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Product Number: 0001-1592589555 Express your individuality with a personalized magnetic bumper sticker for you vehicle.
Corporate names & trademarks mentioned herein are the property of their respective companies. In his latest series, British photographer Andrew Newey documents the ancient tradition of gathering honey high in the Himalayan foothills of central Nepal Gurung.
I had a vision of the group soul of humanity as a perfectly circular pool of intense living light. I spent the next year painting each scene and sculpted an unusual frame to hold the paintings. There are numerous vajra symbols throughout the various panels of the Nature of Mind painting, and in the frame surrounding the images the vajra motif is found sometimes in winged guises. The soul-searching pilgrim arrives on the mountain top, and his kundalini energy, the serpent power, begins to ascend within him.
Overloaded by ecstasy and the holy fire of God consciousness, the pilgrim’s bodily identity bursts open and is consumed in the transcendental Sun.

The honey hunting tribe gather twice a year in the foothills, where they use huge rope ladders and poles to extract honey from some some of the world’s largest hives.
As soon as I drew one image, another replaced it until I had drawn a complex seven-stage journey of a wanderer discovering the spiritual path, having an introduction to his own true nature, embodying that truth, and reentering society. The thoughts of the dualistic judging mind are symbolized as clouds that arise and dissolve in the open vastness of the skylike nature of mind. In Tibetan Buddhism, vajra (also called Dorje) carries the association of transformative spiritual knowledge and is a symbol of the mind’s true essence. It can be used as a necklace or a wrap bracelet, which can wrap around your wrist up to 5 times.
The skill has been passed down through the generations for hundredsof years but, sadly, as commercial methods of producing honey grow and with the declining numbers of bees due to climate change, the art will soon be lost. The finished altarpiece, Nature of Mind, is my homage to the artists and wisdom masters of Tibet.
Other sculptural details on the frame include Manjushri’s sword of discriminating wisdom hovering above a sacred text that is emerging from a lotus.

The mirror reflects all things, beautiful or horrible, and the dualistic mind gets caught up in the reflections, judging what it likes and dislikes, becoming emotionally charged about relatively inconsequential matters.
The lotus is a symbol of transformation because it begins life in the mucky underwater mud and grows up toward the light, opening as a beautiful pure white blossom.
The Dzogchen teachings advise us not to identify with the passing reflections but to recognize that our true nature of mind is the mirror’s infinite capacity for reflection. The Melong, or circular mirror, at the top of the frame pillar is a Dzogchen symbol of the ability to distinguish between the conceptual mind and the true nature of mind. The Tibetan syllable Ah is used as a mantra symbolizing primordial perfection; it is found both on the frame and in the second painted panel, on a book cover held by the dead yogi. This prayer beads wrap bracelet has different charm options such as tree of life, Om symbol, elephant, owl, peace symbol, anchor, Buddha, Shakyamuni, Bodhi tree leaf, or lotus flower.

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