening one’s eyes, one’s hands or one’s legs.
Since my course was only 4 days, I was invited to begin this practice on day 2 and as usual profound Realizations were made. Often when pain presents itself in the body on unconsciously makes effort to remove the pain.

In conclusion, the universal law of nature is that everything is changing, arising and passing, arising and passing, and that pain and pleasure are arising and passing like everything else. These courses were developed by the Vedic experts of Maharishi College of Vedic Medicine under the personal guidance of Maharishi Mahesh Yogi from the time tested practical knowledge of Maharishi Ayurveda. This approach integrates principles from the 40 areas of Veda and the Vedic Literature to restore and maintain balanced health in mind, body, behaviour, and environment. Participants learn to select their diet on the basis of the state of their physiology and the season. This course gives a comprehensive understanding of the nature and attainment of Yoga, which is the unification of individual and cosmic life. Rather than continually returning to a class to practise your postures this course empowers you with knowledge of the postures which may be most useful to bring balance to your individual mind and body and can be incorporated into your daily routine anywhere anytime without further costs.
Participants gain a thorough understanding of how the intelligence within the physiology is reflected in the pulse.
The format allows ample time to practice Self-Pulse Reading, and to grow in mastery of the principles and technique.
She is the director of Satya Live Yoga and specialises in online yoga courses to help people find their own home yoga practice. Normally the courses run for 10 days but being 8 months pregnant I was invited to do just 4 days. It was taught in India more than 2500 years ago as a universal remedy for universal ills, an Art of Living.
Obviously being pregnant, I knew my experience would differ but I was surprised by the variance.
Having a warm scrumptious vegetarian meal (left overs from lunch) was very comforting and satisfied my desire to overeat at lunch. As Guru’s head is already engaged, and has been for the past 6 weeks, there is a load of pressure on my pelvis. The issue with this was the fluid retention in my legs which ached with the added pressure.

Sitting still and steady, like a stone, impassive, perfectly “equanimous”, to use Goenka’s favourite term. Naturally, when you are itchy, you scratch, if you get pins and needles in your foot, you shake it, if your back is sore, you shift to relieve it.
Vipasana works on the premise that every experience of craving or aversion we’ve ever had – liking or disliking, pleasure or pain from our mind — gets stored as a sensation in our bodies, in our cells. The participants are trained in Maharishi Yoga program postures and breathing exercises, which promote mind-body integration and support balanced good health. Thrilled by the opportunity, considering it may be my last for some time, I packed my bags and set off to Worri Yallock, Victoria. So much so that it actually feels like I’m being stabbed in the pelvis with a sharp knife!
She is a dedicated teacher, authentic and compassionate, who puts her heart and soul into every class. There is a name for this, symphysis pubis dysfunction, and it’s quite common for those who are quite flexible already. The pain or discomfort may not go away but my tolerance to it increases and funniliy enough when I exlopre the sensations for what they are, instead of putting a judgement on them, there is nothing really that bad! Goenka, who has now passed, explains the practice through audio and video recordings, while the course itself is run by an assistant teacher who you are able to ask questions about your practice if you are having difficulties.
When the hormone relaxin, which softens your ligaments in order to help your baby pass through your pelvis, is produced in the body, it furthers the flexibility of the ligaments. To think that the discomfort arose from the fears, aversions and all the negative reactions I’ve had, coming to the surface to be experienced and released, gives much more purpose and ease to the somewhat unpleasant situation.
The baby’s head is pushing on these joints and connectivity of the pelvis creating pain.

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