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Ben Turshen has taught hundreds of New Yorkers how to drown out the sirens and cab horns and sit in stillness over the past two years through his meditation courses taught out of rented spaces like Studio Anya. But earlier this month, the SoulCycle instructor and meditation guru opened the doors of his own center, Ben Turshen Meditation, in the Flatiron District (crossroads of all things healthy!), where he hopes to introduce even more numbers of stressed out urbanites to Vedic meditation, his practice of choice. AntiGravity Cocooning taps into the all-things-meditation zeitgeist by bringing your heart rate down, instead of up. The physical act of writing has been shown to improve memory, so pick up that pen (and put down your phone). Hundreds of meditators will silence the venerable jazz venue—then enjoy its amazing acoustics. This guided visualization is designed to melt stress away and give you back the energy you're wasting on feeling anxious. NYC’s The Path is launching a 100-hour meditation teacher training—and shaking up centuries of tradition in the process.
As the CDC tries to crack down on opiate addiction, a new study shows promise for meditation as a treatment for chronic pain. The pro surfer is bringing her quartz bowls to Love Yoga for a sonic collab with musicians Aska Matsumiya and Farmer Dave Scher.

When you want, say, some restorative yoga with a side of sound therapy, call Namaste New York. Class recordings are posted to an online course page a few days following the class session. Meditation is a skill everyone can practice, using simple techniques to become present with your mind and your body. A Tokyo-born journalist living in NYC for many years, Maho completed the IDP Meditation Teacher Training in 2011 and continues to study with IDP Founder, Ethan Nichtern.
IDP strives to meet the financial needs of our community while facing the financial challenges of a not-for-profit in NYC. IDP and a very generous Member are co-sponsoring POC Scholarships for our Monday and Wednesday class series.
The Secular Buddhist Studies Program at The Interdependence Project provides a multi-lineage foundation in Buddhist meditation, psychology, philosophy, and ethics from a secular perspective, inclusive of many traditions and bodies of teaching.
Deepest gratitude to the many hundreds who participated in the meditation, music, art and other programs of our 7th Annual Festival of Meditation in Manhattan.
We feel that death is the inexorable end of our journey on earth, yet as much as possible we avoid thinking about it altogether.

Try simple, effective meditation techniques and learn ancient spiritual wisdom for the modern world.
Participants receive audio recordings from each week's class, access to the readings, and an opportunity to correspond with the teachers and other students on the discussion board.
They're available in mp3 format and may be streamed from the course page or downloaded and listened to at your convenience.
This winter, using traditional methods developed for modern people, learn to meditate in a welcoming and comfortable environment with experienced teachers. She is aided and hindered in her search for enlightenment by her lovely dog and her equally lovely husband. The material on this site may not be reproduced, distributed, transmitted, cached or otherwise used, except as expressly permitted in writing by Well+Good LLC. Sit still, develop your concentration, and bring a sense of ease and kindness to your life.

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