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Almost 50 studies have been done further confirming the benefits of global meditation and it’s direct impact on everything in the world, even so far as to have the results published in the Journal of Crime and Justice in 1981.
For example, a day-by-day study of a two-month assembly in Israel during August and September of 1983 showed that, on days when the number of participants at a peace-creating assembly was high, the intensity of an ongoing war in neighboring Lebanon decreased sharply.
The secret of the Global Maharishi Effect is the phenomenon known to Physics as the ‘Field Effect’, the effect of coherence and positivity produced from the field of infinite correlation—the self-referral field of least excitation of consciousness—the field of Transcendental Consciousness, which is basic to creation and permeates all life everywhere. If the chakras are not balanced, or if the energies are blocked, the basic life force will be slowed down. Most of us react to unpleasant experiences by blocking our feeling and stopping a great deal of our natural energy flow.
In a monastery in northern India, thinly clad Tibetan monks sat quietly in a room where the temperature was a chilly 40 degrees Fahrenheit.
Zen emphasizes the attainment of enlightenment and the personal expression of direct insight in the Buddhist teachings. As such, it de-emphasizes mere knowledge of sutras and doctrine and favors direct understanding through zazen and interaction with an accomplished teacher. 166 Documentaries To Expand Your Consciousness (TruthSeekerDaily) Here is a list of over 100 documentaries you can watch for free online.
Description: Visit out Friends of the Library House at 58 Broadway and check out the book sale! Dimmick Memorial Library’s Facebook WallDimmick Memorial Library 5 days ago Stop by the Jim Thorpe Market on Sunday, May 1 from 10 AM - 2 PM to support this young man's generous contribution to our library! When I hear something like this I feel super motivated to make meditation available to even more people. The obvious answer is to join a local meditation group, but Jimothy told me that there is none where he lives, so I had to think a bit harder. Go through a ‘meditation refresher course’, that will remind you of all the compelling reasons why you meditate, and lead you step by step back into your daily practice. Join an online group where you get regular inspiration and an opportunity to connect with like-minded people. Long ago I was fortunate enough to study meditation in India under the guidance of a great Master.
After starting out in the 1970’s when it was really hard to get people in the main stream to take meditation seriously, now I find myself speaking at corporations like Google, Facebook and Intel, and running a credited course in meditation at one of the top Universities in the world. I’ve taught thousands of people to meditate, in 40 different countries, ranging from priests to prisoners, from corporate executives to children.
I still feel delight when a busy professional tells me how his meditation practice has transformed the atmosphere in his office as he relates to people more calmly, co-operates more, argues less, and laughs more!
If you’ve enjoyed what you’ve learned in this message, or if you have more questions about meditation that you’d like me to answer, please add in the comments below.
Kate’s meditation circles center around Heart Rhythm Meditation, a proven self-help technique.

Whereas most meditations are a relief from the stress of life, HRM is a rehearsal for life, the way you’d like to live it. Pay for Sessions OnlinePay for your individual, couples or group sessions via our secure online payment system. About Kate LampeKate Lampe is a Licensed Professional Counselor with over 25 years of experience helping individuals and couples with emotional, physical, psychological and spiritual issues. Her practice is located in beautiful downtown Emmaus, Pennsylvania where she serves her community and supports fellow healthcare professionals.
In 1978, what is known as the “Maharishi Effect” took place when a group of 7000 individuals over the course of 3 weeks were meditating in hopes of positively effecting the surrounding city. We know meditation has endless health and psychological benefits, but it is now being explored by politics and sociology because of its undeniable energetic impact. In 1987 Merseyside had the third highest crime rate of the eleven largest Metropolitan Areas in England and Wales; by 1992 it had the lowest crime rate.
It has survived a broader array of statistical tests than most research in the field of conflict resolution.
The root or first chakra rotates at the slowest speed, the crown or seventh chakra at the highest speed (Spiritual link). If the chakras are opened to much, a person could literally short circuit themselves with too much universal energy going through the body. Crown Chakra - The highest Chakra represents our ability to be fully connected spiritually.
They also documented monks spending a winter night on a rocky ledge 15,000 feet high in the Himalayas. If you enjoyed the story below, please let us know in the comments section and we will put together another one! If we could understand how to develop love and inner calm by way of meditation, then our lives certainly would not lose any of their richness. And that was just from using the free guided meditations that I give away to everyone on any planet where they’ll listen to me! I’ve now been teaching the practice for 35 years, so Jimothy is not the first person to ask me this question. And if you are not living in a hole in the ground, you’re probably aware that modern research is confirming the positive effects of meditation.
I’ve developed a whole set of learning tools and online programs to help you establish your meditation practice, and to help keep you inspired and on track.
I just gave the last class of the semester for my class at UC Berkeley, and it was a real thrill for me to hear them describe how they’ve established the habit in just a few short weeks, and how it has helped them cope with stress, is giving them greater clarity and focus when they are studying, and has increased their sense of empathy and connection to their fellow students and friends. She specializes in sexual trauma counseling, drug and alchohol addiction counseling, and also facilitates group meditation circles.

I have had periods of time when I feel like I could touch the sky and then times that I wonder if I ever knew anything at all.
They were able to literally transform the collective energy of the city whichreduced global crime rates, violence, and casualties during the times of their meditation by an average of 16%. Suicide rates and automobile accidents also were reduced with all variables accounted for. 40% below levels predicted by the previous behaviour of the series. There were 255,000 less crimes in Merseyside from 1988 to 1992 than would have been expected had Merseyside continued to follow the national crime trend. The chakra colors are of the rainbow; red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and violet.
Not only will physical bodily functions be affected so diseases may manifest, but the thought processes and the mind may also be affected.
If the chakras are closed, this does not allow for the universal energy to flow through them properly which may also lead to dis-ease.
Whenever a person blocks whatever experience he is having, he in turn blocks his chakras, which eventually become disfigured. Other monks soaked 3-by-6-foot sheets in cold water (49 degrees) and placed them over the meditators' shoulders. As a result of body heat produced by the monks during meditation, the sheets dried in about an hour.
The sleep-out took place in February on the night of the winter full moon when temperatures reached zero degrees F.
That is why more and more people are adopting meditation as a part of their daily routine, and it is being taught in schools and corporations and prisons and at veterans associations and hospitals and universities. And when you do that, all those nice dreams of harmony and peace in your life, and energy and inspiration in your work, become real. In fact, there was a 72% reduction in terrorist activity during the times at which this group was meditation.
The size and brightness of the wheels vary with individual development, physical condition, energy levels, disease, or stress. When the chakras are functioning normally, each will be open, spinning clockwise to metabolize the particular energies needed from the universal energy field. Wearing only woolen or cotton shawls, the monks promptly fell asleep on the rocky ledge, They did not huddle together and the video shows no evidence of shivering.
Meditation group participants have reported heightened empathy, feeling happier, and attaining a more optimistic outlook on their lives.

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