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Perfect for meditation, massage sessions, and reminding yourself to get up and stretch after an hour at the computer! We promise to never spam you, and just use your email address to identify you as a valid customer. Ziji has offered meditation supplies, Asian home decor and Zen art essentials for over 25 years.
The sacred sound from a meditation gong or bell signals the beginning and end of meditation in Buddhist temples everywhere.

You need not keep an eye on your watch, the Meditation Timer is here to free your mind from the preoccupation of time. The lid lifts off for storage of incense, candles, rin gong, or other meditation supplies inside.
Set it for the desired number of minutes (5 to 60 minutes), and this solid wood timer sounds the beginning of your session with three gentle chimes; then ends it the same way. Twenty seconds later, three chimes of the gong will accompany the beginning of your meditation, creating a perfectly appropriate atmosphere for your practice.

Not only is it ingeniously functional, but your timer's elegant proportions mirror those of the Kheops Pyramid: the ideal Feng Shui ratio for generating stability and balance.

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