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If ending suffering is more important than anything, we will end suffering. If ending suffering is not more important than anything, we will not end suffering. Mindfulness practice couldn't be simpler: pay attention to the breath, and when your attention wanders, return. Stress - and our subsequent reaction to it - leads to elevated blood pressure, weight gain, restless sleep, premature ageing, depression, and a weakened immune system. Join Eckhart Tolle, world-renowned speaker and best-selling author of The Power of Now and A New Earth, as he discusses the importance of being present and how that presence is vital to our efforts to achieve true and lasting inner peace and happiness. Part two in The Freedom to Choose Something Different, Pema Chodron examines and illuminates this nebulous process, clearly identifying where and when you have the opportunity to change your habitual response patterns. Nobel laureate Archbishop Desmond Tutu has witnessed some of the worst crimes people can inflict on others. In The Freedom to Choose Something Different, Pema Chodron examines and illuminates this nebulous process, clearly identifying where and when you have the opportunity to change your habitual response patterns.
Before we enter into the sutras, that basic thing has to be understood: Man wants happiness, that's why he is miserable. One of the world’s most beloved meditation teachers, and we think you’ll find her insights into fear incredibly useful. Wholeness, deep peace and joy are available to anyone who taps into the stillness and silence that dwell within them. Loving Kindness Meditation is an excellent meditation to practice to bring about inner feelings of joy, love, peace, contentment, and harmony. For those who have evolved spiritually, and since you are reading this you are evolved, you must become one with the higher spiritual forces of Love, Kindness, Compassion, Forgiveness, and Humility.
Next, project loving kindness towards someone you already hold dear; such as your spouse, child, parent, sibling or friend. In our Loving Kindness Meditation How-To you’ll learn everything you ever wanted to know about Buddhsit Loving Kindness Meditation. Loving Kindness Meditation is all about compassion, a compassion that is perhaps best illustrated by those most beautiful of creatures: dolphins.
When hammerhead sharks attack humans, nearby dolphins will risk their own lives to fend off the shark and protect the human. If you follow my Facebook and Twitter pages, you’ll notice that I often post about love, compassion and kindness. Loving Kindness (called Metta in Pali) is benevolence, friendliness, friendship, good will, kindness, and love. And as you come closer and closer to the universal heartbeat, the by-product is a deepening silence. In Destressifying, davidji draws on his years of working with individuals in high-pressure situations - from the military and law enforcement to business leaders and those in crisis - to show you how to handle any type of stress that life throws at you.people will tell you that they want to get out of kindergarten, but don't believe them! Eckhart explains that although thinking can be a very powerful tool, when we think too much we keep ourselves from being fully present, and as a result our awareness decreases. This is designed for those who are beginners on the path to mindful living as well as those who’ve walked it for some time.
This meditation will become progressively more effective as you evolve on your spiritual path.
Water can’t become any wetter, because being wet is not something apart from water.In the same way, love and kindness are not attributes that we can add to our being. That’s because I personally believe that love, compassion, and kindness are three of the most important things in the world.
One of best ways of developing that loving kindness is through Loving Kindness Meditation ,which we’ll look at in just a sec.

