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Let's assume you're not going to be putting on orange robes and shaving your head anytime soon. Monastics may have more labor-intensive objectives with their meditation -- the complete extinguishing of suffering, and ending the rounds of rebirth. One thing to note before going any further is that we call it a practice for a very good reason.
I can't recommend strongly enough that interested people find a teacher to help them with their practice. It would also be helpful to do a little reading, and find a kind of meditation that appeals to you.
The Art of Just Sitting, Second Edition: Essential Writings on the Zen Practice of Shikantaza by John Daido Loori. Ritual reconnects us with the wisdom of the ancients; those that have walked before us, who understood the passage of the moon, the cycles around the sun that resonated with their entire way of life and survival. Use sage to cleanse your environment, light candles and burn the scrap paper with your written words of release under the glow of the moonshine.
New moon ceremony prepares the way for new beginnings – the medicine of manifestation – What do you wish to create in your world on a physical level?
Ground your energy and plant your soul seeds in the abundance of Earth Mother; soil or sand under your feet, listening to the sounds and song of nature, an ocean swim or a bush walk.
Open to the realm of magnificence and your mind will naturally quieten in awe of who you really are – meditate upon your Divine intentions, or even better, join a group and create ritual together. Tanya Allison is a guided meditation teacher and editor of the highly successful Sage Magazine. Based on the Gold Coast in Australia, Tanya is a founding partner of Soul Traveller Radio, presenting a daily meditation show to help listeners start their day with a clear mind and right intentions.
Sage seeks to support the visionary path of all lightworkers on this planet, who humbly raise the vibrations and light frequencies joyously, by sharing their incredible gifts through their artwork, their music, their written word, their incredible inventive mind or their intention to simply put love on the top of the pile; gently guiding us back to the powerful places of peace and remembering deep within our core essence. Sage seeks to celebrate our deep conviction to each other and to the Divine Source of all that is.
Sage seeks to embrace and nurture all souls on their unique, transformational journeys; offering great giveaways, bliss bytes of music, video to ignite the senses. Have you ever come home from a long, crazy shift with dried chunks of something indistinguishable (but very gross!) on your scrubs? Below, our 10 tools to help nurses with all the problems that are unique to your profession. Allergens can lurk in unexpected places.This tool helps you find the allergens in your home and at work with recommendations to avoid potential allergy attacks. Take this quiz to see your stress levels, then get tips for how to handle the toughest parts of a nurse’s life. Take this quick (and revealing) quiz to determine your heart health, then get solutions based on your answers! How do you deal with the uncomfortable, the strange, the rude, the “overly affectionate,” the racist, the bully, the know-it-all, the newbie? Meditation - DhyanaMeditation is based on awareness, attentiveness, relaxation and a state of inner calm.
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Few things in this world could pull me out of a six-month post-graduate-degree writing silence.
I shared the photo -- and some sort of sarcastic remark -- with my social media network and called it a day. It's one thing to feature a young, fertile white girl on the cover of TIME and promote it as "mindfulness." It's another to do it twice over the course of a decade for, essentially, the same watered-down story you're trying to sell the West about what Buddhism means and what, and here's the kicker, it can do for you.

And perhaps those who are Buddhist-born (as opposed to converted to Buddhists) laugh as they watch a millions-old religious tradition morph into something that can fit into your pocket. Lastly, it is interesting -- and sad, for this writer -- to see that the face and narrative of mindfulness and Buddhism in America hasn't changed in the last decade. Yogis have known for hundreds of years that the benefits of meditation are profound, as it is perhaps the most crucial instrument to harness the power of thought to cultivate peace, clarity and happiness. It can take years to fully learn how to meditate, but even a newbie can benefit from the relaxation that is inherent in the practice.
Meditation can also strengthen the spirit, Adan said, by activating compassion, intuition and empathy. The benefits of meditation are numerous, and include a reduction in medical visits to a primary care physician. But the good news is that meditation can reduce stress and it can be used as a tool to build our resilience to disease.
Ceremony, in a prepared sacred space can further enhance and nurture our connection to the Divine outside of busy lives and the struggle against the dense energies of city living and a high tech society.
The full moon represented completion of a cycle, an ending and a release, just as a tree shakes away its dead leaves, so the full moon gifted the tribal circle with an opportunity to end a cycle in the physical and the spiritual. Do not forget that all crystals are so much more than their mineral composition; rather they are tools of the lightworker, in service to humanity with specific healing roles and capabilities and need to be a part of your full moon ritual. The veil thins dramatically at this time, a natural phenomenon that many do not realise but should instantly understand because if the sun is Source energy than it’s very shadow is rich with the vitality of knowledge and clear- seeing vision. By using your crystals to form a grid, your prosperity prayer is magnified and the new moon magic transcends limited mind to unlimited consciousness. Remember that you are not doing inner work to become more, you are doing inner work to reveal more. Tanya’s involvement in helping people find purpose and meaning lead to the creation of Sage Magazine, a guide for the soul traveller along the path of wisdom and understanding.
Tanya is also excited to be working with Simrit Kaur, on the first of many guided meditations to be available through Noisetrade. Does your back hurt like crazy, but you don’t know the right stretch to make that pain disappear? Tell us where it hurts, or just find a hotspot on the image that indicates where you’d like to stretch. Click for expert advice and recommended treatment for most common joint pain a nurse might experience. I huffed and puffed about the fact that a prominent Western-based magazine was portraying Buddhism in such a Cover Girl way. Look, we aren't the most culturally diverse country in the world, but that doesn't mean we can't break away from the Disney-princess notion that beauty equates to porcelain skin and golden hair.
I don't pretend to be an expert within the sticky world of race and media, so these comments will be quite brief. In Western modernity, Buddhism has become something that you can fit into your life, not something you shape your life around. Once you have learned to train your brain to focus on meditation, it is easy to use the same skill to reach peak performance in other endeavors.
It changes our mind to reduce anxiety, help with depression, and increase emotional intelligence and performance,” said Dr. Repeat silently this affirmation, as you are breathing in, breathing out, peaceful and present.
The full moon and new moon cycles are an idyllic time to reclaim ritual and illuminate your journey.
Optimal cleansing and clearing of dead energy is bathed away ready for activation with the new intentions of the lightworker. More of the perfect and powerful essence of you that already exists within the depths of your Being – weave wonder into this world and contribute a wealth of love and abundance that illuminates sacred steps for all Soul Travellers to follow.

