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First good edit is finished on the new book, and I’ve sent it to the editor to work her magic.
Meditation helps me a lot during trying times when my mind is just so frazzled and stressed trying to cope with challenges that life throws my way. Please note that meditation can exacerbate certain organic conditions and you may just need some medication to get that under control first.
I’ve taken several meditation courses on different themes given online by Deepak Chopra and Oprah and find that they give me new insights each time. I’ve also been in touch with other people who have sent me their meditation courses to ask for inputs. A quick check of his website just to get a feel of what he was writing about and I sent off my tips without really knowing what the final outcome would look like.

I’m so humbled and grateful for all these people I come in contact with even if they do not know me at all.
What I thought would be a simple article from random yogis and yoginis turned out to be more than I expected.
Mostly because I really didn’t want to get into a religion as I just got out of one I was born into. At the time, as I grew older, and talked to some people who believed in outer body experiences, I was told my mind was not closed to the notion at that age. Karl not only included my tips in his post but he also created a beautiful infographic that could be readily shared (I am posting it at the bottom).
I got into a series of tapes from a place in Virginia called Monroe Institutes which took you to Pandora’s box where you would leave all your thoughts to achieve this out of body experience.

You’re not looking to just talk to someone – you’re looking for guidance… for solutions… for change. What if you could tap into your own inner wisdom, hear that part of you that leads you to the life you want? Listening to this voice is how your true potential emerges… it unleashes the power within you to live your most authentic dreams, achieve your highest goals, and live deeply in your fullest passion.

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