It is one of the ten paramis of the Theravada school of Buddhism, and the first of the four sublime states. There are ten perfections: Generosity, Virtues, Renunciation, Insight, Effort, Patience, Honesty, Determination, Loving Kindness, Equanimity. Not surprisingly, the primary type of such meditations is called “Loving Kindness Meditation” or “Metta Meditation”. Shantih means silence and it is always repeated three times because by the time you reach to the fourth, you are no more – just the silence has remained.
It is much easier to be kind and loving towards everyone once you realize that the only reason people do negative things in this world is because they are ignorant. It’s part of their beautiful nature, a nature that is altruistic, loving, and compassionate.
I’ve personally raised thousands of dollars for charities (mostly for animal charities) and every time I do charity work I feel fantastic: fantastic to help out, fantastic that I am capable of improving the world, and fantastic that I’ve spent my time doing something important. Everybody wants to be happy, blissful, peaceful, silent, everybody wants to be in joy, everybody wants to celebrate -- but it seems impossible.
And when you understand the process of how the human mind functions you will be able to realise it.
It can block us from connecting with the people we love, stifle our creativity, and cloud our judgment when we need it most. A certain Emperor Ming of the Han dynasty, AD 67, invited a few Buddhist masters to China to bring the message of Buddha there. Your ego may still be running programs, influenced by entrainment, and there are things that will take time to master and overcome. As you experiment with loving kindness meditation, expand your projection of love and send some towards people you may be indifferent to; acquaintances, or random people you see on the street. Forgiveness and compassion are two of the greatest acts of humanity, and without them, evolution into a peaceful world would not be possible.
He would focus first on himself, extending thoughts and feelings of compassion, love and kindness to himself. Now, there must be some very deep cause, so deep that Freudian analysis could not reach it, so deep that logic cannot penetrate it.
Then he would look around him at the villagers and monks and would imagine sending out positive feelings of love and kindness towards them. If you want to get out of misery, you will have to get out of your desire for happiness -- then nobody can make you miserable.
Tara has a strategy for helping people escape fear’s paralyzing hold, and you can get in on it here. And the Emperor wanted a small anthology of Buddhist sayings as a first introduction to the Chinese people. Buddhist scriptures are very big, the Buddhist literature is in itself a world -- thousands of scriptures exist and they go into very great detail, because Buddha believes in logical analysis. The only real enemy is ignorance, and ignorance is not something that can be defeated by outside forces. The more you give the more you receive; for once you allow love to flow through you, you will see that the true source of love is inexhaustible. Resentment, hate, and anger, harm only those who harbor such destructive feelings.Be unconditionally loving and kind towards all of life, in all its expressions. But after observation and analysis, when you find anything that agrees with reason and is conducive to the good and benefit of one and all, then accept it and live up to it. Finally he would look for some way to help his community, seeking an actually way to act out those feelings of love and kindness. Intend this state for yourself and then practice it; your innermost Self will thank you, and so will I.

Then – little by little – the bud begins to unfurl and finally the flower appears in all its beauty.You can’t hurry up the process. Well, maybe you can, but the bud will be ruined.Can YOU feel deeply – or is your heart numb?It can happen to all of us that our heart goes numb. At such times, even if we know that we love others, or that we love life – we can’t quite feel it.
Every time we have a painful experience, we tend to grow a protective layer around our heart. The awful thing is that this protective layer doesn’t just shield us from pain, it numbs all emotions.There is a way we try to rationalize our numb heart.
Maybe we think, “I’m a realist, not a romantic”, or “I don’t like all that lovey-dovey stuff,” or, “I’d rather not get hurt.” Or we respond to others or ourselves in a sarcastic, cutting or snide way.
These are all signs of a numb heart.How can the heart awaken?There is a natural way of awakening the heart that we all know about.
Ask any one who is freshly in love, and they will rave about how wonderful the person they love is. And that is through loving-kindness practice.What loving-kindness does is to ease away the protective layers around the heart. The practice of loving-kindness (or Metta) allows love to transform us.What holds us back from the transformation of love is fear.
The English psychoanalyst John McMurray spoke of people being either ‘fear-determined’ or ‘love-determined’:There are two…emotional attitudes through which human life can be radically determined.
The fear-determined have no sun in themselves and go about putting out the sun in other people. Whether we experience joy, or anguish, or restlessness, or fear, or anger – if we shine the soft light of awareness on our experience, we are no longer separate from ourselves.What is the natural state of the heart?Imagine that you release your heart from all the protective layers. What do you find at the core?What you find is that the heart is joyful, radiant, and boundless.
Our natural way of being is a state of intimate connection with all beings.Maybe you feel worlds away from such an experience?It doesn’t matter.
Thich Nhat Hanh translates the term loving-kindness or metta as “the intention and capacity to offer joy and happiness.”The most important point here is that you need to start with yourself. It can slowly strip away the layers of protection, and reveal the radiant heart at the core of your being.As you breathe in – cherish yourself As you breathe out – cherish all beingsAt first, you may find it difficult to cherish yourself.
I answer all my children’s letters — sometimes very hastily — but this one I lingered over. But it can transform the way you experience life.As your heart’s capacity for love and kindness grows, you’ll find a great fullness of being, discover a warm kinship with all beings, and reveal the radiant heart within.What happens when you try this meditation? It is so clear “when you speak”, I understand and cherish all the good words you write, they are so soothing!!! That is the stage I aim to be in; in control of life and living it to the full of my capacity, as a humanbeing. So often people have good ideas that they want to share but only give a shallow description. Then over the course of time, I started practicing unconditional love and acceptance for myself. It felt weird initially, but as time passed, it is one of the best things that changed my life and business.

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