Looking to buy some new scrubs, but wish there was a way to figure out what looked good on your body type before hitting the fitting rooms? Your choice of methods will depend on your degree of experience, your preferences and your temperament.One meditation technique does not exclude another.
Its presence and imagery choice stirred up issues about gender, beauty, race, religious marketing, and how the "face" of mindfulness and Buddhism in America hasn't changed in over a decade. Flawless make up, perfect bone structure, skin as supple as Snow White; this girl was getting a lot from the "Mindful Revolution." What's her secret?! Does this continue our cultural ideology that thin, white, blonde women are the beauty elite?
But it is important to mention this within the context of Buddhism, a religion that originated in Asia and whose majority adherents are Asian.
Beliefnet has a great little summary on the divide of "ethnic" and "elite" [read: "immigrant" vs. Francoise Adan, medical director for the Connor Integrative Medicine Network at University Hospitals in Cleveland, Ohio.
It helps us not to be high-jacked by the train of thoughts, the story we tell ourselves that often bring unnecessary angst,” Adan said. We spend our time formulating our response while the other person is talking, rather than being fully present and listening to what they’re saying. This is a time to recognise your gifts of service and allow yourself to receive love and guidance from the spirit world, prompting your intuitive spark of Divine intelligence to move forward with a clear vision for yourself and your community as a whole. Even the positioning of her head, tilting up as some sort of divine call-to-action, soaking up erethral rays, screamed Western Christianity.
While I couldn't find any authenticated studies reporting that beautiful, white women sell more magazines in my online hunt (I'm sure they exist, write me if you find 'em and we can link), clearly this is information being shared internally 'cause white women keep popping up everywhere. True, putting an Asian on the cover meditating or being "mindful" would have created a stir as well -- "You can be Buddhist and white!" -- but my tip-toe into the racial issues of this cover involve the bougie-ness of modern Buddhism. This new definition of Buddhism is perfect for those who want to dabble around spiritually without fully committing to a set of moral or ethical rules.
I've heard too many people call Buddhism a "philosophy, not a religion" than I care to admit.
This is a beautiful period to begin relationship anew; with self or with another and to call back your spirit and begin a fresh, empowering cycle.
Some meditations enable you to go further in the work with your psychic energy, for example the need for sleep can be reduced by several hours - and in others you work consciously with thoughts, emotions and memories.You suppress nothing.
These two covers, taken at surface-newstand-value, reveal that when it comes to mindfulness & Buddhism in America, you're not getting the whole story. She is trained in family medicine and psychiatry, and board certified in integrative and holistic medicine.
It is our response to stress that can interfere with our sense of well-being and our health,” Adan said. During a conversation on this topic, a friend brought up the fact that historically, women are the ones striving to "self-improve," or at least taking visible action to do so.
Because only affluent white people would be crazy enough to leave their cushy life, shell out $10,000, temporarily take retreat in an "impoverished" country, and meditate on other people's "suffering." [Yes, many retreats are domestic, but these international retreats exist and are quite popular]. The "elite" are craving those mindfulness books, those meditation tapes, and those month-long retreats, perhaps because they feel like they need to catch up intellectually on a religion they converted to, or simply because they think it's a fun hobby. The men in my life -- and I am well aware most of them fit within a my social and racial demographic -- all follow this trend.

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