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Igoe, who’s trained in guiding labyrinth walks, is hosting a series of labyrinth walk sessions on select Sundays through April at the Farmington Hills Costick Center at 28600 Eleven Mile Road. Once, Igoe conducted a labyrinth walk in the parking lot of a church, which turned out to be quite rocky. Some participants did keep their shoes off, and it proved to enhance their experience, Igoe says. Whether the labyrinth walk is focused on resolving a conflict or envisioning a goal, or simply a means toward inner calm, it’s very effective. Nevertheless, she knows the benefits of meditation and connection with one’s unconscious mind. For one thing, the labyrinth design, which is thousands of years old, is all in proportion to itself, which promotes sensory calmness, Igoe says.

She typically instructs people to take off their shoes to walk the labyrinth, but this time she told her participants they could keep their shoes on if they liked, because you could really feel the rocks through the canvas. Come join    me in Poncha Springs (call for directions 720-938-9773) or find one close to you, just google  World-Wide Labyrinth Locator. On the contrary a Labyrinth helps you move out confusion and perplexity and increases your awareness to nature. Labyrinth walks provide the body-mind connection she needs to let go of conscious thoughts.
So it allows participants to find themselves in a safe place, without the uncertainties a maze brings. For another, it includes multiple 180-degree turns, which prompts interaction between the right and left brains.

For example, some wondered why they remained in situations that hurt them or caused them extreme discomfort, and that became part of the meditative process.
And as you walk every turn releases  blocks that keep you from knowing the truth of your inquiry.

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