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Pypus is now on the social networks, follow him and get latest free coloring pages and much more. Concept of god and devil in hindu way of life is the representation of human mind and beyond and which exists no where else but within ones self. Yogis who are familiar with internal world of self taught common people about spirituality in the form of symbols which is later evolved as god figures like durga, lakshmi, shiva , bhairav etc because those who are not familiar with meditation better understand in the form of stories and symbols, that is how Ramayana and Mahabharata emerged. Buddhists don’t talk about a god but later some sects of Buddhists started worshipping avalokitteswara and Buddhas, Sidharta Gautama  buddha talked about damon mara disturbing him on his path towards bohitva( nirvana ) demon mara is nothing but the thoughts that emerged inside his own mind which was trying to block awakened view of life. According to Hinduism moksha or enlightenment is a step by step process where a person starts with dualism (Dvaita) – Where one needs Idols .

Most people who are into Hinduism are only aware of the dwaita concept of Hinduism , and that is where most people have a wrong idea  about Hinduism as they think Hinduism is all about idiol worship and Abrahamic religions propagate their dwaita ,  vishitta dwaida ideology by criticizing Dwaita part of hinduism. Gods in Hinduism is like a pointer pointed towards ones real self but people rather took at as a separate entity and started worshipping it.
Devil can be characterised as negative thoughts that leads to negative action and god as positivity inside ones self. The ego self dissolves into the universe which result in a feeling of unconditional love where a person won’t differentiate between him and others which also include animals ,also he wont differentiate  between involuntary and voluntary action. God can also be explained as energy vibrations with different frequencies which operated in the depth of our mind and the potential of creating energy vibrations in the form of thoughts, which can be decoded by the inward traveller (meditator ).

An enlightened person is never in conflict with nature as he or she starts to radiate  unconditional love.
Gods in Hinduism have male and female characteristics, it is due to the fact that each person have both male and female qualities hidden in them, It is described in  another blog.

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