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A week ago, many of you started our 21-Day Meditation Challenge with my friend, spiritual wisdom teacher Deepak Chopra. This is by far the best thing I have ever done for myself, and as Deepak said, the experience is a progressive and evolving one, and I've experienced some very interesting things while doing it.
Argentina ~ Austria ~ Belgium ~ Canada ~ Czech Republic ~ Denmark ~ France ~ Germany ~ Israel ~ Ireland ~ Italy ~ Netherlands ~Norway ~ Philippines ~ Poland ~ Singapore ~  Slovenia ~ Spain ~Switzerland ~ U.K.
Lunes por la luna creciente en Buenos Aires (por lo general el tercer lunes de cada mes) a las 8 pm.
Meetings will take place on the first Friday of each month, beginning on 4th September, from 7pm to 8pm.
Our meditation group is for everyone if you have a meditation practise or this is your first time you are very welcome to join us. In just 20 minutes of silent meditation you will feel the flow of energy change within, this brings a quietness to the mind and body. The experience of being silent and still within has far reaching benefits to it.That is why meditation is the perfect way to unwind, relax and release the pressures of daily life.
Our Community of Meditators are from far and wide and you will enjoy being with like minded people.

Liz teaches Vedic Meditation which is an ancient Indian practise dating back to over 5,000 years. Everybody has a flow or stream of consciousness that allows all things to move without resistance. Contact the group to find out about their program — Emails are specially protected against spam (be aware when copying). The timing of meditation corresponds to Mother Meera’s Livestreaming of End of Darshan in Germany on Sundays which takes place in the morning (see below for more about Livestreaming). This may have occured at the uploaders request, or it may have occured because it violated the sites Terms of Use. Our aim is to bring people together to enjoy a the simple, natural, innocent process of Meditation that brings huge benefits. My first attempts years ago were start-and-stop, and I kept thinking, "I must be doing this wrong, 'cause my thoughts are speeding up rather than slowing down." "Let's meditate" felt like an invitation for my mind to go whirly-dirly. I find it deeply interesting, and sense that it's kind of a bottomless pit in terms of how far you can go with it, or rather how far it can take you. If this is a mistake and you would like it re-activated, please contact us with the details.

The chatter and thoughts were incessant; the more I tried to concentrate on a mantra or my breath, the louder and crazier the thoughts.
With practice, like developing a muscle, your ability to BE STILL and BE ONE with the STILLNESS will come. Looking forward to adding Deepak to my "repertoire." I love that it can be done in so many different ways and that I can bring many different intentions to it, depending on what I'm "working" on.
When I stopped fighting the thoughts -- let them be, come and go, didn't resist, and didn't TRY to do anything or have any expectation -- it gradually got easier. When the energy comes to the heart chakra, to the centre of the heart, you become so full of love you become love. One one level, chakra dancing can be experienced as a joyful affirmation of who you truly are. It is designed to take participants into an expanded state of consciousness and ultimately into blissful embodiment.

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