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Our walks are generally on a Sunday morning, at a sociable start time, and can range from 3 to 15 miles in length, each walk is graded, so you can decide what suits you best.
Please remember to wear good walking clothing such as walking trousers, wet weather clothing is also advisable (water proof tops and bottom, etc), walking boots are best, and please also remember to bring plenty of water with you on our walks. 1) By signing up for this Group, you accept that you take part entirely at your own risk. 2) Where as organisers are facilitating activities, he or she will not be held legally or otherwise responsible for any accidents or other mishaps during any walk.
3) If you have any doubts about you abilities, the weather conditions or the terrain or the ground, you must discuss it with your Organiser before the start of the Walk.
4) Please advise your fellow Walkers as early as possible if you encounter difficulties during a Walk or if you see another Walker with problems.

This is a group for people in and around the Clevedon and Portishead areas who want to get together, meet some new faces and hopefully make some new friends. Anyone wishing to suggest their own events is very welcome, just click on 'Schedule a New Meetup' on the home page. If you wish to create events regularly, please ask to be made an Organiser - click on an organiser name in the left hand panel and send a message. Each session will consist of two 25 minute periods of seated meditation with a 10 minute period of walking meditation.
People of all faith traditions, races, ages, sexual orientations, and backgrounds call UUCSV home.
We are a very friendly, welcoming, and sociable club, and we will arrange as many different and varied walks as we can to suit all abilities. We also put on the odd additional walk during the summer, and shorter inpromptu evening walks as well, including some social walking events and charity challenges.

Sometimes its advisable to bring an extra pair of shoes and socks to change into after our walks, if the walking boots are muddy, and some money, for you to enter premises for refreshments if you wish after our walks. The evening will conclude with a brief talk and chanting, followed by questions and discussion.
These will usually take place at different starting points in and around the local area, but sometimes we may go further afield. This is because we often have a wait list on our limited number walks now, and not updating your RSVP to 'no', or failing to even contact to say you cannot attend, not only means that we are there waiting for you, but it also takes a space that someone else could have used.
Therefore, regretfully, if you are a first timer and we don't know who you are, you may be removed as a member.

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